Tuesday, September 28, 2010

EntRy BLUR!!!!!

ermm..its nearly time for lunch...for this week i have nothing to talk about as last week..nothing fun pun HAPPEN..just STREss and LOTS of Stress...eventually
  • I haTe my DEPT. (especially on the org2 sekerja yang budget knows everything)
  • LeFt 4months...still doin nothing..........
  • WorKload menimbun
  • Not eNouGh sleEp...byk sgt berpikir

urghhhhhhhh....guess nak take nap kejap......ermmmmmmm...zZZZzzzzzzzz

Thursday, September 23, 2010

~Updates In My ThinKinG BooK..WinK**WinK**~

Murnin everyone...its 8.25am and im already in the office since 7.30am...but still i feel sleepy and also today is my 2nd day of fasting (buat puasa 6..so tinggal 4 hari ajer lagi). Last nite i just did'nt know how...ive had that adrenaline+determination to settle some bits of my wedding preps..hehheh..the result is ive had done one of the task that i have jotted down earlier that have been mention in my previous post..that is "doin sketches for my DREAM PELAMIN" (tak dream maner pun...just me ajer exegerate as always)heheh thanks to mum and Mr R...for the ideas(plus bantuan buku2 pengantin yang dibeli)...heheh(cheh tak menahan sampai wat sketch...thats wat Mira said to me hehe)...ive already SKECTH it + SCAN and its just ready to be send be email or by hand to abg boy + kak fatin (who''ll be doing their midas touch on creating that pelamin for me)...ive decided to show him in Dec as my mum said it would be to early if I show it now...what do you guys think?is it to early?anyway a one cheque box had been checked with a big PINK marker...Ho0ray!!!!!!
p/s:ok uols focus to work now...heheh tomorrow is Friday (Mr R will be coming + attend raya openhouse at Mira's place)LUV IT:)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

H0oRaY...Mr RazKelL\(^_^)/

Before ive start things of..hehe..im tremendously HAPPY as for now im really dedicated in updating my blog..from the itsy bitsy story to the big bigger biggest story i would post about...heheh cyayok nad!!!hope that this enthusiasm in updating post will last for a while(cross my fingers for it)...before ive get back that LAZY + JuSt BlogwaLkiNg Syndrome..i might call it..now i love to blogwalking to B2b blogs and also updating mine..Ho0raY!!!!!!Okay back to the things i want to jot down about...this Sunday (26/09/2010) will be Mr R's Graduation day at UTM Skudai..Ho0ray!!!!(mExican wave uols..cpt2 for Mr R) after long years(3 ke 2 tahun ek?luper lak ishk) of struggling doin PJJ(Saturday and Sunday classes)at last his free with joy and with the precious scroll in his hand.Unfotunately..i cannot come...(Bo0000..booOo to myself) as his convo will be in the afternoon session...and also that day my cousin is getting engage..and my dad has to be the spokeperson (kalo tak mmg plan nak pg with my parents)sad nyerrr....sob**sob**, aper2 pun Mr R said that he didn't encourage me to come also as ill be working the next day and it will be along drive from KL to SKudai (but as for me it still the moment that i should not miss)..and dier ckp he will take lots of pics and send to me..thats nice of u dear...although its early to wish him..but i would like to wish Mr R Congrats for his Convocation:)...xoxo

p/s:its time to go back home yeahHhh..

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

HaizaNi's Engagement

Last week...on the 18/09/2010 before haizani's(my best buddies time skolah2 dlu) birthday on the 19th..heheh pandai pilih tarikh ek...marks the date as her engagement day...heheh actually kiterong tak sangka antara semua dier tunang agak awl...tp tuler jodoh hehehe...and she looks stunning that day...really happy for her...a love pair between 2 PTD's kawaiii nyer............hehehe...after tunang ni in Oct,dier dah kner attend DPA until bulan Mei next year then dier kater kahwin terus yup2...express kan...aper2 pun...wishing Haizani & Adzman congrats for ur guys engagement...heheh Adzman jager Haizani baik2 tau....

from left:ely,azhani,hai and azah (us gathered again)

adzman and hai (baru dpt tgk her fiance ni time tunang...pandai sorok ek heheh)

bakal pengantin tersipu malu

me( yg chubby sket) and hai
p/s:waiting for the others lak in line for their big day..guess whos next??heheh

My RaYa 2010

There just some pics that im able to share...how happy i am for this year raya (anyway a bit sad coz it would be my last as bacholoratte...erm...)k enjoy the pics u guys xoxo

"My B2B Mode is SeT To Its HigHesT LeveL"

yeaHHH!!!!ive can upload pics from my office again(through blogspot i meant)....yeahHHh!!!!!!!hope it stays like this heheh...Im pretty GLAD as my B2B mode is back on again...although before this mcm dah start malas2 dah(huhuhu..leh tak malas2...sbb dah byk pikir) anyway...whats the best thing to do is not to PANIC and STAY CALM..follow ur list...and be precisely in what i should do...Cyayok Nad!!!As my plan for now:-
1) Slot the designs for my baju nikah + send it to the tailor (yg ive always bg..dier buat sedap dipakai) = Early next month
2) Design and do some sketches on my dream pelamin + some of the things that uve requested from the boutique yg bertanggungjwb = Starts now (bagi pada Abg boy selewatnyer2 pertegahan Oct)
3)Door Gifts ( from kids -adults) = Oct and Nov
4)His RinG and my bracelet = Dec
5)Update bende2 yang kener last touch up

