Monday, February 25, 2013

Happy 2nd Anniversary..To Us:)

HaPpy 2nd AnNiversary Mr R
hehe...sorry terwish awal sehari...siap upload kat instagram lg..
igtkan dah 25th Feb..
despite this month byk ups and down with our life...
and with the news of mama's condition(hope she's getting well soon enough)
sorry tak dpt nak celebrate aper2...just a meaningfull wish yg ive sempat said
anyway hope that our marriage will last till the end..until the last breath drew us apart..insyallah
semoga hati kita berdua kental menghadapi segala pancaroba kehidupan..
thanks for being a gud papa to Lil AA and other babies to come..insyallah
hope that we will lead a happy life till the end..xoxo to u Mr R
Lil AA also wishes us HAPPY ANNIVERSARY papa & mama:)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Lil AA's Progress:)

hye everyone..its mama's lil munchkin pie 
Hye kwn2 and hye aunty2 im 9 months old and in about 1 day left i'll be 10 months old..see what i can do now...just by schrolling see the A B C...jom tgkkkkk...

a)can sit up straight while im 8months old
b)i love to fave food is mama homemade food especially for me and ninolac perisa kurma
c)able to fit 12-18months old clothes already...and a 1 year old toddler how i grew up fast
d)my new hobby is..swimming in my little elephant pool with my friends lil ducky,froggy and lil finding nemo + bitting everything that i could find...
e)likes to play with grown up kids
f)now i have 2 teeths already(dibahagian bwh)...that makes me easy to bite any hard fruit
g)crawling semakin laju...and dah start panjat kat atas org and katil..
h)new skills that i've learn while mama's away...ive manage to have several steps without anyone holding me...(wahhhh dah pandai tatih heheh)
i)pandai seimbangkan diri without holding anything for about 10 minits..
j)my walker its the best "gadget" i have for it brings me everywhere to let me explore
k)can say the word "mama" but "papa" tak boleh really makes mama happy but papa feel sad heheh

Hope im able to walk...while im 10 that i can be the next "Lil AA the Observer and Explorer"...ok thats all for now kwn2 and aunty2...nanti Lil AA update lg k...heheh bye....

Living Lil AA for the 1st time

our happy moments...that will last

murnin uols...olaaa...wishing u guys a brand happy new year...hope its not to late..ive been bz lately with the new job + new role...pretty hectic and ive just got back from an outstation in Perlis (badan ajer kat mind kat umah) for exclusive 3 feels really suck...tak thula dpt input ker tak...heheh..anyway as some of the people in these blog knows...yg nad skang dh tukar profession..ive thought before kejer gov maybe tak sehectic kalo kjer swasta(my point of view ajer ek...jgn marah yerk) but apparently its really a different way around...nad nyer schadule kjer di gov lg pack dr kjer dlu...and skang nad masuk time waktu pertama which is at 7.30am(walaupun nad tick msuk kul 8am-5pm) and blik dlm kul 7pm (dlm seminggu tu 3 hari ahhh mcmtu) job nad kali ni kner manage byk event,handle duta sihat and things yg melibatkan promosi...but aper2 pun...its really exciting and new set of think for once ive dikelilingi gan research thingy ajer...but now byk handle event and media...mcm dunia2 glamour gitu...heheh glamour ker?hehe...anyway aper2 pun nad bersyukur in wat ive got now..although theres por's and con's in taking this new job but it really open up my eyes in many new set of thing...but i dont really like the travel im still exclusive BF lil AA...alhamdulilah nak msuk 10 bulan my lil munchkin pie acouple of days lg..skang skalo nad pump dlm sehari pun aderla dpt 10oz ajer...dh tak byk mcm when dpt thu nak kner pg..Perlis like last kner gigih ahh nak mengepump buat stock...tapi alhamdulilah...walaupun dpt pump sket Lil AA tak meragam sgt dh coz dier dh start mkn and at 1st dier tak byk sgt minum air putih when nad tggalkan dier...byk dier minum air putih gudddd2 gurl...and Mr R dah risau gak awl2..takut Lil AA this will be the 1st time dier akan jager sorang2 Lil AA ni...siap ckp...kalo mlm dier Lil AA tak tdo and meragam nampk gayernyer...ader org yg terpaksa EL ni heheh...nasib baik si chomel tak meragam..and walaupun mlm2 dier terjager2 tp dah tepuk2 bg susu guner botol dier tdo blik la...and the best part is...mengeratkan lg bond antara Lil AA gan papanyer...and once mama blik ni dier takderla nak mengempeng kat nad ajer....mcm she knows papa dier bz ajer...hehehe..aper2 pun kalo boleh lps2 ni taknak la pg jauh2...for sure u guys wondering mcmner nad leh tiber2 dpt blogging ni...coz nad cutiii...kalo pg jauh2 ni dpt la cuti the next daynyer tu...but jumaat kner kjer...and attend 2 meeting..huhu....and nak info uols...bulan 8 ni nad sambung its part of the job ni yg mewajibkan peg. dier sambung sthun stgh fulltime bljar...heheh...doa sgt dptla gak selit2 berblog ni...lps post ni tak thuler biler dpt post the 2nd one...tak terlambat rasernyer...utk menambah resolution for this year kan???nad hope sgt nad dpt jlnkan satu bender yg menjdi impian nad and friend nad utk realisasikan as a part time thing...aper2 pun kner timba byk ilmu dlu...dah ader "Brother Bob" tp kner equipt ilmu...hope sgt nad ader that free sgt tgk kwn2 yg dah start dh wat impian dieorng a part time thing..wishing u guys the best of luck k...ok ahhh nanti biler2 nad bebel Lil AA tgh tdo lg...tu yg best sket dpt tulis pnjang2 ni heheh...miszzz u guys...till we meet again here...xoxo