Sunday, February 27, 2011

Im Officially Mrs Razkell:)

At last im his...heheh on the 25Th Feb 2011...heheh...everything will be updated later as for now...heheh dpt upload 1 pic from our photog...heheh i love this pic so much...k nite2 u guys:)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

LasT day In The OffiCe to settle ThiNgs Up

HooRay!!!!!!!my work has done at approximately 10.30am..heheh yeah!!!!!!!i've finish everything up so no pending do...hehehe leh cuti dgn aman damai:)so after this i guess the best thing to do is blogwalking on b2b's blog and also finish some of the DIY that need's a little touch up here and there...hope Mr R's health will be getting better this few days ahead...pray hard for that:)k hhave a nice uols

Monday, February 21, 2011

JusT lefT 3days for BRIDE in the making

Well its 3 days left (we count until Thursday only k u guys)for the bride in the making..who it will be?IT'S still working until tommorow..Wednesday baru start cuti until the wedding took i guess ive take 10days off for now every each minutes and seconds from this time onward really makes me nervous..I really can't describe what state of feeling i am now...huhu..just for now praying for the best and things goes well as planned..not to forget..wishing Selamat Pengantin one of our blogger brides sweet of the February Brides...she simply looks gorgeous...hehe moga2 majlisku nanti berjalan selancar and diriku secantik brides2 sebelum ni hehe...skang ni the most important thing is jage kesihatan baik2...skang mood nak tulis panjang2 takder(tapi gayer mcm post ni panjang ajer bad i guess)anyway after the wedding I'll be updating u guys on reviews,list vendors and sharing some pics my dearest silent reader,pada yang drop by just for a day reading this blog hehe,and also to the dearest follower of this pray for me uols...xoxo

p/s:skang mind dah bdn ajer kat ofis lg heheh..

Friday, February 18, 2011

MamaKu+Papaku dah start misz kiter..sedihnyerrrr

Its FRIDAY...and harini dah genap SEMINGGU ajer lagi before diriku DINIKAHkan+Bakal ader family baru+kehidupan drpd seorang yang berstatus BUJANG ke SUDAH BERKAHWIN+atmosphere yang baru and tak tahu nak expect lagi mcmner..huhu aper2 pun nad doa byk2 semoga everything berjalan dgn lancar and kehidupan selepas berkahwin akan ok amin...:)well this murnin at approximately 6.11am...i was woke up by my hp alarm...and time tu gak my dearest mum came in...and she just stared for ntah baper minit......and tiber2 ckp..."Along..harini dah seminggu ajer lagi along nak kahwin la"...time tu diriku yang mamai tiber2 mcm terasa sebak...i know that my mum its a bit sad to let me go,and then my dad pun mencelah peeping from the door and said..."takleh dah nak manjer2 gan papa dah"...huhuhu...nasib baik tak berjurai airmata ni...bayangkan kul 6.11am...mater terus segar coz awal2 pagi dah bercakap hal yang menghayat hatiku ni....kenangkan balik...rasernyer mcm smlm ajer i was my mum and dad little princess...playing around..pegi sekolah balik sekolah..main2 dgn kwn...masuk matriks+masuk Uni...having the experience of 1st love...1st breakup...getting a job...stress with work...meeting my soulmate MR R...and lastly GETTING seems lamer but time dkt2 nak kahwin ni it feels like just yesterday bender ni today im a bit melodramatic sometimes hard to say it out loud...but i do know that I LOVE MY PARENTS so dearly and also MY you guys so muchhh....walaupun along dah still im the same person as u know before and hope things would never change..XOXO.. (tulis entry ni pun mater dah bergenang nak happy2 sket la..nanti boss nad tahulak yang diriku tgh feeling2 menulis blog uhuhu) Skang ni i have an OBSESSION towards stuff yang BERPASANGAN heheh..(i hope those words tak sounds pelik!!!when ive put it in sentences hehe) well before this time dkt2 nak kahwin ni...ive colected things like couple's tshirt,couple's keychain,couple's pillow,couple's bear...for me and Mr seems CUTE ajer when we have the same thing but differ corak or ruper what ive purchased recently heheh....jom tgk.....
a couple's tumbler by Tupperware
tgk2 catalog Kak Gee...then berkenan lak dgn tumbler ni yang dioffer this Feb and its limited edition hehe...(so mine is pinky2...and Mr R nyer blue)
hope he likes it heheheh
p/s:back to work mode:)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Extra pound to loose...

pic courtesy:google
Yesterday last fitting i gainsome extra pounds???OMG!!!!
baju ketat sket huhuhu....need to shred some couple of inches...sempat ke ni???8 days left..urgh!!!!!!!!back to my old diet la nampknyer huhu(skang mmg byk mkn sket...maybe stress...)hope dpt turun 2kgs....yup2:)cyayok!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Where can I FinD this Thingy???

