Friday, April 29, 2011

~JusT Left Couple Of HOURS~

Hye early birds....murnin:)Ive really do sense the smell of HAPPIness clouding everywhere I go..while in the car headed to my office...the radio played all oldies and hit love songs through out the year...heheh...and the topic for their statement is "Wedding"..also my collegue starting to humming happily with that wide smile on her face...and not to forget myself...who would smile while thinking about my wedding experience...and while texting Mr R after arriving at the office...he seems also to be in that good and romantic mood...and ive assume...his listening to same radio frequency as i am...but the most happy couple who are really happy to the beloved Prince William & his wife to be Kate for me for sure ive wont misz that nuptials on the tv today LIVE that will be shown at 5pm(9am UK) at CNN,NTV7,TLC and Echannel...hope to reach home early...:)really love to watch them together...and they would be a good King and Queen someday...Hope they do live happily ever after...congrats!!!!!!!:)

LOVE this pic of them:)

p/s:happy 4 days holiday u guys:)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"OmbaK Rindu" turns into a movie??'s everybody feeling today?as for me...erm quite ok...counting down until the day reaches Friday hehe...anyway as while im browsing to my favourite gossip page came upon across...that "Ombak Rindu" will be turn into a movie uols!!!for sure korang yg kaki novel...for sure read this piece kan??Ombak Rindu ni considered as one of my fav novel la...and hope sgt it turn out well on the BIG awl2 lg dah raser mcm tak best sgt sbb...watak utama Izzah dipegang oleh Maya Karin (mcm tak sesuai my thought watak Izzah would be like tinggi,lembut and my mind seems to think mcm Eja look alike la...hehe in my opinion la) and watak Mila pulak dipegang oleh Lisa Surihani...kan best kalo Lisa yg jadi watak for watak Hariz dipegang oleh Aaron ajer part yg nad setuju hehe...dier sesuai jadi watak Hariz...aper2 pun tak thu la nak tayang biler kan...anyway hope it would turn out BEST...walaupun tak sehebat mcm novelnyer tp aderla feeling yg boleh dicapture when tonton citer tu nanti having my finger cross for this heheh:) vid nikah highlight has been posted by our official watch k at... or u can see it at anyway enjoy you guys:)...thanks to the MyShot Team for doing a good job..thanks you guys

p/s:its already been 2months for me and Mr r :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

This EveNt Always Makes Me Feel Like A Little Gurl Again:)

Have u guys went to the "Pesta Buku 2011" that was held in PWTC from 22April-1Mei...heheh rambang mata uols...ive went there last Sunday(afternoon)...bestnyer tgk bdk2 memilih buku...and termasuk la diriku ini...hhehe...memandangkan tak planning pun nak dtg..sajer2 ajer tak dptla nak borong sakan but ive manage to have one book...heheh from Siti Rosmizah...heheh mlm ni gak nak start reading it heheh....(the book yg Mr R bagi pun blum bacer lg ishk2....)nasib baikla pesta buku ni until 1st ader maser lg diriku nak memborong aper2 novel yg ader(and tgk2 gak certain books on preganancy..heheh sajer ajer incase)...haritu pun tak sempat nak pg booth Alaf 21...tak perasanlak booth dier kat maner...sbb nak rush balik coz...dah starts raining.. nanti nak dtg lagi heheh time tu nanti nak round btul2...heheh...k enjoy:)

This is what ive got from Mr R...for our 1month anniversary hehe..mmg nak buku ni dah lamer...thanks for the surprise Mr R

its me...lining up waiting for Siti Rosmizah...for an autograpfh(raser kelakarla..sbb tak pernah pun buat selamer ni tp sajer2 nak try...aderla tggu dlm 25minit)
here she is signing up the book that ive purchased

say cheese!!!!!!!its me and siti the book signing session






tadaa!!!!! 7 Hari Mencintaiku...

thank you:)

