Thursday, August 16, 2012

Selamat Hari Raya 2012

pic:courtesy of mr Google

I guess its not to early for me+mr R+lil AA wishing u guys out there especially to all Simplynadhoney readers,or for the silent reader of this blog and also not to forget to all the Muslims around the GLOBE...would like to wish u guys SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI..MAAF ZAHIR DAN BATIN..sorry tau kalo ader yg nad tulis before this menguris hati korang ker aper2 ker..hope 0-0 ek...(i'll be away for a week...rasernyer update perihal raya pun for sure lambat hehe)so before start cuti raya ni nad bebel2 la sket dlu yerk...semoga sesaper yg drive jejauh tu BECAREFULL ON THE ROAD k..bacer doa semoga perjalanan selamat,mkn pun berpada2..nanti naik lak blood pressure tu hehe...jger mkn:)lastly wishing you guys a splendid festive season and selamat bercuti ya...xoxo

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Lil AA 4months "Growth Spurt"

courtesy:mr google
Uwahhh...aper motifnyer "Growth Chart" ditempelkan diblog yg tak baper glamour ni huhu pd hrni...drum roll please...well my dearest lil AA is having her "Growth Spurt" syndrome ive should said...smlm since she's turn 4months yesterday...betapa peningnyerla mummy dier @  wannyer...(my mum dipanggil mummy oleh lil AA..supaya still feel young heheh) menjaga dier...smlm dah bg susu pun still taknak tdo...and smpai ader sekali minum tu 5oz trus...wahhhhhhh kuatnyer minum anakku ini..well from what ive saw and discovered..Lil AA ni mengalami "Growth Spurt"dgn kerapnyer...that is when she is 2-3weeks,2months and latest 4months ni..huhu...intake susu dier akan tahap byk time tu yer(lbh dri usual she will drink about 3-4oz)..and pg ni td time sahur...dier dah terbgun nak teman kan ma and pa nyer sahur when kiterong siap2 nak g work...dier still taknak tdo lg and nak aper lg..bgla dier layan Disney Jr dier tu dipagi kesian mummynyer dh kner jager lil AA takleh take nap after subuh huhu...hope harini lil AA behave la yerk...haritu injection 3bulan  lil AA dah weight 6kg ++ but I guess she's getting chubbier every prediction is...nearly 8kg..disbbkan size lil AA yg besar and act mcm bdk dh besar huhu...she was usually mistaken to be a 5months or 6months old bb..kesian anak mama...bru masuk 4bulan kot...mybe sbb dier TINGGI tu(positif thinking) anyway aper pun anak mama ni still a lil gurl in our hearts..:)

see..macamner la org tak mistaken ckp lil AA ni 5/6months..tdo dlm carseat dier pun mcm gaya bdk besar hehehe

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Our "Munchkin"is Happy 4months:)

Wahhh...raser mcm tak percaya ajer...yg ive already become a mum for about 4months marks the date our lil AA has become does time flies right?within lil gurl ni dah leh start mkn dah...raser mcm tak sbr lak(although i will miss the moment when she directly feeds only kat mama dier) but me and mr r are looking forward for her to start eating skang ni still decide either giving puree or baby led-weaning approach....heheh so mama dier ni still tgh wat research wats best for lil AA...for her 4months gift for i'll guess to get her this kner guner time dah 6month k lil AA(mamanyer tak sbr nak beli dah huhu)

Fresh Food Feeder
Anyway happy 4months k syg...luv u whats her progress for now...erm let me see..
a)tgh berusaha nak mengiringkan diri...still trying
b)leher dah kuat(suker tegakkan kepala dier)
c)time tido dah ok...thank goodness for that
d)suker pada camera....pandai posing hehehe
e)suker play soft books...
f)dier peminat nombor satu rhymes...and berminat pd cartoon2 yg ader unsur Special Agent Oso her fave..:)
so jom tgk si tembam membam yang dah 4bulan ni

lil AA yang sgt manja gan uncle idatnyer

reading her new soft book...about "Where's Elmo"heheh....mcm "Where's Waldo" pulak fav book mamanyer time kanak2 ribena....layan kot...cri2 Waldo yg tersorok...hehhe

Friday, August 3, 2012

Baskin Robbins Icecream for FREE!!!!

Wahhhh...dpt thu from berita tv3 semlm..if kiter dpt the FIRST GOLD medal for Olympic this week(i guess for badminton)...BR akan bg seluruh penduduk msia...icecream FREE WED(keep in mind uolsss in all BR outlet)...wahhhh.... Bestnyerr..insyallah msia akn berjayanyer...(adkh nad slh sorang yg akan beratur pnjng itu???heheh..will see)..klo dpt gold medal..for sure rmai yg akn pg beratur ni....hehe..k happy weekends;)