Where can i find this easel stand???
within my budget(below rm100)...wanted in smaller size then this (if had la)
and within this short period of time to this KL area...hopefully manage to get one..huhu
(if not merge to Plan B...kalo ader la heheheh)

LAst HangIng OuT as a Single Lady...yeker????

Hye uols!!!!today marks 1 year of our engagement...happy 1 year engagement Mr R:)xoxo
Last week..12 Feb, me and nuran attend wedding kwn sekolah rendah here is some of the pic that ive able to capture(but sorryla...ambik gambar pelamin ajer skang heheheh....gambar pengantin luper nak tangkap heheh)takper nanti grab la from Hafiznyer FB heheh...ramai gakler bdk2 sekolah rendah kiteorng yang dpt digatherkan heheh:) and bergambar with the bride n groom...lastly wishing Hafiz and Wife...Selamat Pengantin Baru:)
here's the look of the dewan...this is where my wedding will be take place to heheh:)

the pelamin...theme peach+white..nice2(ive ask my wedding planner to cover the background i dont like how it appears to be heheh...demanding betul diriku ni heheh)

After the wedding...i guess this will be the last of my hanging out as a bachelorette after Hafiz,nuran,khairul amir,dzul and khif..just hanging out and Nice Coffee Station near my house...for a chit chatting...catching up stories+whereabouts since dah terpisah after skola rendah kan...tgh2 joyah..there's a dragon dance team dtg kat tempat tu...siap masuk dlm kedai lg...i guess for the blessing...hehe...owner of the kedai siap sangkut salad +angpow...hehe for the naga...heheh tapi yang paling chomel....ader naga2 kecil jugak...warna pink+red...heheh dieorang masuk kedai and give us some orange...dahla diriku ddk dkt dgn pintu when naga besar tu masuk...dier siap selubung diriku masuk dlm kepala naga dier heheh mcm nak mkn org gediks!!!!!...anyway its fun watching this is some of the picsy heheh...enjoyce:)
see...cutekan the anak2 naga heheheh

the band heheh...sungguh effisien heheheh... (berada dkt dgn sebelah telinga kiri ku heheh)

the baby dragon heheh...terrornyer!!!!

time ni naga besar nak panjat ambik angpau..and then baling duit huhu...ramai org yang mengutipnyer...sampaikan...pekerja dlm cafe to itself mengutip gak duit heheh....
10 days left...and im freaking out huhuhu!!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

"WisHinG GoOdlUck To my GrannY"

Today supposedly my dearest grandma @ wan has to admit to Selayang Hosp.but apparently she has to admit yesterday and did her eye surgery also yesterday afternoon...but for some reason an unexpectable thing happened the surgery was done partly(hope wan will be strong after this and have that courage in her to throw away her fear )...and will be continued this really hoping and praying for my grandma to really get well soon and able to see me during my wedding day...moga2 doaku dimakbulkan Allah u wan so much...ur really the greatest grandma:)
(the words of wisdom for today)
"The important thing is to take that 1st step,Bravely overcoming one small FEAR gives you the COURAGE to take on the next"

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

15 days left...and im really nervous!!!!

Hye like freaking out this moment...time passing by quickly and everything is just around the corner there any bits of pieces that ive left out ke?for the wedding preps?erm...stilll thinking huhu...see ive dah start membebel pd diri sendiri..uhuh...skang melayan lagu2 GLEE ajer kat my little pinky sony mp3 ni hhehe...since last month fave song now for sure...MARRY ME remake by the GLEE cast originally sang by Bruno Mars...heheh time dgr mcm happy2+chicky2 ajer gelak sorang2 heheheh...let me see what is left to done:-
i)last fitting this 15Feb(reception attires)
ii) fitting tonite (hopefully shes in) with kak fatin...hehe try out the overall concept for solemnization:)!!!wah ader concept ke??heheh xderla... bincang makeup ajer hehe
iii)hias doorgift VIP+main table
iv)menicure+salon for a nice haircut+threading
v)to make appointment with my dentist
vi)table number!!!!asap
vii)settle my work in the office...heheh tinggal sket ajer lg..then iza balik from her maternity leave..hOoray!!!!