Weekend yang sebelumnyer tu..kiterong jln2 ke jugak la tgk lampu2..pic tgkap byk tp upload 2 ajerla jugak kalo bwk family jln2 kat cni...walaupun tempat tak besar maner tp its ok...hehehe....k hope u guys pun ader weekend yg best hehe last week...enjoyce:)

me watching the bright shinning tree
Mr R with his big grin

Aliah's WeddIng

Its Monday!!!!erm.......really not an interesting day at all...but anyway...I've owed myself to write about my dearest friend Aliah and Eddy's wedding which took place at Hotel De Palma on the 10th April 2011...its really a beautifull wedding indeed...with lots of VVIP...the main VVIP is Kerabat Diraja Perlis...but the best thing table is in the front good view la maknenyer:)jumperla bdk2 matriks KYPM Bangi yg lamer dah tak jumper...and certain of UKM friends...hehe...just want to say congrats to both of you...semoga kekal ke akhir hayat:)k u guys enjoy the picsy

the beautifull dais

the wedding cake...5 tiers cake

the whole view

its our table

ive met Pyar..heheh she's the same table as me and Mr R..and with the people who are there

the bride and groom

this is us(kwn2 matriks,ukm + seaport)...preparing ourself for that Bruno Mars dance routine for the song Marry You...nasib baik simple...kalo tak ishkkkk ni tgh tggu pengantin nak jln heheh...(ader video tp segan nak upload hehe)

its front of the entrance...baru nak ambik pic dpn pintu after dah hbs majlis heheh...i look slightly taller...thanks for my 5inch heel:)

lastly...wajib kena ader pic dgn the bride and groom...u guys look lovely:)

p/s:im gaining weight la uhuhu

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Can I Be a "MasTerChef"??

Am i'm trying out for the Masterchef Malaysia???? the answer is NOooo.........not this time around heheh..probably one day if their is more series to come when i had that courage to do so huhu..well I've usually not into cooking so much as like my mum.....who is SUPERB in cooking(but i do no how to cook yerk heheh)...hehe...and the best part is bdk2 songee pun tahu diriku ni tak masak sgt hehe...siap time nak bg wedding present pun call...ckp "Nad...kiteorng tak decide lagi nak bg ko ko alat2 msk yg vogue....ko bknnyer masak...hehe"....uwahhh terpanah diriku ni biler mendengar statement sebegitu...heheh...but i do realize its TRUE... but well after married it seems....semangat berkobar utk masak tu dah makin ader...heheh...and skang series citer yg menjadi kesukaan me ialah...not other then the "Masterchef" ive dah tertingal nak tgk siri tu kat AFC end of last year i guess so nasib baik dier ulang tayang kat StarWorld skang at 7pm...aper lg...for sure tak misz any episode...yg paling ive suker is masterchef a fan of Whitney...'THE PASTRY PRINCESS'...heheh best nyer ader bakat mcm dier in a young age...bagi aper ajer bender leh buat.....can i be just like her????cyayok2...naddy...:)so now my number one mission is to be a good cook...yes i can do it...i believe i can

the series that captured my eye instantly :)

the four finalis...but in the end its between david miller n whitney

the proud smile on whitney...makes me think that anything is possible if u had that determination to do it
(age doesnt count)

the beautifull 22 year old Whitney...MasterChef US season 1

p/s:need to buy myself a new good apron heheh

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


HyE Uols!!!having ur lunch ek???or dah hbs lunch??heheh....raser mcm lamer gak dah tak update blog ni...gosh!!!!really misz to update stuff..but as for now... I'm quite this 2 days(mon and tues) had to attend some "event"...that maybe considered...a turning point in my life...insyallah...just hope and pray for the best:)wish me luck....ok will update soon....nak take 5minit nap...heheh..tata

p/s:owe to write Aliah's wedding heheh...

Thursday, April 14, 2011

My DeaRest CousIn Airin's WedDing

Yes!!!!its Friday...yuhuuuuu....ive just love Friday (as it always mark the last day of working days...heheh)didnt manage to have any ideas to write lately so ive gather a lot of pics for this post it means...less words,more pics....heheh...Airin's wedding falls on 8th April (Solemnization) at 10 am(at her house) i needed to take a leave that day from work...and the reception was on 9th April at Dewan RISDA,Ampang...she's a cousin from my fathers quite close with her...and im glad she had find her perfect soulmate:)heheh...anyway congrats to Airin & Afzali..hope you guys lived happily until the end of time...(heheh tak sangka2 lak kahwin samer year heheh...kawaii)ok enjoyce the picsy u guys:)

the hantarans...from her(nice combination of yellow+white roses)

the bedroom:)
the mini pelamin

the bride

the groom...looks nervous hehe



the hantarans...from groom side(blue +white roses)

me and the bride

the archway,at the reception

bride and groom

me and little sis(family members wear grey attire on that day)

with the cousins

the wedding cake...pinky2

p/s:have a nice weekend u guys:)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My HubBy WanTs Me To ReaD This ArTicle RealLy BAD!!!

