Monday, January 11, 2010

*StriVinG f0R IdEal WeIghT???*

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Urgh!!!!as the time goes by,this month i guess...the craving of food and my appetite...becomes rarely unpredictable..their would be times when ive already eat satay for 6 cucuks or able to stuff my self with a couple slice of dominos pizza....OMG!!!!!hello...nad...the time is near...nanti mmg bju tak muat la kener g mum dah start warning and ingatkan driku ni to jager mkn takut baju tak muat..uwah!!!!!!! haritu 1st fitting bju dah ok kain lak ketat...and skang tahu la nanti for the 2nd fitting...dieorng tak bg lgi to me takut kalo ader aper2 perubhn btk bdn driku skang wat i did..
1)is FASTING monday till thursday..insyallah..
2)cut eating RICE..kalo nak pun mkn sket ajer(sbyk satu mangkuk sup size kecik ajer)
3)eat lots of VEGGIE' mlm2 eat SALAD or fruits
4)EXERCISE every weekend (tgk kalo tak tired for sure wat) based on tape or g jogging with ma and pa
5)drink a lot of PLAIN WATER everyday(flush the toxic from ur body)
6)elakkan tdo PETANG
so that wat ive did so that im able to get my ideal weight...semoga mnjdi la petua yg driku amalkan ini hehehe...yup2


etHEL said...

Where gt u fat? I don't see wan oso...

SiMply NaD'Honey said...

heheheh....aderla certain parts hehehe...yup2 but today ive read and article in kosmo that makes me happy hehehe...yupppp