Monday, May 30, 2011

At lasT...its MINE:)

YeaHhh!!!!!at last its MINE(after dah reserved nearly a month utk dptkan buku ni ..hehe akhirnyer received call dah ader stock yeah!!nak pg ambik hari jumaat kat one bookstore ni) ive search everywhere this novel but it seems "out of stock"..or another answer would be.."owhhh buku ni yerk akak...ramai yang mencari buku ni...tapi maaf takder stock la akak, tak tahu biler lagi dpt" erm...panjang lak bdk buku MPH tu nak explain cakap ajerla dah takder huhu...for sure ramai gurls out there yg mencari buku ni kan?heheh...coz time nad cari tu ader gak yang menanya buku ni hehe...this is all bcoz of penangan dari citer "Nora Elena" every Monday-Thursday at 7pm-8pm at TV3...heheh walaupun citer yg dieorng adaptasi dri novel ni tak la sebijik2 mcm dlm novel tp raser mcm lg best kalo dpt bacer novel ni dlu before the end of this drama....and lg best dpt bayangkan heronyer aderlah Aaron Aziz...heheh i LIKE sgt2...can't wait to have it in my hand...agaknyer2 kalo rajin..erm.....rasernyer terus pg lps work ni heheh tp tgk pd last "KASIH YANG SUCI" is mine...hehehe:)

Friday, May 27, 2011

A Piece Of ME

Inspite of what i've post earlier...yesterday ive had to take a sick leave as im really felt sick and today baru kejer...huhu..walaupun kurang sehat our mini celebration for our 3months anniversary turns out ok(wed's nite yerk)...and ive wanted to eat some soup we headed to Johnny's at AEON Setiawangsa...then later that nite SICK!!!!huhu...but apprently today ive feel alot glad today is Friday...hehe..cpt la jam ni bergerak ke im quite happy to received good results yesterday would not yet be reveal ...but insyallah if everything turns out well...ive let uol know..kalo dpt...berubah la kehidupanku nanti kener start prepare yup2...a lot...a lot!!!pray for me uols:)so here is some of our pic at Johnnys hehe...(candid and non candid ones)

Mr R looks happy while waiting for the soup to boil... (tunggu dgn penuh kesabaran)






but as for really STARVING!!!yela dekat kul 9.30pm baru dpt eat heheh...and this is how i look like after the soup has been prepared(ishk!!!!tak semengah betul...nampak sgt tahap kelaparan)heheh.....

p/s:today headed back to Melaka then on Sat to Johor heheh...jalan2 cari makan + enjoy!!!!heheh...hope u guys have a fun weekend to:)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It's a HAPPY :)+ a SICK day:(

Hye is 25th MAy 2011..and it marks of our 3rd month anniversary...eheh..(tak percaya dah jadi wifey to Mr R for 3 months dah) how times fly by ek...he'll be back to KL tonite for a mini celebration...thank you sayang:)erm my 2 words of wisdom to my dearest Mr R would be..."hoping that we're able to face any obstacle walaupun perkara tu kecik atau besar kiter akan hadapinyer bersama2 k...and im glad that ive met u,so hoping for a better future for the both of us and after this a mini me of us 2gether ke.insyallah:)...xoxo" ...see u tonite...
Inspite of my happiness turns out im not that WELL this murnin...with a bit of flu,sore throat (mainly the major part of what im feeling sick right now)..hope that i'll be ok in acouple of hours..really count on u "Diflam+Fisherman Frends+100Plus"..make me well again...heheh..ok back to work mode u guys...

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"It's Simply Me" has its NEW look!!!!

