Friday, December 23, 2011 will be a LONG holiday..:)

Ho...Ho...Ho...hehe...Christmas is near(although im not celebrating christmas..but it will be a 3days holiday..yeahh...start from saturday till monday) LIKE...LIKE it sooo much..and the best part it i'll be taking 2days off on tuesday and wednesday...which means it sums to 5days all together..heheh bestnyerrr(leh shopping brg2 bb)........heheh sbb nak hbskan cuti tahunan tggal 2 hari ajer tak boleh carry forward dah.. aper lg...jom wishing u guys happy holidays yerk...:)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Babies we've met + the Sneak Peek...

well this month me and Mr R rajin melawat2 new born bb..maybe nak mendptkan raser aura tu kot heheh...this month barula rasernyer kiterong start decide "what to buy now" and "not to buy yet" loving my bb listing everytime I see im feeling so excited while shopping for it..and this month pun raser best coz byknyer SALE everywhere now and then...ok lets talk less and just let the pics do all the talking heheh...beautifull babies to cherish always...:)

meet lil Rayna mum's friend nyer daughter punya bb (hehe pening kepala ku kejap)..she's so adourable..with her nice big eyes:)
meet lil mardhiah..dayah's(gang2 songee) 2nd bb..sebijik ruper suaminya ni attract pada warna black and when my hp yg berwarna black ni focus kat muker dier nak take pics senangla..sbb dier akan attract pd warna black here's the nice pic..sweet lil bb mardhiah:)

the sneak peek that we've waited all along to see




meet our bundle of joy(4D scan in 6month) u can see clearly its eyes,mouth and nose herehehe...ive ought to reveal the bb gender as ive promise right?but Mr R said tggu dulu la..after dah bgthu FMIL..baru dapat reveal...just want to surprise my MIL this christmas holidays..and tell its gender last sunday (18/11/2011) Ive had my scan detail with the Alhamdulillah everythings ok..they check everything in detail it last about 1/2 an hour..scan detail ni is quite pricey but its really worthy pd mummy2be..korang should see if there's any fetal pd bb or anything..aper2 pun we still berdoa supaya bb dlm perut sehat and cukup segala sifatnyer..and mudah nak melahirkannya..amin..everytime ive see this pic it makes me want to cry..raser mcm terharu pun ader..there's many mix feeling inside me i guess..but every feelings ive had now it sums to HAPPINESS...ok happy working u guys:)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

HaPpy 27th BirthdaY DeaRest Mr R..xoxo


Happy birthday to you...happy birthday to you...happy BIRTHDAY to you...its my dearest hubby 27th birthday yesterday...sorry for the late update yerk heheh...due of my aching really looks swollen but ive manage to work today...anyway last nite..sempat treat a simple dessert at NICE COFFEE..hope u like it Mr R..hehe nanti on weekends la kiter celebrate best2 sket2..k..ive ought to buy a cake for him...but Mr R ni bkn peminat cake so..nanti ended up im eating it dgn no no wish to you..semoga abg happy and ceria selalo..may our new family that we build sentiasa diberkati Allah..and we lived happily ever after:)lastly LOVE U sgt2..xoxo...
this is what i had also for my dessert hehe...mummy 2 be ni pun nak jugak join sekaki mkn heheh..tadaaaaaaa.......

my mango squeezy ice..yummy:)

dedicated to my dearest hubby Mr R..walaupun mcm lagu bdk2(i know were nearly end of our 20's still its a cute my motto..walaupun umur dah meningkat still raser diri tu muder heheh)enjoyce...

"Tapi Hati Ini KuaT Menyatakan
Kau terkini Duduk Di CARTA HATI
lagu cinta kiTe Bermula
dari mata tuRun ke Jiwa

daRi Teman Menjadi CINTA
dan berjanji utk seTia
SEHIDUP semati kita
Menjanjikan bahagia
utk kita BERDUA selamanya"

Thursday, December 15, 2011

UrgHH..My FeEt staRts To CraMp!!!! HURTS!!!!! (courtesy:Mr Google)