Hope things will be smooth sailing for me(plzz nadhoney do follow the timeline)..heheh...k semangat2..back to work..xoxo
p/s:after this post sket pic raya lah heheh...bestlak tgk post2 kwn2 psl hal raya dieorng nak gak join heheheh:)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Di suatU PeTanG YanG HenIng

MurNin uOls...A daY BacK to Work Mode (but my state?with heavy FLU and bulging eyes..happen??for no reason i guess...i think coz terjaga mlm and tdo tak nyenyak heheh)well...this is not what i want to wrote about today...(pg2 lg dah bukak BLOG sblum wat kejer aper2...bguskan?) this situation occured yesterday evening...when everything is peacefull and people were relaxing...jeng jeng...
Venue: Our TeraTak (Danau Kota)
People Envolved: My Parents, Me and My Bro (Izzat) and later our neighbours
Time:6.30pm, Sunday Afternoon (19/09/2010)
To Start things of...me,my mum and my little bro Izzat...were in his room (i was watching the TV,while my mum and my bro is Facebooking as usual...viewing Raya pics...and bz commenting hehhehe...we heard noises from our roof..(as for me i heard it since awal pagi lagi) i thought it would be a cat chasing its pray heheh...so wat derk ajer la...then here starts it all...( some of their coversation)
Izzat: Ma..bunyi aper tu???cuber ma jerit ker aper ker...maner la tahu org ke kat atas nak masuk pecah umah.....sbb mcm bunyi org menggerudi ajer...and jln2 kat atas ni...bkn mcm bunyi kucing kejar tikus...
Mama:Ha???yeker idat (namer manja) tak kot...(then here comes the big bang sound from the roof mcm bender bergusti..my mum starts to shout..) "Ha!!!!! wat aper tu???nak masuk umah org ek?" ( as for me...i was focusing watching the HBO channel...heheh)
Suddenly...my dad who was in front at the main hall heard a loud noise of sumthing falling from the roof in the store room...(dalam hati my dad dah terdetik..."alaa aper benderlak yang jatuh ni...kucing ker?????) when he opens the storeroom door...tiber2 ader animal gush out and lari ke ruang tamu kedua...my dad thought it was a big cat( x nampak clearly)and then he said haiwan tu dah start lingkar kat pasu...and menyeringai kat dier..and suddenly my dad notice from its long tail and keras..and know its not a cat but its a MUSANG!!!!!!!! a big greyish with black stripes(musang ni ahli keluarga wolf gakkan???)...nasib baik my dad tak panic he opened the door and ckp baik2 suruh bender tu kuar...and it ran outside..thought everything was over..my dad called us to see what had happened in the store..when my mum notice there's another one musang is still left in the store...this one is whitish + greyish and have stripes on its body to...(kiterong close the door...and mintak tolong neighbour sebelah...nak wat mcmnerkan...dah panic dgn atap berlubang + and ader seekor musang lagi tinggal) nasib baik Uncle sebelah called the JPAM (Jabatan Pertahanan Awam),he said kalo bab2 tangkap haiwan liar ni dierong la yg wat...so waited for them..and approximately 7.30pm or so...they came..bayangkan 5 org anggota nak menangkap seekor musang tu..mengambil maser like 20minits (kat dlm bilik store yang ditutup pintunyer takut musang tu kuar) Last2...dpt tangkap...salah seorang anggota tu kater "Meh cni tgk dlu mcmner ruper dier sebelum kiterong masuk dlm beg guni ni, tgk dari jauh yerk"..OMG!!!it was huge..bigger then a stray FAT cat...anggota tu ckp to my mum "Nasib baik puan tak halau dier mcm kucing...bender ni menggigit and bisa kalau dier gigit..tgk gloves saya pakai nak tangkap musang ni tadi...tebal tapi still musang tu leh gigit and koyakkan." So mlm smlm umah ku jadi popular jap ler...dgn neighbours2 sebelah yg teringin sgt nak tgk musang..tp bender tu menganas so dpt tgk dri luar beg guni tu ajer..bender tu gerak2.Then ader sorang uncle tu ( neighbour lagi satu ) tolong letakkan plywood and newspaper tutup lubang atap yg dah berlubang besar (wat sementara waktu) sebelum dibaiki pada hari ini.Then pakcik tu sefamily sempat la beraya kat umah kiterong sekali heheh...lwk btul...so there goes our Sunday afternoon dgn tragedi 2 ekor musang yg terjatuh dari atap umahku after mendgr jeritan kuat dari my mum..hehe hbtkan???bygkan kat tgh2 KL ader musang..kesian gak kat musang2 ni habitat dah takder,so ddk2 la merata2 dah..ok back to work mode
p/s:after this focus back to wedding preps again uols.....

