Monday, January 18, 2010

~s0 whAt d0 u Think???~

Its Monday..huhuu...and the clock shows its already 2.50pm...just acouple of headed home yeahh!!!!!this is wat i usually feel especially on the 1st day of every week...well tonite(slpas smbhyang magrib) me and my parents will be stopping by to Nilai to get sumthing from my uncle and then stopping by to see bb Faris yeahhhhhHhhh....heheh..cant wait.Ok dah focus2 balik...well it seems just left 3weeks n 6 days for me to settled everything little butterfly just a little more to handmade lili dip flowers needed to do new petals...for each hantaran (as per Nuran's advice) and also neede to do a little bit of golden leaves i guess....setiap kali tgk kotak ajaib yg menyimpan bunga2 dip ku tu...raser mcm tak cukup lak takperla wat lbh la...anyway there's other big thing in mind that ive should settled within this week and it is finding shops that sells wall paper but not in one big role...just needed a bit for center bit of my room...finding this matching wall paper that suited the colour of my room...makes me worrying about every second...maner nak cari ek????yesterday went to JJ with mum,angah and fifi...also tak jumper(dierong just jual yg bordernyer tu)...KK deco Mart they do sell sum but it has that english vintage look and it is in one big role.What kind of wallpaper that suited my whitish pinkish room???banyak sgguh idea dlm kepala driku ini...tpi masalahnyer nak jumper kedai jual wallpaper yg kiter nak tu takder...eeeeee...masalah..the time is running mum said matching paint mcm my room takder(kalo ader pun shocking pink) thats why we thinking of wallpaper for that just small part of the room...semlm dah lth2 mencari aper yg perlu dicari...still tak ma and angah give me and create sum kind of wall decor...wall deco that we can create by sounds nice and i do like the idea...but can i pull it on time to do it??and idea pun takder menjelma...anyway kiterong decide to find the right shop for wallpapers..yg jual dlm kuantiti sket and ikut size yg kiter nak..kalo tak jumper gak raesr2nyer...kner start from now generate idea to have that creativity in creating wall decor...huhuhu...............(semoga jumperla kedai tu dlu...heheh).Knp bersgguh2 nak cri sgt yerk??sbb nak cover aper yg patuttttt...hehehe:)
this kind of wallpaper also looks nice..but it would be nice if its mix in coloured like alittle bit of lite green and lite yellow

nice2 but i guess to pinky...makes my head feel dizzy later

well nice touch...i wanted always to do this kind of abstract at my door(bathroom door or the room door)..but i know my idea of doin it will make everyone guessing to try it on my own home one day...heheh...insyallah...yes2

stripes make ur room looks nice...i really like this kind of wallpaper where can i find one exactly like this???nakkkk sgtttttt!!!!!although nmpk mcm bilik bdk kecik tpi i still like it heheh...tried to find like this 1st heheheh

this is kind of the last idea that ill be goin to do...if i cant find the right wallpaper...hanging this kind of wall metal deco should be nice right???but my mum suggested better of DIY deco...heheh...mcm la rajin sgt anaknyer ni..heheh..tpi cntikla wall deco ni...if it comes in wide size it will be perfect...

as i came across sum of google image on wall deco...ive saw this pic and it seems really nice to have a family tree with pictures on it on ur room wall right??? would be nice to do it big...and do it in pink tree???hhehehe...wat and idea...but still can i do it in this short time???erm....takper2 cri dlu wallpaper...biarla dpt...
-25 days to go-

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