Thursday, November 24, 2011

If Its A Boy..Nak Iras Sket2 Mcm Aaron Aziz la...hehe:)

Hye uols!!!this entry should have been published last week...but biaserla ibu mengandung ni kdng2 moodnyer...ader ups and nampak gayernyer mmg genap 1 week bru update this entry kali ni heheh...this week ni teramat la ngantuk+tired sgt when hadap comp ajer...for sure mcm mcm mata cpt tak dpt la nak update aper2 kat blog ni...anyway...last week on Thursday(17/11/2011)after work me and kak tgk Aaron Aziz kat Istana Budaya...hehe..(thought tak ramai org...yela hari weekdays ishk2...tak disangka2...ramainyer org...dgn org2 yg dtg after work like us,rombongan sekolah asrama dari maner ntah and then ader bdk2 uni atau bdk kolej)...its my 1st time watching teater(kak gee mmg kaki teater dier dh byk tgk) thrill nyer lain la sket...heheh lbh2 lg tgk Aaron Aziz live lg heheh...BESTnyerrrrrr!!!!so kiterong tgk citer "Badai Semalam"..overall jalan citernyer OK...time part sedih tu tersedih la jugak heheh...kalo nak tahu lbh lanjut kner bacerla novelnyer...hehe...nipis senang nak hbs:)teater starts at 8.30pm hbs 11.30pm..heheh timer kasih Mr R sbb bg kiter tgk teater heheh...k la...dah mengah2 ni sbb jln byk jom lyn pics yerk:)

intro awal...heheh:)

para pelakon consist of AA,Erra Fazira,Fizz Fairuz,Umie Aida,Emelda Rosnaida,ziela Jalil and etc

ticket yg kiterong purchase hehe...tmpt ddk paling atas lain kali nak ddk bwh lak..takperla spend lebih sket hehehe
xdpt bergambar dgn Aaron secara live..dgn patung cupboard dier pun takper heheh...wahhh siap pegang bahu AA lg heheh

gambar AA lg di banner...(gambar pelakon lain taknak ambik...nampak sgt kipas susah mati AA..ishk2)

So last weekend ader Parenthood Expo di MidValley so ive purchased baju maternity/nursing leh pakai time preggy and after preggy heheh...brg2 bb tak beli lagi sbb my mum pesan tggu bb 7 bulan baru beli brg heheh(tapi haritu brg2 bb sgtler beli la beberapa rompers + stokins..terus hide dlm special box for lil bb) heheh...hope my mum tak nmpk heheh...(brg2 lain nanti2 bru start beli)

suker warna nyer hehehe:)

A friend indeed is a friend in need..heheh...thank you kak gee for liking the cuppies yg diorder last minit for her daughters birthday(helping kak gee order from a nice cakemaker who lives in Bukit Jalil and send to Danau Kota)..thanks to the cuppies maker yg willingly ambik order last minit:)TQ kak Ani...nanti nak try order kat akak pulak(sbb ader delivery service)...kak gee mention her cuppies yg diorder(red velvet cupcakes+cream cheese topping)tersgtla sdpdier leh imagine mcm Edward Cullen mkn cuppies sbb terlampau moist(pics above deco yg direquest)and anak kak gee mkn one perday..hehe jimattt..K la...thats all for today...tata..xoxo:)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Wordless Tuesday

Pardon me for not updating anything lately

although there's lot of things to chit chat about



this recent days

anyway tomorrow 23/11/2011(wed) its gonna be 20weeks @ 5months for me
how just times fly...our "bundle of joy"is getting bigger in my small tummy(kecik ke?heheh) hehe

now im able to feel it moves...on the 19thweek heheh...

cant wait for the next checkup on the 29thNov

hope that everything would turn out fine::
miszz uols!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

We're Still Guessing...:)

guess who???

Hye uols!!!its lunchtime and my boss is on leave(plus bundle of works settle)....what a best time it could be hehe...well its been 4months + + for me...and next week i'll be 5months of times for now jln pun takleh laju2+jln dah termengah2 sket...before this naik turun tangga masih ok lg...skang kener kurangkan sket speendyer...heheh...29/11 hope to see the baby's gender...harap sgt dier tunjuk it a boy or gurl...(ramai yg guess it would be a boy)but for me and Mr R kiterong tak kesah is it a boy or a gurl...asalkan bb sehat walafiat dan just sharing u guys a few pics(that my hubby insisted on taking to reveal the bb bump...suker sgt dier)place of scene di Taman Seribu Bunga,Melaka(last week blik kg FIL) sajer2 la pg jln2 and taking pics on Saturday evening..heheh(ramailak pengantin bru yg ambik pic kat situ sekali for the post wedding...kiterong pun join sekaki heheh)..layan....enjoyce!!!!

