Monday, January 31, 2011

A GoOd MondaY

Hye uols...hehehe im feeling really stuffy todaybut happy....thank you to Ms Laura...for her treat at Little Penang Cafe KLCC today for lunch eheheh...tq tq...lain kali kiter mkn2 lagi for this week apparently there will be to major holidays hehe...tommorow is a holiday for it is Hari Wilayah Persekutuan (the ones who lives in KL only)hehehe...and on the 3rd and the 4th its CNY Holiday hehehe...but im working today and wednesday(kene safe cuti for the big kener la nmpknyer mcm diriku ajer yg kejer sorang kt huhu)so saper2 yg cuti seminggu...selamat bercuti yerk...k la cant wait till its 5.15pm(nak cpt2 sampai umah)..cant wait to meet Mr R for just a short while tonite heheh...
pic courtesy:source google

Thursday, January 27, 2011

~HeaRt of FloWerS~

HaPpY Thursday murnin uols...huhu as for today it lefts me with 4weeks and tak bz sgt so...what i did is to find out about the kind of flowers that i would like to use for my hand bouquet masa solemnization+reception (im guessing of doing striking colours heheh just like in this pic..heheh mcm chomel kan??)some brides like flowers yg look sweet + nice...but for me im guessing to do warna2 yg jgn garang sgt la...heheh so hoping yg harini dah dpt certain ideas sbb senang nanti my aunty sue tolong watkan (heheh she's my aunty yg have the midas touch heheh...pandai buat kerjatgn ni)...have some certain flowers in mind...tapi tgkla mcmner kalo dah campur tolak idea yg ader awal bulan bulan 2..planning to meet the florist to book flowers for hand bouquet+flower arrangement utk bilik pengantin:)baru teringat time engage dlu...ive used baby breath+crysanthemum (pinkish white) thanks to Syaz and Farah for doin it for me time tu....
Planning for this week:-
i)paper bag for Mr R's family
ii)lolipop for kids
iii)main table +VIP gifts
iv)bunga manggar

p/s:ive notice that im a bit secretive in telling about my wedding stuff from A-Z heheh(not that detail)...anyway insyallah after majlis bru buat post yg panjang to reveal all the vendors and what i did for DIY hehe...nanti tak surprise lak heheh...sorry yerk:)wish me luck u guys.
"At the touch of LOVE everyone becomes a POET" ~Plato

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"Im in MADPPYRESS syndrom"

pic source:Mr Google...
"is this quote above ader mengena dgn post pg ni???erm...blur kejap"
Today marks the start of the FINALE countdown until the Unforgettable Day..huhu...its just left 30days to sort things out(but bare in my mind there lots of things to do lagi huhuhuhu) as for now i feel NERVOUS (like theres a thousand of butterflies in my stomach which are waiting to burst out any moment) UNABLE TO REALLY FOCUS On WORK (really a bad behavior like thinking what to do next huhu)+MIX FEELING of MAD+HAPPY+STRESS=MADPPYRESS Syndrom I pressumed huhu..somtimes feel wanted to CRY (tak tahu knplak!!!btul2 pelik) it me or some brides have face this kind of state??harap2 semua berjalan dgn lancar la yerk....doakan for me yerk:)ok back to work mode huhu...boleh ker ni?

Monday, January 24, 2011

3rd IJN ResearcH Day..But the 1st For Me:)

Fuhhh at last the 3rd IJN Research Day is done at last on Friday (21/1/2011)...after long months of preparing it and doing adhoc analysis(mcm nak pecah kepala ni...)everyone was busy with masing2 nyer task,although its a one day nyer event tp nak prepare bender ni take months of planning huhu....tentative from 8.30am-4.30pm ader oral session and poster moderated presentation...time mlmnyer ader dinner at Shangrila KL to announce the winners(saper menang dpt hadiah DUIT heheh) enjoy the pic la yerk...pretty exhausted sampai harini pun now...back to B2B mode..huhu...STRESSnye!!!!!!!!!!!
time oral presentation session 1 by allied health

oral presentation 2 by clinicians

the dinner (pic from were ive sitted)

the centrepiece..heheh leh dpt idea gak ni heheh:)

the menu

1st dish (the 2nd dish wash potato soup+turkey)