Hye uols...murnin2...huhu...what a pretty hectic wekkend last week...with my cousins wedding and also my dearest friend Aliah's glamorous everything about it (and not to including all her other fellow friends...need to do a dance routine with the song Marry You by Bruno front of the full house crowd...segannyer!!!!!! kene dance dpn tetamu diraja tak tahu la how does it turn out nanti)....the occasion was captured by the CST team so outcomenyer for sure mcm best(tp aper2pun..moga2 tak nampak la sgt muker interframe heheh)...but wait!!!!the story of this 2 beautiffull wedding will be reveal for the next post la yerk..!!!(bersemangat berkobar2 jap2..hehe)...Well to start things of...while i was busy doing the house chores on Hubby aka Mr R..calls me out and wanted me to read this one article..he really wants me to read at that moment and at that second...gedikskan!!!semata2 nak suruh read and article title "Kenapa Wanita Patut Menyesal Jika Menolak Lamaran Seorang Jurutera"...and i was like ha????ini yang dier bersamangat sgt memanggil diriku dgn riang nyer...just nak tunjuk this article!!!and he said to me..."see syg...awk untung kan?heheheh"..ishk2 gediks jugak Mr R ni yerk... ive thought im the only one yg songee...dier pun dah tempias kesongeean diriku rupernyer...heheh...anyway...let me share some of it what does the article mention...and here's the link of the blog coz he does share some gud infos heheh... ok here is the bit of the articles(yang ive summarize dari fahamanku)....heheheh enjoyce and u decide la yerk:)

"KenApa Wanita Patut Menyesal Jika Menolak Lamaran SeOrang Jurutera"
1) Stail-Hidup:SIMPLE
-seorang engineer...tak perlu susah payah nak gosokkan seluar atau baju dier...sbb usually dieorng ni pakai JEANS ajer pergi kejer and tshirt pada isteri2 engineer dah kurang satu kerja...hehe...:)

2)Dedikasi + Komited
seorang jurutera pasti menghabiskan segala usaha+memerah otak utk memahami sesuatu bender yg kompleks,semasa membuat project and etc...samer jugak la dier begitu komited utkmemenangi hati wanita ,mereka sedaya upaya mencari planning yang terbaik la utk memenangi hati org tersyg:)-yeker???

3)Tak Pandai Menipu
Dieorng ni approach things kebiasaanyer based on FACTS...cth dlm kejer so dieorng ni mmg tak pandai nak menipu and putar belit kalo dieorng ni jenis menipu means that...sebab hati dier tak tenteram uols!!!!

4)Bijak Melepaskan Tekanan
-Sentiasanyer bkn pd OBJECT...sbgai cth kerja kat KILANG...dipicit2 main suis kat power generator.Yang kat offshore...ditumbuk-tumbuk boiler dgn batang paip kaki gajah...heheheh...and yg kat tapak pembinaan..diterajangnnyer mesin pembacuh simen atau pdmamat indon yg kejer kat tapak tu (heheh kesian mamat2 indon..heheh) so ended up isteri terselemat dari tempias kemarahan dieorng sbb semua dah dilepaskan kat tempat kejer

Practically HENSEM (time ni la Mr R tersenyum meleret...yg luar biasa btul ishk2)--nampak sgt yg wat article ni for sure a guy and en engineer..mmg pun!!!

Hehh...practically its really a nice piece of article (dlm hati nad berkata2..ader gak kebenarannyer..especially number 1,3 and 5 hehhe)..tapi takderla ckp dpn dier kan..nanti kembang lak hubby ku tu...hehehe...anyway im glad to marry an u...xoxo...:)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Moment of Love:Bertandang Reception (at Melaka)

wahhh!!!!today im feeling my hubby came home today heheh...:)its really abit surprise...for me....though as he usually came home on for that im having this electric update my blog heheh....anyway before starting off....IJN dah block blog la pulak!!!!!!!!!!!ishkk...there goes my happiness...semua dah block mcmner la nak isi maser lapang huhuh....ishkk sad2....back to the main topic here nad...the bertandang's the review...