front view of my baby bump heheh..
side view of the bump(ehhh Mr R pun nak join heheh) looking chubbier then ever

p/s:some pics that one day im able to show to "our bundle of joy" we love u so much(although ur still in my tummy)heheh

Friday, November 4, 2011

Dream Of "Dolce Gusto" beside my bed:)

"One Hot Chocolate with Whip Cream plzzz"hehe....ermmm how delighted to have a cup of coffee or my fav hot choc from Starbucks...early this Friday murnin...and meanwhile its raining heavily exquisite it sound would be...(but oopss preggy mum shouldn't drink coffee in their early or late pregnancy..kecuali teringin sgt just a sip or two k uolss!!)anyway here at my workplace there is Gloria Jeans just open for several days ahead but still it can't able to compete Starbucks...heheh...(nampak sgt dah kner mandrem Starbucks coffee and choc chip freezynyer) hehe...for the love of i use to drink Nescafe 3in 1 original while my studying years at UKM(to stay up late siapkan assighment)+drank it with Mr R while watching our fav movie...and you can prepare with just a single PUSH...hehe...checkout down here!!!tadaaa...

from left to right:Piccolo,Circolo,Creativa and Melody 2

Nestle Products Sdn Bhd...had just featured us to all Malaysian people the..."Nescafe Dolce Gusto" u can prepare uve lovable nescafe with 4 different taste with just one small capsule by a single push...see how easy it is like ABC...let me explain from the pic above..they had 4 types of coffee makers(but their only 2 types that eligible here and its Piccolo and Circolo)...their features:)

Piccolo-compact design&makes up to 3 beverages before needing to be refilled

Circolo-similar features to the Melody 2 but with a blue LED to show of your hot beverage

Creativa-Programable cup size&automated brewing complete with an LCD screen

Melody 2-the current Dolce Gusto model
As ive mention we able to purcase Piccolo and Circolo for Piccolo the retail price would be RM399(0.6l capacity) and it comes with 3 colours red,white and titanium. Meanwhile for Circolo you're able to get it for RM699 as it 1.3l capacity and comes with 2 colours red and anthracite(heheh tak thu mcmner ruper colour tu...u guys can google it)..although it sounds a bit exspensive for a cofee maker...but i guess its worthwhile to have one heheh...its easy peasy to use then the ones that eligible in the market(as it is differ from othersla)
so here is the 5 different taste of Nescafe Dolce Gusto capsules(but here we only have 4 taste in the market which is espresso,cappucino,latte macchiato,and mocha...minus the caffe linggo)each boxes contains 16capsules worth RM27.99...dont know if they sell it in bulk heheh(berangan lagi...nanti takut hbs cepat heheh kner beli lg capsules)...can i have this thingy Mr R??after my confinement ker??hehehe...cheh2 high hopes...anyway wish to have one beside my bed...wahhhh such a heaven(well this post tak berbayar yerk...just to share thought about it heheh)k..happy working uols:)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Its 4months + +

Hye uols!!!its quite some day that ive did'nt manage to update anything...i guess this is due to my health condition within this flu is still haunting me day and nite...and now cough is following its flu friend to haunt me down i guess...urghhhh...terrifying!!!!!im quite pity for my bb..when im not well i cant eat that well+sleepless kesian bb tak dpt cukup zat(moga bb mama & papa ni sehat k...kener strong for mama k)....anyway eventually my 4month scheckup should be on Monday but the Dr have an emergency im able to see my petite bundle of joy yesterday...hye2 lil cutie inside my tummy....hehe let see the scan pic downhere

hye there!!!

hehe...ive manage to see its backbone clearly and its head...can you see???

well the Dr said that my bb its abit small but dont worry it will catch up...

but i guess the Dr has miscalculated the length of the baby...she thought im 19 weeks i guess(dier asyik sebut screen ni show 17weeks patutnyer tak...ermmm a bit confuse there..but i am 17weeks..)

Due to my concern of my health this days...ive opt not to take medication that would not likely be prescribe by the o&g as for my cough she gave me this Herbal cough syrup(its good for mum to be)its mild and sgtla berangin sukernyerr hehe it calles CofCare...and ubat for flu is Clarytine(hope i'll be well soon enough heheh)...okla jap lg nak balik yeah!!!tata

this is how the cough syrup looks like(kedai2 jual ubat2 herbs ader jual ubat ni)
p/s:sumtimes u just need to be silent to avoid any big commosion..its better to be silent then words of wisdom for today uolsss