2nd dish we can choose between salmon or lamb...ive choose salmon
2nd dish

last dish,ice cream with coconut based

p/s:ive guess next year i should try out the research paper for allied health maner tahu menangkan heheh:)this year collaboration dgn Clinician ajer...takder confident lagi hehe...cyayok2 naddy...wait next year heheh:)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

His Ring aT LAsT:)

Murnin uols...heheh hows everyone today?as for me...ermmm let me feeling abit better then yesterday thats for sure...and thanks to Ms Laura (who is an SR here at my workplace) prescribe me a good medication for my flu..instead of Clarinese she gives me ermmm let see..Loratadine it really helps me a lot...TQ Ms Laura (syg gak dier kat RO dier ni hehe...)ok2..although im quite sick to do anything last weekend tp tetap mengagahkan diri settlekan hal2 di what i did?here's the list
i)When to Melaka (balik hari) pegi ke Butik..ermm luper namer sorry..trying out and dah settle baju utk majlis bertandang..1st try mcm KO...2nd nyer outfit turns out ok..aper2 pun kener KURUS lagi heheh...(nak cover bahagian2 yg taknak ditonjolkan) heheh...:)
ii)Thought that Melaka ader selection of men's ring( aper2 pun theres no LUCK) so headed to Mid Valley...terus tuju ke Diamonds&Platinum (takder cincin Platinum yang berkenan di hati)..then page ke Goldheart (heheh byk selection...and i guess its love at 1st side) so beli cincin kat situ heheh:)
iii)Pelamin dah discuss dgn wedding planner-pay deposit:) happy2..sbb byk idea sendiri.Kesian abg boy he said yang dier raser confuse when look at my skecth for the 1st skang dier boleh get the picture..hope it turns out ok:)
iv)bed coverset+small pillows-settle
hehe eh!!!maner cincin tu???jeng..jeng...

this is Sam...kyusyuk dier nak meng"engrave"kan cincin Mr R..hehe siap dier offer lagi kalo nak buat tulisan jawi pun dier boleh...i was like...erm takperla terima kasih..hehe kiterong nak dlm abjad biaser ajer heheh..TQ Sam sbb melayan segala pertanyaan aku yang byk..and bestnyer dpt jdi member Goldheart for a lifetime..hehe..leh la dpt diskaun nanti kalo nak beli aper2 lg nanti (Mr R ingat k simpan duit byk2 heheh nanti nak beli itu ini..hehe..kesian tunang aku heheh)

Tinggal perkara utama yang kene settle...and it utk main table+gift utk kids+DIY stuff(yg tak siap2)...cyayok!!!!!kener settle gak dlm this month

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

FeElinG UnweLl..huhuhu

(for this past few days..sore throat+runny nose)
lots to tell about
will be updating soon...insyallah...pray for my health being yerk!!!
nak CEPAT sehat:'(

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

~CounTingDowN A...B..C~

LeFt 44days more until the big day and im nervous about it huhuh



"Whats am im going through for now?"

a)im having a sore throat + flu (but still manage to come to theres one study patient need to handle today)

b)no mood in doing any DIY stuff(at nite)

c)im thinking to take a day off(tp sayang nak ambik cuti)

d)lots off things needed to be settle soon

im guessing ader baiknyer driku take a 5 minit nap..huhu...k la tata


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

`1st WeDdIng PreseNt`

HehHheee...well harini rajin pulak update blog(buat 2 post)...although my wedding is about a month times...yg bestnyer dah dpt 1 early wedding present from a friend of my parents...TQ aunty sharidah and puspa (heheh...nak ucap TQ gak walaupun dierong tak bacer blog ni heheh)ive known them since time blaja kat matriks mcm dah knal lamer la...aper2 pun terharu sgt aunty2 berdua bg hadiah for me...sadly they couldnt come sbb dieorng stayed in Abu Dhabi ikut suami kejer saner...bcoz of that dieorng kirim and past the gift..through anak dieorng to forwarded it to my smlm ceria la sket mood emo ku sket hehehe....:)hadiahnyer cantik sgt2!!!!!