At last.....
It has it's own new uplift...after 3 conservative years of blogging
I love it...
but apparently it needed some adjustment on the HEADER
(when im free and anxious to do)
really love u"Its SimplyMe" which had bear lot of my thoughts and heartfull feeling

Monday, May 23, 2011

thE 1st CoOk (masak betul2+sendiri)

the menu
ayam masak lemak cili padi
sayur goreng kacang panjang
sambal tempoyak+ulam
telur masin

Yesterday it was Sunday...and ive promise myself to cook without the help of no one except im really proud of myself for almost 3 months of marriage...although i do cook for Mr R when he came back every weekend...but just a simple dish such as claypot yee mee,fried rice,maggie and usually my mum nyer cook (kesian Mr R tak raser mknan yg diriku masak betul) that day kerajinan and semangat meninggi utk masak for the menu was...tadaa....(as u can see up here)

The verdict family member+Mr R wanted me to cook every sunday from this week skang kener rajin la bgun awal pagi setiap ahad ...utk sediakan menu..hehe...hope semakin lamer semakin pandai la diriku masak hehe...nak belajar masak dari mama lagi efisien...cyayok naddy...but next week cuti masak coz need to go to Johor attend wedding with Mr R a SAMURIAN frend(yes!!!jln2)hehe...erm so kner masak weekn yang lagi satu...ermmm thinking of doing western...k nak cari kat Mr Google...happY Monday u guys:)

Its thE 4th SonGee's WedDinG

the wedding card(front view)

Hye uols!!sorry for the delay post of the songee's member wedding that ive should post earlier last week...anyway as for today its Monday blues so here i am...updating this mindfull blog of mine...hehe as u can see there's abit of mild touch up here and there in my guessing to change the whole entire layout but it seems would need time to do right so...adjust sket2 pun ok hehe...asal kan berubah design blog ni...heheh sket2 lamer2 jadi bukit...ok focus to the main topic...14 May 2011...was the wedding of 2 hearts become 1...and its Elle's wedding at Kelab Shah Alam...her wedding is after Dayah,Shima and Me..hehe...after Elle it would be Nazzy's wedding lak hehe cant wait(then whose next???heheh) let the pics do all the talking k...but lastly wishing Elle and Syazwan congrats semoga kekal ke akhir hayat amin:)

the wedding card(inside view)
the gift from me and Mr R

the pelamin nice2...and also the food was yummy

pengantin perempuan yang sentiasa gediks heheh (kenal tak saper pakai baju melayu pink tu???)

me and fatin with her son (sebiji ruper fatin)

From left:Shima,Apid,Syazwan,Elle,Me,Cam and Nazzy

me with bakal bride bulan June hehehe

me at area guestbook section...nice2

the gift
p/s:im gaining 2 extra kg's...uwahhhhhhhhh...and watch NurKasih last Friday with Syaz and Mira heart u gurls...rated 3 over 5...ok la

Thursday, May 19, 2011

SiTtIng IS KiLLing YoU???

Sitting is Killing You
Via: Medical Billing And Coding

p/s:its also an info for ive usually sits in the office...reading this makes me feel freaky a lot

It's My LittlE Bro's Graduation:)

HipHip!!!! Thursday(19/05/2011) at 7.30am..Sidang Ke-9 at UITM Shah Alam...marks the day of my little bro's receiving his CAT scroll...congrats idat:)how time's flies his a grown up boy for now his doing his ACCA and just left about 2 semester only...maybe he'll be pursuing his last semester in UK and work there for a couple of years...that was his planned...(hope he'll achive it)...kalo jadi time tu graduate dier nanti fly saner la..maknenyer kner plan budget from now...hehe...2014 tak lamer lg pun kan:)heheh dah that time maner tahu dah jadi mummy lak diriku ni hehe...insyallah amin:) what my bro said "tu cerita ke tak perlu pikir lagi" hehe really love that quote by him...betul2...anyway just want to said that along and abang long @ Mr R..wish idat all the best in your future undertaking and hope you become a very succesfull person in life but do remember ur family and always pray to Allah....lastly,Fast Five is worth to watch i'll rate a perfect 5 for it..cant wait for the next flick...hehe:)k xoxo

p/s:sorry idat along cant make it today,coz im tide up with my work and tak dpt cuti..nanti i'll make it up to u k:)

Monday, May 16, 2011

BabblinG on MoNdaY Murnin

I've really miss this moment of Us:)

