Thursday, August 26, 2010

"RanDom TaLk"

Olaaa....everyone what a guD murnin today (no traffic + arrived early to the office) yeah!!!!as SelangOr is on public holiday (cuti Nuzul Quran) best2,but not for KL ...its really peacefull murnin sambil melayan2 lagu "MaHer Zain" best2...u guys should get his CD(lagunyer semua masyuk sgt...nasyid cara modern)...well I've intended to put this post yesterday,but as usual when uve start to have a bit rest there goes the phone call keep on ringing by Dr's who requested new ideas+ stats analysis (so there goes my minute of rest).Gladly its Friday today...LovE it...hopefully theres nothing urgent or clinical trial emergency...hope sgt2...ok2..anyway sorry u guys for not that frequently update anything about my wedding preparation for this month my family and I just taking a rest and focus on Ramadhan month+Hari Raya preps..but good news my wedding card has been riviewed by my parents and just need to print ajer lagi...yeah!!! but im still deciding on the colour cover (still hesitate although ive already decide which one...see my mind is breaking into two's again)..i'll guess i'll stick with the 1st decision...(pic of the card will be post later k...TQ Syaz for the incredible design for my customade you XOXO) and 2ndly cant wait to go to Melaka (Mr R's Hometown) for the fitting of bertandang outfit..hehheh...he still didnt choose what theme for his side...(biaser dah pergi butik pengantin Mr R pun rambang mater heheh).Ok ler kwn2..jom kiter wat kejer pada yang berkerja harini la ek...heheheh:)

p/s:schadule for this Saturday-berbuka bersama Songee's A3 (yeaHHh dpt jumper bb maisara) + doin DIY gift tag with Mr R (he'll be coming yup2)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Jason Castro - Let's Just Fall In Love Again (Video)

"HaPpy TimEs" last got the end product of our photoshoot heheh...anyway...ive just upload several pics as a teaser for u guys hheheh...well tgk pic2 ni sambil layan lagu Jason Castro "Let's JusT Fall In LovE AgaiN"

Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Gud MonTh=)

Olaa....fasting month ni mmg blog pun berpuasa la nampaknyer heheh...aper2 pun today extra happy so aderla mood nak update blog heheh..yeahhh!!!! got email today dpt BONUS..yuhuuu....KEBERKATAN(eja dlm jawi yerk kwn2 heheh) pd bulan mulia ni heheh...baruler best heheh....well for this post wat points2 ajerla so nanti leh diingat gak kelak heheh...k jeng2 lets start:-

i)Go0dLuCk Mr R for his new job at Xyratex,Senawang starting 1st Sept..cyayok!!!!!!(it seems he'll be travelling a lot huhuh...bestnyer!!! tinggal la kiter kat Msia ni sorang2)
ii)Cant wait for the final shOt's from CreatiVeLiteBox
iii)WedDiNg PrePs=50%done
iv)Recomended Movie you guys should watch is "IncepTion"..ive considered it as the best movie of this year hehehehe....."LivinG in A dream Inside a DreaM" pretty complicated ek???"You create the world of the dream. We bring the subject into that dream and fill it with their subconscious-Cobb" but its awesome...from 10marks i gave 10/10......

best movie of the year heheh=)

Friday, August 13, 2010


"BulaN BaiK InI..tenaNGkan La HATI hamBaMU ni Dari LekAs MaraH + BersaNgka Buruk,JauHkan la Dari BerpikiraN Bukan2...AMin....Biar Org Wat kaT kIter JgN Kiter Buat KaT oRg LaIn...BersaBar...Tak RugI Pun Kiter=)"
p/s: a reminder for me in this fasting month

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

'HaPpy FasTinG'

Ive ought to write u guys about last week wedding updates..but i guess ive updated to u guys later im occupied with my stuff also...heheh(alasan ajer...hakikatnyer malas)heheh...anyway nanti dah rajin baru update la yerk...memandangkan bulan PUASA dah bermula...tuan punyer blog berpuasa + BLOGnyer pun berpuasa gakla yerk...heheh(but happy balik awal yeah!!!!!4.45pm dah cabut) pada hari yang mulia ini...saya nak ucapkan SELAMAT BERPUASA pada anda sekalian,perbanyakkan la amalan sunat + jaga tata tertib diri yerk...ok la jom kwn2 sambung kejer....XOXO