`Nak dlm state HAPPY2 mode`

YUHHHUUUUU...heheh...memandangkan smlm emosi tak stabil yg dssbkan keadaan sekeliling yg membuat diriku stress time saat2 my big day just acouple of days ajer...anyway the best thing to do is...biarla org nak wat aper kat kiter..asalkan kiter FOCUS+JGN AMBIL HATI sgt aper org nak think kadang2 dieorng buat mcm tu ader thier own reason...anyway POSITIVE thinking heheheh:)so tak nak STRESS2 wat pening kepala aper nak update yerk...ermmm let me see:-
-cincin tak dpt BELI lg so this weekend kene pg cari lg
-linen bed cover set -still mencari (seek for 2set)
-invitation through FB-still pending (nak reka ayat sket dlu)
-jumpa wedding planner-still pending(maybe within this week)
-sticker-grab after office hour today(hope it turns out as ive expected)
I guess thats all for now...skang dah raser lapar blum kul 1pm lg erm...k la...have a nice lunch u guys...xoxo:)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Its whaT i FEEL :(

"WHy Does The PEOPLE I caRe abOut..woUld HuRT my Feelings so DEEPLY...until i'm able to breath it KILLS me inside...whAt have ive DONE wrong???why DOES it HAPPENED to this TIME of the YEAR marks "THAT UNFORGETTABLE DAY" "

Friday, January 7, 2011

~Like DoinG Things LAST Minute??~

Do i like doing things LAST minute??erm....for sure NOT my answer would be...but it seems..reluctantly ive did lots of my weddings preps like 1 month before the wedding as for an example..baru nak cari wedding band for Mr R esok hehe....bincang hal pelamin+konsep pun next week with the wedding planner(hope so...memandangkan abg gan kakak ni selalo ajer bz..erm risaunyer)..main table nyer gift+VIP+FIL nyer side....and the small2 things...yg perlu diambil kira...luckily its leh wat research aper2 yg whats the planning for tommorow:-
i)cari cincin Mr R (kener jumper gak)
ii)pergi kecikkan cincin tunangku..sbb pkai longgar (aper maknennyer ni?kurus ke?heheh)
iii)pick-up that special "thing" heheh cant wait:)
iv)pg ke kedai gadget finding a new cover lence for my DSLR (driku hilangkan time kluar dgn the songees hrtu hehehe
v)survey carpet kecik
Hoping that tommorow aderla bender yg settle seems lamer lg tp i do feel that weve running out of time...huhuh...k la Happy Friday uols:)
this is what i want to get for him( a solid platinum ring) he likes its like this..elegent+sophisticated look..for sure nice ajer Mr R pakai heheh...moga2 dpt jumper mcmni...esok cyayok!!!!!!!

heheh dah already imagine how it would be like if he wears it hehehe(exegerate ajer lebih:)

~You are what I never knew I always wanted~
(from the movie,Fools rush in)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

~EntRy Suka-Suki:)~

Murnin...well kali ni nak tulis post dlm BM semua la...selalo nyer mcm guner ayat rojak heheh...Well (eh!!!!tersesat lak guner one word english...heheh...sorry my mistake...ishkk ader lg)ok...harini taknak citer psl wedding preps atau hal emosi diri...sbb hrni mcm ok ajer...kiter luperkan hal bnder2 yg boleh menyerabutkan minda ku ini (perghhh ayat!!!xmenahan...sbb 1st time nak tulis BM semua dlm post kali ni..yeker?) maser tgh sebok2 ni ader gak peluang nak layan novel2 ni...thanks to Kak K..heheh yang ader byk koleksi novel leh pinjam sukerrr...and Kak Gee..merangkap core guru yg bg driku tajuk2 novel yg best( bagus) utk dibacer...(ishkkk mcm fail ajer guner ayat BM pnuh ni...)..see akak2 dah buat syer FANATIC bcer novel la skang..hehe...tergelak sorang2..berangan sorang2...sedih sorang2....hehhe...aper2 pun sebelum2 ni takder la layan sesuatu novel sampai nangis2 kali ni after read 1 book by the writter SITI ROSMIZAH tajuknyer ANDAI ITU TAKDIRNYA...tak disangka2 airmata ku berjujuran juga mmg feeling habis la bacer novel ni...mmg terbuai dlm watak tu..raser mcm driku lak ALIA (cheh!!nak feeling2 mcm watak utama ajer heheh)...anyway saper yg tak pernah bacer lg...try la bcer BEST sgt2(TEN thumbs up)..tak tipu heheh...(pendapat dr seorang yang tak pernah nangis bcer novel leh menangis juger) dibwh ni cover pic buku tu yerk...layannn...

