Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Things For Me to remember & do

erm...well ive dont know what to blog about just dropping by...i guess heheh...and keep me noticing whats the update in my life yup2 and what to do listing...thats important (as for now...skang dah jadi pelupa la pulak....why2???)

a)my besties songee DAYAH have delivered a cute bb gurl weight 2.19kg at Hosp.Serdang...secara NORMAL yesterday dah discharge...planning this Saturday pg lwt kat umah dier with the rest of the songee's clan

b)shopping for new mummy clothes and stuff + for baby Dayah's

c)erm...kalo rajin pgla WAREHOUSE sale...hehe...usually time bujang2 dlu rajin la...walaupun long hours que...skang tgk pd keadaan la nampaknyer heheh...

d)spending time with HUBBY...yang always bz with work...huhu...nasib baik this weekend takder jamuan raya or wedding yg kner attend...yup2

k la mmg takder idea aper2 pun nak tummy dah start membesar dgn cptnyer hopefully biarla perut ajer yg membesar ke dpn and bdn ni tak naik sgt hehe...kner maintain...aper2 pun biar BB mama ni sehat k +cukup dgn nutrien k.....:)ok jom wat kejer...xoxo

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Is this Craving or what????

Murnin uols...what a bright shinny day today heheh...(wahhh harini semangatnyer..hehe..)im guessing the hormon in my body has stabilized in some sort of way i guess...and the best medicine for EARLY ive try 2days by sleeping early at around 10.30pm or selewat2nyer 11pm...and it seems my murnin sickness is not crucial as the days more headache and vomitting every murnin...hope so its becoz of the early sleep...hehe...manerla tahu ubatnyer ker...hehe bb nak kner dpt cukup tdo heheh:) im wondering is this craving or what???now lately..there's 3 thing that Ive should had in the fridge or at the corner of the dinning table at home...and it is....jeng...jengg.....

haw flakes

(need to have it everytime in my bag...2small packets to bring it work,2 for jln2 and atleast 1 small packet to eat at skang mmg bender wajib yang kner ader)

yummylicious apple...dlm peti ais skang pnuh apple merah and hijau...kner eat at least TWO a day..kalo tak dpt raser mcm tak boleh tdo...sanggup suruh Mr R beli byk2 utk stock...simpan dlm fridge(gediksskan??and apparently nak apple yg sejuk..taknak yg roomtemp.)when mkn ermmmmm raser nikmat sgt2 mcm tak pernah mkn dlm setahun heheh

ribena blackcurrant+lemon

not blackcurrant+strawberry or blackcurrant shj...nope2...just specifically blackcurrant+lemon yang boleh lalu kat tekak ni..previously i love to drink air when think of it now asyik raser nak vomit ajer so ive stop taking it...and Mr R syorkan to take this ribena...hehe...and the bb likes it i guess...sgt sukerrrrrrrr minum air ni heheh....

(before this tak pernah lak nak minum air ribena...sbb mmg tak suker..kalo minum pun kuantiti sket ajer...but now...kner ader stock sekurang2nyer...2 bottles minum berpada2 sbb manis...and nasib baikla tekak ni still leh terima air "skyjuice" hehe tp kner suam...)

ayaaa.....byknyer kerenah nad skang heheh...

but ive cant help it uols......

MILK???i do drink fresh milk dutch lady too..not every murnin tp wajib kner minum utk tumbesaran bb(twice a week)...but before this nad ader stop kejap ambik milk ni sbb takleh masuk...minum ajer aderla kuar stop kejap...some of my frends ader jugak suruh try susu anmum and sekutu dgnnyer tu...but it seems...ive just drink fresh milk kot thinking of susu formula serbuk makes me feel erm...mcm takleh ajer ive opt to this fresh milk dutch lady:)

p/s :still thinking is this known as craving or what?k la jom2 wat kejer...nanti kiter citer2 lg...k...biler la nak ltk pic rayer ni heheh

Monday, September 19, 2011

My day's

erm....just dropping by to say hye...
pardon me for not updating quite sometimes now heheh(although my heart urge to write sumthing everyday)
as im practically feel dizzy while seeing the screen of my PC in the office or at home
at certain times Im unable to do anything as im having murnin and evening sickness
Ive miss eveything about blogging...hope this 1st trimester sickness will fade away soon week naddy's bb will turn 3months heheh...
the bump has been reveal abit i guess...but not to obvious...
2nd checkup will be on the 3/10/2011(hope to have a copy of the scan heheh...harap sgt film tak hbs)
okla...i guess until here that bim able to babble...heheh...maybe after 3months I'll be feeling ok ker...insyallah...doa byk2(im starting to feel dizzy again)
ok u guys miszz ya....xoxo

Friday, September 9, 2011

Why Im Being So Lazy to Update This Blog??

 IAmPregnant Ticker

I've guess some of the people out there guessing was true...although I've keep myself silence for a while...not bcoz I didnt want to share the story about my bundle of joy...but Im practically tired and having quite a BAD murnin sickness after entered 2months of my preggy month...heheh..sorry yerk uols!!!but today is Friday and also im feeling a bit better after eating this Skittle Sour that Ive bought 2 days ago heheheh...Im gladly to say that im pregnant for 2 months and 9days to be exact...:)...and last Monday was the 1st time Ive saw my bb on the 2D scan(as im doing my follow up at Perubatan Naluri..but still deciding to delivered where???heheh still seeking and doing some research..but ive already opt a decision of my own..but anyway its all considered to the baby's condition) just left me speechless...seeing its small petite size 2.03cm and his/her beating heart...just makes me wanna cry with joy...the Dr also showed Mr R..."see this is the bb's heart and there is the food tube"..its really such a miracle thing...time Dr scan ajer terus nampak...cantik ajer gambar sad to it was raya so the scan takleh print dah hbs(kalo tak boleh scan ltk kat cni hehehe)...Dr tu ckp org yg sepatutnyer hantar film tu still cuti next followup la leh print hehehe...ok i guess its back to work mode:)happy working u guys...

p/s:do pray for me k...semoga bb dlm tummy ni sentiasa sehat dan selamat until the delivery date heheh...insyallah it will due on the 11th April 2012:)..k nanti ive update lg k

Monday, September 5, 2011

Its Back to work mode..huhu

murnin uols!!!erm........after 1 week of holiday for Hari is the 1st day of working for me but some of my collegues are still in the Hari Raya mood and they will be back i guess maybe feeling not quite good also today...this dizzyness really makes me feel unfocus on my work...erm...its pun 1st day still monday blues:)nanti next2 post I'll citer2 byk lg k...about my raya...and about the other surprise hehehe:)k happy working uols