Sunday, October 31, 2010

You Got Me - Colbie Caillat - Lyrics

You're stuck on me and my laughing eyes

I can't pretend though I try to hide

I like you I like you

I think I felt my heart skip a beat

I'm standing here and I can hardly breathe

You got me yeah you got me

The way you take my hand is just so sweet

And that crooked smile of yours

It knocks me off my feet

Oh I just can't get enough

How much do I need to fill me up?

It feels so good it must be love

It's everything that I've been dreaming of

I give up I give in I let go let's begin

'Cause no matter what I do

Oh my heart is filled with you

I can't imagine what it'd be like

Living each day in this life

Without you without you

One look from you I know you understand

This mess we're in you know is just so out of hand

Oh I just can't get enough

How much do I need to fill me up?

It feels so good it must be love

It's everything that I've been dreaming of

I give up I give in I let go let's begin

'Cause no matter what I do

Oh my heart is filled with you

I hope we always feel this way

I know we will

And in my heart I know that you'll always stay

Oh I just can't get enough

How much do I need to fill me up?

It feels so good it must be love

I give up I give in I let go let's begin

'Cause no matter what I do

Oh I just can't get enough

How much do I need to fill me up?

It feels so good it must be love

It's everything that I've been dreaming of

I give up I give in I let go let's begin

'Cause no matter what I do

Oh my heart is filled with you

Oh you got me you got me

Oh oh you got me you got me

Friday, October 29, 2010

-The LoNg LaST ThoUghT(thaT should have Been said)-

"RemeMber Me and Smile,FoR its better to fOrget then Remember me & Cry"
"DonT cry bcoz its OVER,SMILE bcoz it haPpEnEd"
"donT Be Dismayed at GooD-Byes, a FareWell is necessary before You can Meet again and Meeting again,after moments of a lifetimes,is certain for those who are friends"

Monday, October 25, 2010

"So LoNG FaReweLL..My DeaResT BudDy 'AmiRAh'"

mirah...dgn gaya king yang serius
Hye UolS...its 1.45pm and its still recess hehehe until as i was browsing my stack of photos in my special file...ive come cross upon a pic of me,mira and syaz...our white studio photo that weve took together at Bangi in early Ramadhan this year (although a bit tired..due to fasting...but all the pics turn out to be superb...hehehe...thanks Mr & Mrs Photog)...i guess this post is dedicate to my dearest frend Amirah who'll be leaving tommorow to Scotland..and stay there for 6months or 1year or many2 years....tengok pada keadaan dier ckp...and she also unable to attend my wedding and syaz pun due to some things that she needs to do...uwaHHHH!!!!sedihnyer....well mirah will be goin there and being a nanny( for a couple who is doing their PHD..and kener babysit there 5yearold baby boy)...bestkan....ddk saner free,kener bayar lagi+she's able to learn about all baking stuff there..and she also mention maybe there's a reason for everything that happen..and maner tahu dier balik Malaysia leh bukak bakery dier lg...sukernyer!!!!!!!!hope her dreams come true....although its pretty sad to see her leaving us behind here+importantly is unable to be here on my wedding day...but anyhow im so happy for her to fullfill her dreams+walaupun dier jauh still will be frends forever...(jgn luper nak hadiah BESAR dari Scotland yerk...hehehe...)last but not least..SAYANG KO SGT2...ingat kiterong kat cni..have a safe journey...aper2 pun walaupun kiter jauh beribu2 batu...aku akan sentiaser update ko dgn my wedding preps yerk...hehehe...muahhhhhhhhhxxx...XOXO

mirah,syaz and u guys:)
On Friday after work had our last gathering at Californian Pizza di KLCC + having desert at Starbucks after that...Syaz belanja heheh tq dear...we really had a splendid evening...tak tahu lagi biler dpt berjoyah mcmtu..huhu...gonna misz those days....xoxoxo....

Friday, October 22, 2010


HUhuhu.....although lambat tgk citer ni....tapi tak sangka betapa FREAKYnyer citer ni...tak sangka betul..hUhuhu...who didnt whatch it yet...tgkler(skang tayang kat HBO)...heheh...macamner la takleh perasan since awl2 citer....erm...betul2 wat kiter berpikir ahhhh....