Huhu...hoping to get up from sleep as per normal...but I've notice since dah reach this 23weeks of pregnancy(ader tu yg dah kene awl2)..kadang2 ader mlm2 tertentu...betisku akan cramp tersgt2la PAINFULL...until diri sendiri nak bangun late in the nite to go to the loo...pun tak dpt sbb kaki yang tak boler bergerak dan mummys2be out there dah raser this kind of experience ke belum"noctunal leg cramps"ni???as pagi ni tadi nak bangun from sleep...cramp tu dtg menyerang kembali and raser mcm susah nyer nak pg kerja(ia akan menyerang selama beberapa saat atau minit)...reach at the office bwk la jln2 sket ke cafe then back to my work station...raser mcm lega la still the aching still ader..huhu...anyway what cause this things to happen???after I've done some Googling in the internet(TQ Mr Google..why ive always refer google as mr and not ms??i guess it sounds nice...heheh)some in fo yg ive dapat...yang kiter tak cukup CALSIUM(we need to take about 1200mg-1500mg Ca per day ) ..I've thought calsium yg i take now dah cukup (pill calsium+drink milk everyday)tp masih tak mencukupi means i need to increase my milk intake from 1 glass each murnin to 3 glass per day + eat lots of yogurts..sbb mknan2 yg menambahkan calsium dlm bdn adalah:-
c)Sardin-but people said its not good to take that much
d)Salmon Fish
Kalo mummy 2be..yang mengalami in this kind of state...boleh la take some simple steps which is:

"At Nite"

1)kalo mlm2 pakai la stokin panjang and tebal (from my experience..sbb pkai stokin pendek and kaki sejuk cpt buat kaki cramp)

2)berdiri dan berjln utk merenggang otot kaki

3)berbaring disisi KANAN/KIRI utk elakkan tekanan pada rahim

4)tido mengunakan 3 bantal..1 utk kepala,1 utk letak bwh perut and lastly utk dikepit di celah kaki

"At Nite Or Day"

1)kurangkan berdiri terlalu lama atau silangkan kaki..buat gerakkan ringan pada sendi pergelangan kaki and jari kaki time rehat2 tgk tv ke,mkn2 or while talking with friends and family:)

2)drink a LOT of WATER..(also can put 'hot towel' around your feet before going to sleep to let ur feet rest-nak try la mcmni for sure lega kan heheh)

3)A Phisiotherapy suggest..kalo tiber2 sebelah kaki cramp..try berdiri tegak dgn cepat and sandarkan kaki pada dinding sambil menekan pada dinding mcm para atlet selalo buat tu..bezanya dieorng buat sambil baring tp for pregnant mummy baik berdirila yerk.

I do hope this info do helps mummy2be out there...and also for me..moga2 keadaan CRAMP kaki ni dpt dikurangkan...heheh...ok uols happy working + have a nice day:)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My New Best Friend For This Whole 9months:) guessing that KL this afternoon will be raining heavily like yesterday..but im hoping that im able to get back home on like yesterday..ive reach home before it flooded throught out the road in front of my office...fuhhh...anyway...sebenarnyer nak citer bender meet my newest bestfriend..that ive started used in the early stage of my pregnancy..which is Cocoa Butter Formula message lotion & cream for Stretch Marks..for me..alhamdulilah...although im near to my 6 months (within next week)...still there's no signs of stretch mark here and there...biarla berkekalan sampai dah deliver pun heheh...the reviews from around 9/10..although it has that sense of smell but later on you'll be starting to immune with those smell...(nak cantik punya psl tak kesah bau dier kurang enak...heheh)so jom mummy2be out there kiter ramai2 pkai lotion ni yerk...heheh:)

see....this how it looks like yesterday in front of my office IJN...nasib baik sempat escape..kalo tak menangis tak berlagu la nampaknyer diriku hoping that today tak raining...coz it seems cloudy huhu....

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Wedding's In The Last Month of 2011

Hye uols!!!ceria2 di ptg hari Selasa...heheh...well im taking a few minutes to rest my what i do best is "blogging"..its been a week baru berkesempatan nak update...coz ive been bz on weekends and for todays post..just updating u guys about the wedding that ive this month...which is wedding adik kak Laura @ Ms Laura..and my BFF nyer adik Mira iaitu Nora& Din...there's nothing to let's the picture do the talking la yerk...(skang mind kusut memikirkan nak beli brg bb aper dulu...heheh...cuak bcer2 blog mummy's to be dah prepare byk brg dh...heheh while me still goyang kaki lagi...anyway the good news dah book antenatal class+bf class on January at Ampang Puteri can't wait)


wah...happynyer amir..selamat pengantin baru
me and kak laura(kakak pengantin lelaki)..biler lak time akaknyer??heheh

