Thursday, December 4, 2014

Its Been Practically 2 Years right???

Firstly I would like to wish all my readers ( ader lagi ke??) assalamualaikum and tanya apa khabar semua???heheh feeling mcm artist gitu...well sorry for the silentness and the debuness in this blog of mine pun tiber2 raser rindu sgt nak tulis and babble around this blog setelah lamer tak hadap bender ni nasib baik still igt password dier alhamdulilah...well this pass years from end of 2012, 2013 and as for now 2014...byk ups and downs...dugaan yg menimpa..semua berlaku in one shot..but being in that condition after now I've realize it turns and makes u the individu u are now...strong, determine and maybe mampu hadapi obstacle yg hebat dgn memohon pertolongan ke hidrat illahi meh cni nad tulis cronologi cter wat had happen within this pass years boleh??(so do bear with me la panjang sket nak celoteh sbb lps ni tak tahu biler lagi dpt nak membebel pnjang hehehe)..ok lets start 

2012-end of that year nad tukar kjer from RO at IJN terus dpt gov sector an as for now working as Health Education Officer (HEO) at JKWPKL..hal kjer sgt berlainan dri dlu as for now byk handle event(the gud part is byk minggle dgn artist uols heheh), kejer byk outstation (hate that part)...but overall its ok...nasib baik dpt kjer kat area KL..

So for 2013-I was to further my master as my profession ni wajib buat master in health edu.(1thun stgh) and as for now skang tgh siap kan tesis and insyallah dpt grad next year hope takder aper2 sangkut  (ogos 2015)..2013 is the year of sadness and pnuh my dearest mama passaway sbbkan she was diagnose stage 4 terus..and takder symptom awal..were as family sgt shock...and arwah mama telah tgglakn kami bertiga termasuk papa on the 16 June 2013( 2 days before her 54th birthday) has been a really big impact for me...coz it feels like ur guardian angel is not there with u now and we have to survive on our that tanggungjwb skang bertambah not only as the eldest in the family also the core who held a gud support for my papa for not to let him feel down and feels the sorrow of sadness..but times pass by do heel a bit of our pain and sorrows, as long we had each other to hold on...i guess until smpai biler2 akan terasa kosong tu takkan diganti smpai biler2 kadng2 teringat kat percakapan dier,the sound of her voice, the way she babbles to us, the dishes that she cooks...rindu sgt2 hanya Allah yang tahu( remembering her walaupun terlintas mampu membuatkan me titiskan airmata)..but aper2 pun we all know shes in a better place now...and semoga roh mama dicucuri rahmat..insyallah;|..time arwah mama pergi i didnt realize Iwas pregnant with Aira (2nd bb)...

As for 2014...22/2/2014 adourable bb Aira Anessa was born (its our 2nd bb gurl)..Arissa Amani already 2years++ now..both of them we called LilAA's people said arwah mama pergi aira as pengganti utk mengubati perasaan lost tu..and it do im a mother of 2 yg sentiasa bz..routine skang befre kjer hntr dierng kat taska then ambik after work so mcmtula...and skang tgh bz write upla..and 2014 also marks the year im turning 30..huhu dah tua dah tp still awet muda k uols..hubby pun dh tak kjer ulang alik dr Senawang-KL tp skang KL-KJ ajer heheh(Western D ajer skang) ok sket la...planning for 2015

2015..planning nak pndh kjer area Seremban (nak mintak tukar) sbb umah dh beli dkt Bandar Ainsdale insyallah siap end of hope everything turns out papa pun dah seems ok..and tak risau sgt coz dier tgal gan my lil bro yg dh kjer sis pun nak getting hitch next year..13/12 ni bz dier nak get engage so me merangkap big sis/mama yg kner bz lbh..hope things goes well as plan..and harap everything will be better along the way...lps ni tak thu la biler lagi nak celoteh insyallah soon k...heheh (budget ajer mcm org bacer)..miszzz nak blogwalking and chitchat lg..hope can do one day...before we closed for todays session of babbling...meh lyn gmbar tak terbaru sgt la heheh..tadaa....xoxo:)
me and Lil AA..dah besarkan my 1st daughter..skang suker bergaya

here is both of my Lil AA's..Arissa Amani and Aira Anessa yang dh 10months old(dier didelivered while I was doing my dpt berpantang 2 minggu ajer tau..naik balik ke kelas lps ni bb master mama)