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

~I LoVe ThEM DearLy~

Eventually as for today ive wanted to just post one entry heheh...but it seems im so thrill to do another entry dedicated my beloved so GLAD to have them in my for my wedding preps so far im usually in a state when ive become BLUR + or sumtimes i just cant MANAGE my time and schadule properly...ended up after exhausted at WORK, finally arrived home ive just watching TV or FACEBOOKINg as usual without doin any stuff from "my prep list" and later on i will start PANICKING and UNABLE to SLEEP as there's lot of things to do...although it just left 4months...but still time is running FAST eventually this parents help me alot..yesterday their the ones who settle everything with the jurunikah,and also took the forms that i need to fill in..and this murnin my mum just message me

mama: "along...mama dah confirmkan HIV test 3Nov 2pm kat Pusat Kesihatan Setapak
..kener booking"
me : "Ha???ma TIMER KASIH sgt2...along baru nak cek2 kat internet tempat maner nak
mama :"Owhhh...tak perlu dah mama dah tolong bookkan dah"
me :"ThanKs mama,nanti along ambik cuti kiter pegi samer2 k?"
mama : "Ok"

see...although a SIMPLE msg by HER but it really means alot to me...heheh,usually the B2B akan pg check sendiri and ambik borang semua...but ni..semua mama yang tolong watkan..and saya just pergi and tolong aper yg patut kan (my dad show his moral support)...TQ again mama & papa...LOVE U \(^_^)/ xoxoxo

My Update list:-
i)DoorGifts -for Ladies-dah made up our minds (just nak beli ajer)
for Men's-still thinking
for Childrens-dah tahu nak beli aper (nanti just beli ajer)
for MainTable(12pax)-kener survey dulu kat nilai3 kalo takder...roger2 akak yg
buat handmade craft tu.
ii)Theme-have decided (nak pg cari kain for all family members ajer)
iii)Nikah Outfit-dah send to my trustfull tailor,HIS outfit-siap dlm maser 2minggu ajer lg
iv)Others-still in progress (will be updated soon)

"LeavinG The SaDNess+StreSS BehInD,JusT StaY HAPPY+FOCUS"

Hye uols...murnin2 for sure u guys dah boring dgr ive BEBEL about my stressfull at work ajerkan+the unexpected prob huhu..and tak update aper2 sgt about my wedding preps...(if theres people blogwalking or stopping by reading it...heheh)well ive realize as for now i should just stay FOCUS + staying HAPPY for my wedding preps then thinking about all the sorts of CRAP that surrounding me for now (just menambahkan pening dikepala+pimples+kedut2 di muka....OMG!!!!mintak tak dijauhkan la wat maser ni) to start the day off...nak share with u guys about the one stop wedding supplies shop @ pusat sehenti aksesori perkahwinan that ive LOVE to go to...3 tingkat lagi kedai tu and its just near my house (able to reach there about 10minits) they had everything for my E-day haritu ive beli bekas2 semua kat situ there's alot of choices here to (saya ni kadang2 malas nak pagi jln TAR ...sbb terlampau ramai sgt org or Nilai 3 jauh sgtlak for RIBBONS pg gak kat area SEMUA HOUSE tu) kalo korang pegi...semua aderla dari hiasan pelamin,bunga2 artificial yang nampak hidup,souvenir,DIY stuff semua aderla...rambang mata...and tingkat 3 nanti jual kain2 tp belum beroperasi lagi...sbb baru gak ahhh kedai ni buka (about a year i guess) so the b2b who lives nearby Wangsa Maju,Setapak,Ampang and kawasan2 yang sekutu dengannya...maybe u guys ader choice tambahan utk stop by...hehhehe..maner tahu terjumperlak ke...nanti kat ctu..tegur2 la yerk...
Krismaya Art & Crafts
No.2 Jalan Wangsa Niaga
Wangsa Biz Avenue
Off Jalan 34/26, Wangsa Maju
53300 Kuala Lumpur
image:google source
OMG love this CUTE + COLOURFULL paper lanterns...that u can grab at any DAISO outlet in MALAYSIA...heheh now im addict to come here.Usually akan ke area The Curve just to stop by at DAISO...and haritu stop by kat MELAKA pun berhenti DAISO(skang bangun tido, mimpi and jln2 p cafe pun terbayang DAISO dah PARAH dah ni hehehe)...raser mcm saat2 b2b ni semua bender yang ader kat situ raser important to buy...for room deko and some of the things that can be used for photo props...and everything sold for RM5...BESTNYEr!!!!!!!this weekend kener pergi lagi...heheh...nak try tgk outlet yang kat BUKIT BINTANG ,ONE UTAMA or SUNWAY PIRAMID la hehehh:)

p/s:my love quote for the day "Love is like a pi--natural,irrational,and very important"-Lisa Hoffman

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"LuaHan HatI 5 Minit"

Ive feel confused+frustated...tak tahu nak wat aper...adakah itu tindakan yg appropriate or not...that was done by SOMEONE ni...erm...apa yang aku perlu wat....Mr R said to beware(Nard and Cammy pun ckp mcmtu)...but the point is diriku skang byk kejer lak dgn dier....tak tahulak dier akan ACT that way.......TAK SUKA!!! ni wat aku stress lagi la ni...ermmmmmmmm;(

Monday, October 18, 2010

" ProBabLy ThiS iS Me ThrOugH my WORK week"

MOnDAY.....Mad as HELL

TUeSday........Slowly cominG out of It.. feelingTiRed

WedNesdaY.......PreTty confused in what to do..ermm

ThursdaY..the END of the work week is just around the corner

FridaY & SaTurdaY....OMG just LOVE IT!!!!!