Jeng...Jeng...yang ni lak latest book dri penulis yang dibicarakan tadi...i guess dier ni mcm a new writter tp pengolahan citer perghHhhH...tak tahu nak kater aperla...see it leaves me speechless...skang tgh bacer bahagian awal2 tadi sebelum start kejer (it means before 8.15am yerk) mater dah berair dah...nasib baik cpt2 kesat dgn tisu supaya bdk2 office tak nampak(nasib baik tak ramai dtg lgi) kalo tak kantoi...teresak sorang2 bkn kah pelik...mmg btulla Kak K ckp..dier banjir time bab awal..and akhir rasernyer...(igtkan taknak ternangis gak..) so saper2 yang tak bacer lg cpt2 la bacer hehehe yerk..jom kiter samer2 bacer...(citer ni telah membuat salah sorang kakak officeku tersengih2 ajer smlm hehehe)...k disini ajer coretan pada kali ni hehehe...nak wat kejer pulak heheh...k xoxo:)

(this writter dah tulis 3 books if im not mistaken...ive just read yg ni ajer...heheh..and rasernyer tak kesampaian hajat nak tulis everything in my Songee's Friend said..."Nad nyer BM D...ayat tunggang terbalik kalo tulis and ckp pun" hehe ntah mcmner dpt A mmg gayer D btulla kalo tulis skang ni...hahahah...let see what my words of wisdom for today)
"Nobody can GO back and START a new BEGINNING,but ANYONE can start TODAY and make a new ENDING" ~Maria Robinson

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My 5minit ShOrT BaBBle...


Its 2pm...what does it meant???my lunchtime has reach to its end...urghhhhhhh!!!and im SLEEPY (cant able to have a 5 minits nap...)my head just feeling DIZZY!!!!!well anyway hope that dizzy will fade away soon or i was looking upon my BLOG...i think i should need to do some retouching on my blog i guess..maybe the header or the layout...erm...coz it seems...just a bit PLAIN(or dah feel bored kot...but i do like it..erm..ntahler)...erm...anyway...hope that mood rajin tu aderla...if ive really want to do the cyayok naddy!!!kuatkan determination...for one of ur resolution for this year is...NOT TO BE LAZY!!!!!!!!ok...:) preps...urghh dont say a mind are in a "stuck" wedding preps will be updated later(skang balik umah ajer..tdo or watching tv..DIY stuff dah tak wat lgi...takder mood..parah2)...suker blogwalking to brides blog...dieorng nyer majlis semua looks superb...can mine look like them too???hope that my 'day'will turn out jom sambung kejer...huhuu

p/s:maybe its quite early..but i want to congrats to my dearest frend LIZA (who always there when i needed her support in giving me to focus what ive had now in life..TQ dear) for her upcoming engagement with Abg K hehe this CNY..hope sgt can attend...heheh and give a helping u dear heheh xoxo:)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Starting Of Monday Jan 2011

Murnin...Selamat Pagi...Bounjour...heheh...i hope everyone is in a pink of health and really looking forward to start the brand new year,month and day...with a great BIG smile...and a pleasent attitude (no more Monday blues uols) hehehe...well as for today ive notice some of my collegues is still in their holiday mood as some of them will be taking leave until the 5/1/ send their children to its the 1st sem...starts like its really important for the one's who sent their kids in standard 1 or kindergarten (kesian tgk bdk2 kecik nangis...nak balik umah taknak pg school...heheh) to make their kids feel HAPPY and see how their up too in school( baikkan parents skang...tggu anak2 kat tepi pintu heheh..hehheh parents nad pun baik nad yg taknak dieorng tggu..heheh sbb raser dah besar).Let me see,my workload for today...erm...quite a lot but still can manage to update a bit at my dearest its 8.15am...lets get to work u guys...xoxo:)