Majlis Bertandang

Venue:Mr R's Family Home(Bukit Katil,Melaka)

Date:5 March 2011



Attire:Sayang Creation


Wedding Cake:Yulie Bake The Cake (my SIL)

Official Photog:Lipas Pencen

Official Videographer:His Uncle

Band:The Time Machine (his uncle and the gang)

It seem's there just some bits of word to said as everything ive already summarize up here...and let the pics do the talking instead im a bit speechless today heheh....(im guessing due to the food ive consumed today...ive ate a lot this days...huhu...should need to monitor my diet)ok enjoyce u guys:)

I've just adore this bunting...courtesy from my BIL...heheh love it:)

this is a pic of us...heheh...posing in front of the attire ni mcm gayer BCL pun ader...its like indonesian wedding attire with lots of buttons on it...meanwhile Mr R wores baju melayu modern here is a closer look of the makeup of that day that was done by Salima...she seems to be quite known with some of the bloggers(B2B bloggers)...she really done a good job although the makeup its abit heavy on my eye...but it turns out ok:)
let me present to you the band of the day...."The Time Machine"...Mr R is also one of the member of this the bass player...(takkan la dier nak main time2 ni dier main time dah last2 nak hbs majlis)...this band was his uncle's @ Busu..they really played it

here is some of the Samura clans that attend...

yummyliciuos cake...really makes me hungry just by looking at this pic...heheh this cake was done by my SIL..she's really god in making for that day...she makes a red velvet cake+small cutie red velvet family loves it so much..


here she is....the cakemaker:)

p/s:overall i love my wedding...heheh...there's nothing for me to complain or change about...this is the memory that ill be always thats all for my wedding reviews....:)xoxo

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Review:My ForeVer Love Pelamin:)

Gud evening uols....hheheh...sorry lamer gak la tak update blog tercinta nad ni heheh...well as ive promise..ill be updating about my sorry sgt2 sbb lambat la uol know...nak upload pic pun kner block tadaa!!!!!!!!!!!well todays post its about my beautifull+colourfull pelamin that ive adore cheh!!!!over lak...heheh...after byk berpikir and wat rujukan here and last.. the result looks superb as what ive hope for :) the pelamin was done by Sireh Pinang Network..(nak dpt info can let me know...)by the touch of Abg Boy and Kak Fatin (she's also the one yg makeup me for my solemnization and reception in KL)...thank you so much...hope nanti dpt guner midas touch abg boy and kak fatin time kahwin sis lak hehehe:)k enjoyce the picsy u guys

here is the sketch that ive done(wanted fresh flowers+a bit of artificial flowers)...and was viewed by Abg 1st dier sendiri raser pening gak la dgn gambar2 yg ive akhirnyer...dpt difahami juger looks exactly the same...just adjust bahagian lampu shj hehehe(1st nak ltk chandelier above the head to chandelier stand on each side:)

the background....fills with the colour of love
side view...

credit:pics from kak fatin's FB

lastly the overall view...from front hehe...nice:)

credits:pic taken from Azah's FB

p/s:tommorow there will be more update insyallah hehe...skang its time for "Asmara"..jom tgk tv:)

Friday, April 1, 2011

FaReweLl DaTo VeNU

Hye uols...its Friday yeah!!!!!!!!! but its quite a sad day for one of our IJN surgeon who I work with (who has been here for 14years...lamerkan???)...will be leaving IJN to proceed his career in Pantai Medical Centre,Bangsar (dier kater dah nak slow down fase) today is his last day....aper2 pun me and iza...have decided to gave him a farewell present yang mcm lain dari yang this is what we had in mind.....








a karikatur of him heheh.....yg ditempah khas time diriku g balik kampung Melaka...cantikkan??

From left:iza,Dato Venu and me....heheh...see it really looks like him right???pandai org tu lukis...with a reasonable price...yang hal frame tu...thanks to my hubby Mr R...yang make it look superb:)

Ive really like him as he is really a good surgeon+a father lookalike... sgt baik and kind to everyone:)he promise me to gave me a coffeemaker as for my wedding gift...but akhirnyer....disbbkan kesuntukan maser.... this is what he gaves me...thanks alot!!!!!!!!!!!suker sgt:)dlm sampul surat...hehehe phm2 la yerk...wahhh mcm durian runtuh lak harini...perasaan nyer:)anyway wishing u the best of luck and we will misz u keep in touch:)