Friday, August 6, 2010

The posT with nO titLe

olaa....its Friday(yeahhh tommorow weekend) cant wait to meet up with Mr R...just misz him hehe...ermmm practically im a bit TIRED + SLEEPY today coz of my hectic schadule yesterday anyway im pretty glad that our clinical trial study has 3 patients already yeah!!!! so 22 more to go huhu....a long way to go...wats my tomorrow plan will be ermmm let me see..(needed to be noted as im usual to miss some parts sumtimes)

a) gOin to WanI's and Son's WeddiNg in Ampang
b) searching some props for our next week Photoshoot
c) finding ideas for our "GuestBook" and also "thank You"tag
d) maybe drop by to Taman Warisan on eating any kinds of fruits till you drop by just paying a sum of RM 20 per adult heheh...and kids RM15.
e) Mr R needs to try out his wedding outfit
f) lastly food Edward and Bella (cheh2!!!!) no la...were just like doing "Jalan2 Cari Makan" to new places....

Im also excited that my customade card which was done by my besties Syaz..finally has its full quotation..and now just left for me and Mr R decide which designs suites best hehe...then wallla...dah boleh tempah=)cant hardly wait...nanti akan diletak kat cni heheh...insyallah..ok la its 11 am now got to go for a quick meeting i guess...ok u guys enjoy ur weekends...XOXO

Monday, August 2, 2010

'AuGusT Has comE..But my MinD sEt Still'

Ive intended to post this in the murnin...but it seems im not feeling that well before lunch hehe..gediks kan...after LUNCH i was simply FINE!!! I guess im pretty hungry ek today..huhu...for sure its sounds crazy for me or what...but i just want to admit that todays MOnDay it seems HAPPY+EXCITING for me..(sambil wat Mexican wave uol!!!) coz ive really HATE my Monday's usually..but today it turns out OK!!! as ive come early in the office + seeing my clinical trial patient in the ICU (his conditions turns out okay!!!) and after that back to the office and manage the time to just blogwalking on some of the B2B blogs (before doing my analysis + database update) makes u enjoy and do feel the excitement like they do...when some of them share their stories on preparations + theme+door gifts im also busy with in that kind of state their goin through!!!huhu...its just that ive did'nt know how to start sometimes in talking about what i did for my weddings prep...heheh...coz there's lot of things that i just want to blurp it out...without stopping...i guess i'll be doin a full post of the vendors after the wedding itself i guess...mcm to lagi thrill la for now myb..akan post some of it..tapi tak byk sgtla..(sorry la yerk kwn2..kadang2 takder idea)..anyway some update's..last week when with my 2 besties (Syaz and Mirah) to "Pameran Pengantin KL 2010" at AEON Setiawangsa..what do we manage to find?? last we ended up booking a Studio Photoshoot with Creative LiteBox for only RM140 for about 1hour and half!!! as we got 30% off.Thanks to Syaz as she mention that she visited their website and also their FB(kalo tak dier bagi 10% diskaun ajer)..tup tap tup tap..dpt harga as for now..we are thinking of a concept to do that day as the photoshoot will be on the 14/8/2010 at 11.30am(until now still thinking)...consist of me,Mr R (pun join heheh),Syaz and Mirah.Gambar dierong shot mcm best...coz we love it for the 1st sight we ended up want to try it for ourselves...kalo korang nak try kat blog dieorng, ofis dieorng kat Bangi dkt ajer=) meanwhile this Thursday kiterong akan pagi memanjakan diri di TAJIRI spa(after magrib)...heheh...and not to forget this week 7/8/2010 we will be goin to Wani and Son wedding (majlis bertandang) yeahhh will be seeing Cammy to...ok back to work mode uols...XOXO