Monday, January 30, 2012

Mix Of FeelIngS

Its just left a couple of months...until the time of delivery...raser2nyer...mcm 70 days lebih ajer tinggal...cant imagine how its gonna be like...heheh although dpt jugak info2 dri para2 ibu yg baru deliver atau yg dah lamer...but still those freaky feeling wont just go away i guess...until that days my mum said "all women akan experience bender those yg just relax ur mind ajer and think it will go naturally" for now just pray for the best +bb kuar dgn for now nearly 85% brg2 bb dah siap have to focus on the things for my confinement period nanti...still lots of things to do...for this short couple of months...takleh predict bb kuar awalker...lambatker...aper2 pun biar bb cukup bulan harini...byk pulak yg nad bebelkan yerk hehe....just to ease those feelings away i guess....that anxious feeling....aper pun...tak sabar to see how our bundle of joy looks like...hehe cant wait:)ok its time to get ready to go home...nanti dijoyahkan lagi yerk heheh....

Antenatal Session 2

Sleepy2....sleepy...huhu...its 15 past 4 already...owhh my why the clock is ticking slowly...mind my silence within this week as im starting to feel really tired...and 2 weeks more im entering my 8month of pregnancy unstable mood pun kembali melanda...hehe...anyway sorry for the late post on my last session of my antenatal class...iive encourage young mummys-to-be out there to attend this such of least you guys got a rough about the situation would be ur able to prepare ur state of mind (hehehe yeker??heheh but it really do helps me sometimes)...anyway back to the story...the last day of the session...talks about on:-

i)baby cares after deliver (example how to bath the baby,jage tali pusat bb dgn baik and etc)

ii)how to breastfeed ur baby

iii)labor rounds...heheh ni paling thrill dah imagine mcm2 dah huhu..

Overall best...and jom layan pics ajerla...ngantuk sgt ni...pardon me...ader gambar yg diconsider 18sx hehehe....but not so la...enjoyce!!!!(p/s:happy bb dah berada dikedudukan yg betul heheh...kepala dibwh...huhu...the time is nearly shivering)

this is the bb menequin that we play with for that day...berat dier mcm berat bb biaser huhu
my workspace...

nurse tu suruh jugak all the mums2be buat...cara2 breastfeed bb dgn betul

practice makes perfect

(18sx pics hehe but its not really)

im 7month ++ while this picture was u can see muker cuak ok...becoz of why???



lawat LABOR ROOM...huhuhu...this is exactly the space were we will be deliver in Ampang Puteri(looks like this)..really convinient...muker lg cuak...when nampak tempat stand ikat kaki tu...raser mcm nak pengsan uols!!!

there is also a ROMA birthwheel..those yg nak request la...tapi nad raser mcm lagi menakutkan ader...huhu...the nurse there said ader jugak yg request for this kind of method to jarang la...

a clearer look of the ROMA birthwheel...1st(birth method)initiated by the well known Dr Fauziah..the MERCY president..time ni rasernyer...mcm nak cpt keluar dari bilik tu thats the last thing we do for our last session...and its a wrap!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

ExhaustIng WeEk!!!!

Fuuhhhh...what a week...still feeling tired although reviving myself with energy keep me updating this post with my eyes partly closed....heheh can u imagine...aper2 pun still gigih uols nak update(hehe...following my resolution for this write in this blog at least 2 post or 1 in a week..insyallah)..moga2 disaat trimester ke3 health state is ok..and jauhkanla dari raser mcm nak dmm pulak...ishk2...moga dijauhkanla..k kejer berlambak sgt2 ni...k happy working u guys...and lastly...Gong Xi Fa Chai...Happy Chinese New Year:)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

1st Session on Antenatal Class

Yes 2 more hours...till it reach 5.15pm and then headed back home yeah!!!!well harini nak citer about my 1st session on the Antenatal Class that ive attend at Ampang Puteri(which starts at 12.30pm-3.30pm) the 2nd session will be in this week on the 14th Jan..overall the classes are REALLY BENEFICIAL..and really hopping ader jln2 to view the labour room on the last for this session that ive attend previously with Mr R..mainly talking about diet in pregnancy(nasib baik kira2 BMI..kenaikan berat adalah sepadan mengikut weeks...alhamdulilah),antenatal exercise,labor procedure and labor pains..2nd session ni nanti baru talk about breastfeeding,postmartum care,baby care and satu lagi dah luper pulak hehe...xper2 I'll tell u guys later...harini kelesuan sket...coz this afternoon need to attend checkup with Dr Zana..about my BP..huhu coz last check haritu dah borderline..due to lack of rest...moga2 harini ok la semuanyer..taknak depend on enjoyce the pics...