-Nona+Din's Wedding-

the main entrance...theme colour light purple+light pink..sgt sweet

the pelamin

the doorgift..its a beautiful tasbih crystal...small and for kids dpt gula2 kapas

the bridesmaid...budak2 kecik yg chomel pkai ala2 org dulu2 cute sgt

thats my friend mira(yg berbaju lite blue baju kurung)..seorang akak yang berdedikasi yg sgt bz dgn dessert table yg dier uruskan...chomelkan???nad dah book ko tau Mira time akikah heheh...

the bride + groom

the fountain cake..courtesy by Mira...hebatnyer!!!

the pre-wedding pic yg di letak di main entrance..there's also a photobooth tp tak sempat ambik heheh

lastly...mummy2be sign kat guestbook(patutnyer sign time nak dkt blik baru buat heheh)semoga nona & din sentiaser berbahagia ke akhir hayat amin...

p/s:please do pray the best for me..for this 18th (4D scan checkup)semoga bb sehat+cukup sifat..and jauhkanla drpd perkara2 yg tak baik...amin....

Monday, December 5, 2011

It Has Been 5months ++

" its me mummy when im in 5months..hye!!!"

Its just feels like yesterday ive started to notice that im pregnant+the murnin sickness...but it seems im already in the middle of my 2nd just times fly right???heheh...then in a matter of time...there will be that date of "our bundle of joy" to see and greet us and the whole world...hehe(tak boleh nak bygkan that feeling time tu i guess...but now skang perasaan just takut nak deliver aderla heheh)starts from the 20th week ive already notice the baby's wat maser ni kadang2 kerap terjage from sleep...but not so la...while im typing this post pun bb dlm tummy ni gerak2 ajer..tak tahuler dier lapar ke..atau mmg active hehe...terasa byk kali perut ni berombak2..i'll be missing this feeling one day...heheh:) weight gain mcm tu jugak...naik 1kg at a time...overall skang just naik 5kg..kalo demam atau flu teruk sket turun la berat dgn mendadak...anyhow hope sgt weight nad tak melebihi 10kg(so that leh dpt ideal weight balik...doa byk2)aper pun2 nak bb dlm perut ni sehat and cukup zat:)so on the 18th Dec baru buat 4d scan and on the 27th Dec(the 6th followup)..baru cucuk tetanus..for mommies yg having 1st bb kener cucuk tetanus (2 times)..for the next Dr kater just needed 1 time only..hehe..."our bundle of joy"dah tunjuk its gender hehe...anyway it will be reveal after 4D scan la yerk hehe bru im guessing on my 6 months bru start beli brg2 semua heheh,,,so do pray for mommy + bb ni sehat yerk hehe...ok will be update soon...miszzz uols!!!

p/ 5months..still boleh pkai baju kurung pg ofis...certain yg diconsider longgar yang the rest of it dah tak dpt pkai..hehe...nak try tgk waktu dah 6months boleh ke pkai lg heheh..

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Breaking DawN Fever!!!including ME:)

Olaa!!!...heheh do guys feel the shivers as i am now? not sick apparently..hehe but its the shiver of the 2 clans im feeling edward and team jacob in the movies now..well I've opt to write this post on Tuesday but as lazziness that will not come to an end anytime terlambat la nak on Monday bundle of joy in the tummy..hehe..when to watch Breaking Dawn...fuhh penuhnyerla pangung wayang TGV Wangsa Walk tu...sbb time cutikan..and ramai yg nak tgk citer ni and Happy waktu tgk citer ni...time part awl2 when Bella and Edward got married..and the part when Bella meets Jacob for the wedding dance...ntahler tiber2 nangis... iguess its really touch my feelings at that time...when reading the books tak pulak when seeing those beautifull scene..mmg cry la..mybe becoz at last dieorng kahwin jugak...overall..citernyer ok...tak byk lwn2 kali ni as Mr R said so..and bykla scene yg kner potong tak best pulak kener beli CD la kalo nak tgk penuh..and bestnyer Edward tak nampak pucat sgt..his looks mcm dlm citer Twilight dlu..tak mcm Eclipse and New Moon...putih+pucat teramat kali ni he looks Jacob mmg always looks saper yg tak tgk lg...and a Twilight fan...pgla tgk heheh:)