"Is it a looK in your eyes,or is it this dancing Juice
wHo Cares baBy,I Think I wanna MARRY YOU"
XOXO \(^_^)/

Monday, February 7, 2011

WeDding+EngagemEnt on CNY 2011

Murnin uols...start for a brand new day heheh...and the best part is preps for wedding dah 90% (smlm akhirnyer dpt idea and beli terus gift for main table+VIP) just the minor stuff ajer yg perlu disettlekan bunga manggar,order fresh flowers,dentist,meni and pedi +salon (all sorts of grooming stuff heheh) hope everything will be settle soon enough:)so back to what i want to post for today...1stly congratulate to Hai and Azman...selamat pengantin baru semoga kekal ke akhir hayat amin...their weds is on CNY 3rd Feb so meriah their wedding cantik2:)and not to forget congrats Liza and Abg K...for their engagement which falls on the same that day bz as a bee la diriku...tgh hari attend wedding di Taman Melati at 3pm headed to Serdang for Liza's glad everything ive covered heheh...congrats to both of my dearest layan ajerla pic yang ader hehehe:)enjoy!!!!!!!

baju for nikah...light pink (hari Jumaat mlm) time ni dah menguap2 as it starts a bit late tp aper2 pun best2

the moment:)

saat2 mendebarkan...time ni dirikulak yang nervous whats the story!!!!

this is the pic time reception(the next day) bride classy

This is Liza..kwn tempat aku luahkan segalanyer2..time sedih and happy saat2 di UKM dulu..sampai la skang kan Liza?dah tunang besties nad ni heheheh...wat aper tu Liza?bz texting abg K ke?heheh

Liza posing...susah dier nak senyum tp when dier senyum manissss...heheh..time ni pakai veil yg lain sket heheh:)

the 1st step heheh right Liza?dpt shot nice...sbb keluarga dier anggap ive pengapit for that day hehe...dahla pakai cotton with purple flowers heheh so mcm sedondon lak dpt ddk near bakal bride heheh:)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

D'Masiv - Rindu Setengah Mati (Official Video Clip)

Aku ingin engkau ada disini
menemaniku saat sepi
menemaniku saat gundah

berat hidup ini tanpa dirimu
ku hanya mencintai kamu
ku hanya memiliki kamu

aku rindu setengah mati kepadamu
sungguh ku ingin kau tahu
aku rindu setengah mati

meski tlah lama kita tak bertemu
ku slalu memimpikan kamu
ku tak bisa hidup tanpamu

aku rindu setengah mati kepadamu
sungguh ku ingin kau tahu
aku rindu setengah mati
aku rindu setengah mati ....

aku rindu setengah mati kepada mu
sungguh ku ingin kau tau
ku tak bisa hidup tanpa mu
aku rindu.................

p/s:melayan citer kejora dan bintang

"My WedDing CarD"

pic:source from syaz's blog heheh(front cover of the card)
Murnin uols...its wednesday and im working heheh...(takper2 sabar nak safe cuti nyer pasal) heheh...well today i guess sajer nak tulis about my wedding card heheh...coz byk card dah nak buat review sketla heheh:)before ive get engage pun ive mmg dah bercita2 nak my dearest frend Syaz to do my custommade card (simple + modern look),she's a graphic designer...and she has that midas touch...heheh korang boleh tgk kat her blog so saper yang nak wat custommade card leh la try guner khidmat dier heheh...harga berdasarkan kepada quality paper yg diguna (thats what she said to me la) heheh...aper2 pun my frend ni dier akan selalu tanyer "baper budget korang" so senang la dier nak tolong watkan...ehheh memandangkan dier ni besties aku so time wat card ni dpt special price la yerk heheh:)for the wedding card ive choose 2 tones of colour turqoise+brown (nak kater turqoise pun tak sgt..ermm tak thula nak ckp colour aper) and ader satu keping kad asing for map (senang nak bwk dlm beg..warna black+white),the idea is basiclly gabungan idea diriku dan syaz,corak dpn nad wat research sket and syaz was the one who put things all together (asalkan it looks simple and trendy) nanti nad rajin nad kepilkan pic tu mcmner rupernyer:). huhuhu...harini left 23days...heheh and things yg paling tak dpt cri utk main table + VIPs..dah pening kepala dah ni...erm...hope dpt la...cari idea nak bg aper yup2....bestnyer takder ramai yg dtg kejer...boss pun cuti yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!