Murnin uols!!!before ive forget "HaPpY TeachErs Day" to my MIL,all the teachers who teach me..since kindergaten,ISKL,NIST,SMKTM,SAMURA and to the lecturers at KYPM Bangi 2001-2002 and lastly to FST lecturer Bio (gen) UKM 2003-2005...Thank You for everything that u have taught me and gladly what I have become now...heheh...Tq...Tq...hehe...well today there's nothing to babble about...maybe the next post i'll be updating on a another Songee's wedding..which took place last week...and tommorow yeaHhh Wesak day...which means another day off uols!!! mlm ni dpt tgk Fast And Furious 5..late nite movie with Mr Hubby:) and the next day is hanging out with the gurls..wahHhh full schadule hope u guys have a pleasent day ek..just like me:)

p/s:previously blogspot has some probs i guess and it seems the comment from my SIL is gone..sorry ek kak yulie...comment akak disappeared lak..sorry

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It turns out NORMAL:)

source:google ( a normal lumbar thoracic looks like)

Hye is considered my 1st day of working for this yesterday me (who accompanied by my dearest hubby) to Hosp.Pantai Bangsar...for a checkup with the Orthopedic Specialist I've had this back sprain for aweek or pretty worried and ive already imagine the worst of it....but GLADLY to say my lumbar thoracic turns out to be NORMAL:)...the Dr just said that maybe I'v sprang my sitting for along hours and maybe lifting things up in incorrectly position..fuh!!!!!what a RELIEF...the Dr just ask me to do some couple of Physio see how important it sit properly and doing things in a correct order...and lastly,ive went to meet my dearest Dato Venu...seeing his new working place kat hosp situ...happy ajer dier jumper collegue lamer...cheh2!!!!ok la HAPPY WORKING u guys:)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

"HaPpY MotHeRs DaY"...yeaR 2011

Yes!!!!the clock has strike 12am...huhu...and its Mother's Day for this year im really lucky as I'll be celebrating this years Mothers Day....with the presence of my lucky it sounds ek?? for this memoriable day that been celebrated each year by everyone...I would like to wish Happy MOTHERS DAY for my dearest and lovable mum...Pn Maznah Yunus....who love me and nutured me...until what i have become now....your love is unconditionally and ur are unable to be replaced with u mum...and as for my MIL Pn Maimunah Anas ...thank you for accepting me to became part of this lovely family...and also accepting me for the way I am...Thank You so u to MIL:)...xoxo and not to forget to all the mothers in the world

my mum + me


my mil + me






Now im updating this dearest blog in Melaka...let me see what im gonna talk next......ermmmm...well....yesterday nite before heading back to Melaka from KL me and Mr R...had the chance to stop and dropping by at "MyShot Wedding" ...which their office situated at Saujana Prima, grab our solemnization vid....ingatkan dah sampai ambik ajer dvd...but to my surprise...abg azril and also his lil bro azran....ask us to watch the vid from their projector...and see if its ok or not...anyway...theirs nothing to be doubt about...they have done a really superb and magnificent job...(mexican wave to them uols!!!!)there's no words best to describe it just LOVELY....i love much....for any b2b who looking for a vid....i really do recomend them to captured ur lovely really worth every penny of ur money...u guys can check them at their FB and also blog by google out their name as above(they also charge u with reasonable price)....really gud PR skills to with customers...hopping to hired them for the near future...manerla tahu time my sis nyer wedding or majlis berandoi ke heheh....tgh berangan dulu la...hehe...anyway lastly thank you so much to the MyShot Team:)

they really make ur moment really unforgettable

this is the 2 dvd's of our solemnization vid

p/s:hope the results will turns out ok...for this monday checkup..need to go to the Orthopedic section Hosp.Pantai Bangsar..wish me luck u guys

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Its a New MOnth peeps

Its a BRANd new month...and its nearly a 3 month of marrige life for me too(how time flies by) and with lots of things to do and planned...there a lots of wedding of besties to attend...and plans for me and Mr R on our "future plans listing" (that has been done by me hehe eventually)...hope things will get better each happy working u guys...xoxo:)