SundaY AfterNoOn.....Uh..ohhhhh.....

SundaY Nite...HeRe We Go AGAIN..URgH!!!!!!!UWaHHHH!!!

I guess its practically everyone's that feel this way...heheh perhaps...lots or work to do...later will update some of my for today...also no mood in giving love quotes..huhu..maybe next time...tata...goshhh!!!!2 more hours to go...ermmmmmm

Friday, October 15, 2010

Im AlL StresSed OuT!!!!!

There'S no WORDS to describe in what state i am mind has reach its limit i guess with all this STATS ANALYSIS + MY LONG LIST OF really GIVES ME A HEADACHE!!!!!!!!....and also a dear frend of mine is goin to SCOTLAND for a year!!!!!!!...she will miss my WEDDING...:'(
p/s:today didnt have the mood to put nice love quote..urghhhh hate what i am feeling today..and yesterday!!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

"MoOd RaJin"

Olaaa...u guys...yeah!!!its Friday and ader Jamuan Raya di IJN(byk btul menu starts at 4pm lasted till 8pm)as for me ill be just staying for about an hour only...for sure mkn puas dah tu hehehe....jom2 meh saya kongsi aper yg ader yerk nanti...bbq lamb,satay,rendang,roti jala,kuih muih,rojak and etc...i likeeeeee...heheh naik la a few kg's i lunch ni mkn sket2 ajerla yerk...ok last nite my mood in doin DIY stuff dtg siapla beberapa corsaj for my family and sepupu sepapat ku...heheh...mlm ni sambung lg....(see the pics below)
BEFORE (heheh ive got myself a "PINKY" cutting board yeah!!!)

AFTER (needed a last touch up)
As ive I promise here ive share you Mr R's konvo pics...heheh ( that ive grab from him silently heheh...sorry yerk Mr R)Hooray!!!!!!!! at last...CONGRATS again Mr R:)
wahhh saper ni????byk nyer bunga...dari saper ek???

Mr R with his scroll...

Ok!!as it's just left 4 months for me to countdown until the final i guess to put some love qoutes on every post that ive updated after this so heheh...(sharing the happiness)..ok la .....XOXO
"Love doesnt make the world go around,love is what makes the ride worthwhile" ~Elizabeth Browning

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ive WisH....

EveryOne has its own hOpeS + DreaM for their splendid for me im also one of them who wishes to be like this like that...but anyhow..we cant predict the didnt know its gonna turn out to be...anyway ive hope everything goes smoothly+and as the way that ive expected although not 100% perfect but reaching 80% of what ive wanted for in my wedding that would be considered OK:) for now im not that really focusing in what i do at mind would play games with me in thinking about my wedding preps, who will be my bridesmade(coz they are all that i adore and love my 10 besties i should called them or more ek?...if i choose A over B..nanti hard feeling la one of them said...kalo nanti some of them wear specific baju and others tak for sure terasa lak...urgh!!!!!need new ideas for that so that everyone would be ok with it...and when is the appropriate time to do all the test (test2 kesihatan), biler nak siapkan all the DIY stuff...blah...blah...ermmmmmm........such along big pause...huhu...anyway whats left for this 4month preparation...ive hope it would turn out to be the "FAiryTale weDdIng of My Own" fill with love and happiness....amin

Monday, October 4, 2010

BacK AgaiN:)

YeeeHaA!!!!back again with awhole new mood...after along 3days event at PD and shopping in Melaka with dearest Mr really enlightens my mood to start this new day with a big smile on my face (and this murnin Mr J just call me and check up on me if im ok or not...nasib baik dier tak marah diriku ini sbb hari Jumaat takder heheheh) updated list to do and have done:-
i) props for post wedding picsy -byk dah beli tggal sket ajer...hehe:)
ii)hantar kain baju nikah this week or next week
iii)dah pilih baju bertandang...but January tahun dpn dtg balik to do the last selection at Sayang Creation (rambang mata uols!!!!!!) another post would be updated about it soon...
iv)this month settlekan doorgift + baju family and sedara mara..need to buy 2sets of kain for Solemnization and Reception..cant wait
Okla...mind tak stabil...need to do the tambahan analysis that has been given to me this murnin..ok la nanti sambung lagi....HAPPY WORKING:)