the 2nd class of the day
the phisio staff giving me a landing do the proper way of exercise while in sitting position
following our instructor Suhaini..there about 10 couples all together yg attend in the same session with us...minggu ni jumper lagi heheh

exhale...and inhale properly yerk...mothers-to-be..(ntah aper la yg nad wat tu huhu)

oops...sorry gambar behind pulak...sorry yerk uols..time ni tgh wat excercise in standing position heheh...bersemangat tu hehe

Mr R loves the goody bag part..hehe..inside the HAPPY BOX(baby wipes,diskaun coupons on MomCares staff,baby gels,and etc..)byk jugakler dpt...tq2

On Sunday...we've done a bit of shopping at IKEA..ought to buy the baby bath tub(tapi stock dah habis huhu....kecewanyer)so kener wait stock dtg baru pg beli without leaving empty hands..kiterong decide to buy small cute storage for our "bundle of joy" utk simpan toiletries dier and tempat baju+pampers+cloth diapers(still searching which one to get)+brg2 grooming dier heheh...this is how does it looks like...heheh nice2:)

storage A
(love the numbers on the top cover..cute sgt)

storage B
(I've had it inclusive with a lid..and the best part is ia beroda)

p/s:love shopping for baby 2nd resolution for this year..being positive about everything although there's hatred among people who envy you and your life...but being POSITIVE is the main thing to disregard the hatred among them as kiter tak rugi aper2 pun (words of courtesy for today)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Before entering my 3rd Trimester

erm....harini rasernyer takder la nak bebel aper2 just nak write something when ive still had the mood to write ni hehe....best2 work dah settle at precisely 3pm so nak tggal audit data yg berjela2 tu ajer lg...while i was blogwalking today...bestnyer tgk pic2 bb yg baru delivered and bb yg dah couple of months pun hehe...tak thuler"our bundle of joy" ni nanti kuar ikut ruper saper la yerk...hehe aper2pun...biarla cukup sifatnyer+sempurna...dan menjadi seorang anak yg soleh/solehah hehe...i guess i still keep u guys guessing whats the bb gender right...hehe..sbb my mum said tgk scan gender ni..nanti kuar gender lain aper2 pun kiter tgk mcmner kan..i guess aper yg our Dr scan tu..rasernyer betul..sbb tgk pada bentuk perut nad ni hehe..:)well...see dah meleret dah...anyway just nak story2..what yg i've lalui pd 6month lbh ni heheh..
a)skang jln dah tak boleh laju2..dah start mengah2

b)tido mlm dah start tak selesa as bb tendang2 when kiter pusing ke kiri atau ke kner baring straight itu pun raser nak termuntah sbb now bb dah pusing2...and my Dr said my bb now songsang (but jgn risau 90% dier akan pusing balik normal)

c)kerap pegi pee..(mmg since awl skang lg kerap)

d) weight naik 5.5kg Dr kater ok...since trimester 1st lg..setiap kali naik antara 1kg or 0.5kg... (some of my friends kater maybe berat air,atau bb yg berat ke..etc..erm tak tahuler)

e)muker+kaki+tgn tak kembang...hanya bahagian tertentu ajer heheh...terasa mcm J-lo pulak:)

-so consider mcm mama vogue lg hehe...nak jd mcm Jessica Alba

f)still can wear my baju kurung walaupun takleh nak zip sbb still selesa tu yg still wear it

g)berjalan shopping ttp active(although kener wat pit stop byk kali heheh)

Hope that my health ni kekal ok until the end of my im just preparing my mental state utk deliver this bb dgn ok and selamat..moga takder aper2 complication..and moga bb mama dlm perut ni pusing dlm keadaan normal balik k..hehe nanti senang nak kuar..taknak ddk hosp.lamer2 hehe tu ajer...takper2 hoping and berdoa..k happy working uols...xoxo:)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Update on Baby Stuff