Friday, September 17, 2010

~WhaT a LonG HoLidaY!~

IM BACK!!!!!!!!!...back to the old routine..ive should just take the day off as it is Friday..but i do have to come coz my study patient was in this murnin for his Visits 6:) although im EXHAUSTED after yesterday jln2 raya + having a bad sore throat and a minor cough it feels like my lungs just wanted to PoP OuT!!!!!(heheh exegerate ajer lbh...but it feels that way) i guess to take off early and go to the clinic...aper2 pun tgk pada workload la nampaknyer yerk...hopefully siap in time.....i JUST WANt TO GO HOME aNd Doszzzz OfF!!!!!!!Zzzzzzzzzz.....

p/s:Focus2 to workmode huhuhu...pic raya +citer2 raya akan diupload kemudian yerk:)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

"Is EvErYtHinG NeW fOr This HaRi RaYa?"

MurNin everyOne...i guess some of us had already back home to our hometown..as for me ive just celebrate my hari raya in KL...Shah Alam..and 3rd hari raya baru balik Kuala Pilah(tupun balik hari)...im alone+ bored at my desk as people aside me had when back to their respective hometown..but anyway im glad that this murnin my dearest surgeon Mr J who i work for..gave me and iza "duit raya"...heheh TQ...TQ...(dah besar2 pun still dpt duit raya ni lagi best ni)...hehehe and he invited also me and iza...to attend the Cardiotoracic Meeting in Melaka 10-12 Nov 2010:)hope im able to go yup2...best2...u really light up my day although my mood already turn to zero dah tadi...and guess what the new things i had for raya?a new raya pimple on my face...OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! still didnt know how to cover it up...raya just left 2 days left..helLo..mcmner nak vogue ni time rayer..ishk!!!!anyway hope it able to fade away on this couple of days...berusaha!!!berusaha!!!although im 26 but i do still feel haPpy and sumetimes it feels like being a kid again heheheh:)Okla ...again wishing u guys Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir Dan Batin...kalo ader terkasar bahaser dlm blog ni harap dimaafkan la yerk:)tata...drive safely u guys

Monday, September 6, 2010

~RayA Is JusT AroUnd The CorNeR~

Its 3pm...cptla kul 4.45pm heheh....yup2...ishkkk mood raya dah dtg menjelma although kejer berlambak lagi tp...mood raya tu dah dtg membuak2..and this year marks the last celebrating raya as a "BAcHelorettE" huhu...huhuhu....next year dah start gilir2 raya dah...but nasib baik ler dkt tak jauh2 hehehe....well im taking my leave on this Thursday...so tak sempat nak meni & pedi bersama Syaz and Mirah di SPA TAJIRI...sorry yerk gurls...tgn ni nak kener tolong mama ku kat dapur hehehe.....rasernyer dkt2 nak kahwin la dpt buat meni and pedi...heheh:)yeahHhhh!!!just left 3 days more(excited melampau)...so i guess...its not to early for me to wish uol readers (perasan pada diri sendiri..hakikatnyer takder pun heheh) wishing u guys SELAMAT HARI RAYA MAAF ZAHIR DAN BATIN...takut dah bz2 tak sempat nak update blog dkt2 nak raya ni kan...so wish awl la yerk...heheh...nanti kiter sharing2 gmbr raya as last bachelorette heheh...ok have fun u guys...XOXO

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

GoOd LucK Mr R

1st SepTember 2010...marks the day Mr R with his new company heheh...hope his doin fine with the new environment(heheh TQ dear...for doing this for our future ahead).....cyayok Mr R...i know ure gonna love it....anyway congrats for having your dream job:)LUV U...XOXO

RaMadhaN SonGees GatheriNg

At last i do have the time to update our songees gathering(breaking fast together) at The Curve last Saturday...although just part of the songees group that able to attend Nazzy,Dayah with hubby+bb maisara,Cammy,Me and Mr R(yg lain tak dpt attend..huhu)...tp still masih hip and best:)heheh...sambil dpt bermain dgn bb songee junior(yang 1st..2nd is on the way )..bb maisara:)..hopefully our raya gathering ni nanti jadila yerk..heheh...k..just a few photos were upload as im quite lazy...in uploading photos in blog right now...heheh...so enjoy yerk..k xoxo

cammy,nazzy and me..having our ice cream at Baskin Robbins...deliciousnyerrrrr

bb Maisara bersama2 aunty2 songees yg sentiaser vogue

bb Maisara with her lovely mummy

HaPpY 53Rd bIrthdaY MalAysiA

I know my post is late one day...after the prestigious date...for all the Malaysian's around the world...i would like to wish "SelaMat HarI MerdeKa"...HapPy BirthdaY MaLAysia....for its 53rd Merdeka...although their ups and down in our economic...but nevertheless...Im PROUD to Be a MALAYSIAN:)