Hye uols!!!today jalan dah jam due to bdk2 sekolah dah habisla ke"happy"anku dtg kejer dgn tenang without heavy traffic...anyway alhamdulilah..sampai awl jugak kejer...heheh:)so one of my resolution for this year is...drumroll to update this blog tanpa byk sgt mood kemalasan..maybe within a week 2 post ke...I'll try my best to do that...coz skang ni..sleepless nite dah takder dah as bb starts to kick every now and then...tdo pun dah tak baper selesa sbb perut dh besar...sgt2 tak sangka then within next week marks my 3rd trimester(cuak sesgt...apabila dgr citer2 kwn2 psl delivery..make my feet and hand cold enough when hearing to their stories)anyway berdoa sesgt2 everything would turn out find and everything is smooth sailing aminnn..well on 7/1/2012 will be my 1st antenatal class for the first session prior talking on topics in diet,labour pain,preparation and exercise...meanwhile on the 14/1/2012 will be the 2nd session about breastfeeding and handling your baby..i guess they also make tours lawat labour about that nanti ive update nantila yerk dgn lbh detail(after dah attend those 2session) about my bb and Mr R...just ikut this simple list kat bwh ni..tadaa...and some certain things yg kiterong tambah2 sndri pun ader...

here's the bb checklist yg kiterong ikut..sbb simple+padat

So 1stly..kiterong decide to start beli brg bb stuff when im 6month++..sbb my mum pesan and ramai org2 tua pesan tak elok beli brg2 bb awl2 kiterong start beli things bulan 12 1stly as usual wat research..find the pros and cons...berbaloi ke kalo beli atau drpd ibu2 yang dah laluinyer..from the list weve started on focusing bb's bedding needs first,then later followed by bb's wardrobe,bb's toiletries,bb's healthcare,bb's nappies,bb's feeding needs and lastly bb's travelling needs.So perkara yg dah disettle baru bb's bedding + bb's clothing..yang the rest tu..nak disettlekan within in the month of January-March..(im pretty happy coz bender2 yg penting dah byk beli heheh) after a lot of consideration...we decided to bought this 4 in 1 baby cot that we've bought at mybbstore..with a good price package..yang has FOUR different usage..which is as a COT,PLAYPEN,SOFA BED and SINLE/JUNIOR BED with bedrail ( up to 5 years old) ok la least our bundle of joy dah ader bed sndri nanti when she's 3-5years old..hehe..we bought it in white (warna suci hehe...and matches everything in our sebenarnyer nak warna brown yang light dah hbs stock)..this bb cot kiterong beli which included bumble bee latex mattress,bumble bee 4pc crib set and bumble bee latex pillow with cover in the sgt2 reasonable price..kalo beli asing bedding bumble bee 4pc crib ni its worths rm219.19 tak termasuk mattress and pillow nyer..tapi nasib baik before coming to mybbstore we stop by di one baby world and purchase bumble bedding 4pc crib +pillow set yang setiap satunyer 20% byk2 sgt skang baby ader 2 bedding set yang boleh ditukar2..nanti nak cari lagi satu extra tp brand lain la pulak..and cant wait nak tgk nenek(my MIL nyer mother) nyer bantal besar,bolster,and bantal kecik yang nenek jahit sendiri and nanti letak kekabu dlmnyer hehe(nenek mmg akan buat utk setiap cicitnyer)...really cant wait..timer kasih nenek:)so skang hope sgt ader byk lg sale brg2 bb time dkt2 nak CNY ni heheh...k la dah byk citer utk harini...nanti kiter sambung..tata

this is one of the design yang we've bought for our "bundle of joy"heheh..tak sbr nak pasang cot and tgk how it fits in:)

p/s:pics of the things we've get nanti kiterong upload la hope menjadi info for mummy's to be out there yg reading this..

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Brand New Year With A Brand New Resolution:)

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

hope this year..will bring good prosperity in our life

hehe...thrill for this year 2012

as we will have a new family member just in couples of months:)

"our bundle of joy" really excited

hope everything will be nice and fine:)

wishing u guys the best also...xoxo:)