Monday, November 29, 2010

WhaT A "GoOd" MoOd...UrGhhh

UrGhhh its MondaY and to start of the mood has turn up to in this kind of state (just like in the pic) sometimes people tend to do things for their own benefit without thinking other peoples feeling.....why do i have to face this kind of phase?i guess the other b2b also feel the same way to...sometimes u just feel fed-up...coz to fullfill everyone needs..anyhow who i am to say more right???just let it be la....maybe through this blog where i can express my feelings without hurting others...although it hurts me much...erm...

Friday, November 26, 2010

Back On TracK!!!

Huhuhu....2 more kg's to hard nadDy...cyayok...u can do it...need to strive HARD!!!now im back to my diet routine..less carbo+ eating lots of vege+ sup without oil heheh...for about a week 1kg I have tone down hehe(HAPPYnyer!!!!!!!!!!!)..Dec+Jan and Feb...just maintain...:)

p/s:this song is in my mind this lately..heheh ...(To Mr R)

"Saat kau MenghamPiri dirIku..KuIngin kaU tahU..seBenarnYa aku diam-Diam..aku jatUh HatI PAdaMu..akU Ingin Tahu Diam-diaM..aKu JatUh hatI PadaMu...Ku Ingin Kau TahU"

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

~OuR NEw RUnWay MoDEL ..NAzZy~

-just part of the songee's ader yang xder in this pic(but still i love this pic of us...(nazzy who's wearing red in the centre)-

OMG!!!!!! I've really miss the Songee's..we rarely hanging out together this days as some of us is quite bz with masing2nyer commitment la katerkan...aper2 pun this Dec kener gak hang out together2...heheh...hope our plan goes well...u guys....well this post is dedicated to one of our dearest songee nazzy...congrats as she has been crowned as the "Bizzy Body Ambassador 2010/2011" on 14 Nov 2010 and she also win the category for"Mizz Bizzy Body Audience Favourite"...(u are our fav)Hooray!!!!!...mexican waves uol....really proud of her...she really works hard for it...before this kiterong gak yang tahu betapa penat jerihnyer dier kerja bermcm2 bender to support her life...and at last she mention yg she wants to try out for modelling...kiterong mmg sentiaser support masing2 nyer decision...and this is the 1st step for her to reach her goal....i know she can do it!! although there's lot of obstacle she has to face before reaching this kind of stage...(envy ok badan nazzy...heheh in a good way...u go gurl) ive always said...all the songee gurls semua ader kelebihan masing2..and it really proves my to share the moment..jom kiter layan pic victory nazzy yerk heheh....:)

her bundle of joy

wow!!!!!what a price...u go gurl!!!!

she lost 11kg...hehehe...superb...u did rock the stage( she looks stunning)
p/s:my love quote for today is...... "When you go somewhere ur heart goes with u,But when u leave ur frends their heart goes with yours"~Emma Oliver

Monday, November 22, 2010

ReceNt UpdaTe..In My ListIng

my the office:)
HaPpY rising up in the GLAD things goes smoothly as plan...and the planning of my time seems quite fine (although the money flow seems to be..overflow a bit..heheh) let me see...what i have been updated:-
i)Gift tag(DIY)-have done printing left (281 small tags to print + 3 or 4 gelung ribbon diperlukan lagi)
ii)DooRgIft main table-still survey
iii)Doorgift for Kids- still pending...idea der still tak survey
iv)Bunga Pahar-settle
v)Solemnization outfit-siap within this week...have drop by and see last week tailor to suruh tgk jap hehe..the outfit turns out to be drop dead gorgeous(for me la heheh)..cant wait to see...overall:)
vi)the rest is for next month to settle...:)
p/s:urgh!!!!!!!!got to drop 3 more kg's cyayok naddy:)u can do it...back to the old diet routine heheh...k sambung kejer balik k

My Unrelated PosT

Murnin...everyone..its Monday...and back to work MODE..huhu...anyway im quite glad that im able to settle alot of stuff for my wedding preps so to start things off..(cheh..mcm tulis dlm ruangan gossip lak gayenyer heheh)just nak post pic...semasa MATCVS meeting haritu hehe...RELAX for 3 least la enjoy the pics u guys:)
the main lobby

ni pic time tggu ketibaan MB Melaka..(motif pic?nak ambik gambar mamat hensem mat salleh yang mcm manager bahagian yang handle concierge tu heheh)

view from above dari bilik tingkat 11 heheh

the swimming tak sempat pun nak swimming..schadule penuh dgn seminar

bathroom nyer yang boleh tido gak dlm tu heheh(tapi takler kan heheh...exegerate ajer lebih)

the room..(katilku sebelah kiri..yang ader brng2 tu..hehe)sebelah kanan..roomateku seorang
Aneast...baik orgnyer Dr Shih Pei:)

this is what ive had for my lunch...this pic was taken on the last day of the seminar (im guessing ive gain about 2 kg's just for this 3 days) ishk2

the BIG screen
my lovable words for today is jeng...jeng..... "You Can't Blaim Gravity for Falling In LOVE"~Albert Einstein

Saturday, November 20, 2010


It's been quite a couple of days ive had not add any new im LIKE SUPER BZ BEE..huhu...there lots to share about...but my MIND and HANDS are tied in doing all sorts of thing...ive taken the day off after RAYA HAJI (Thursday-Friday)...utk settlekan hal Doorgift..hehe.....insyallah...akan diupdatekan..yerk...just left 95days more??? so nervous!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

"Im BacK"

Olaa...everyone..its been couple of days ive havent had the chance to update my im aaway for 3days to attend the MATCVS meeting that took place in Melaka (10-12Nov)..although im pretty tired but at least it really does helps me in releasing my stress and hecticness at im back..again with a new mood (hope so...but sad as there was no Jacky on my sight anymore...urgh!!!!it feels sucks anyway)...all the juicy details about my 3days getaway...esok baru diupdate kan yerk...and also some of the preps im doin...although im away..heheh...i guess we had choose our Honeymoon destination heheh...hope everything turns out to be as what we've plan:)amin...ok la jom start kejer

Monday, November 8, 2010

'What A ShoRt HOlidaY it is..."

Its working day today...huhu...back again to my Monday blues(nasib baik 2 hari ajer kjer..from Wed-Fri meeting di Melaka heheh)..heheh...well i guess is not that late to wish HapPy DiwaLi to all my indian friends and boss...anyway wat i did on Friday??
Tadaa!!!!!!! went to Nilai 3 la...heheh on Friday after Friday prayer yerk...what we have got from there:-
i)Doorgift utk wanita-500 pieces (HappY!!!!just nak cari idea utk packaging ajer lg...and skang dah start print DIY gift tag..yang direka oleh me and Mr R..heheh)
ii)Tempah langsir for my room + for all the windows at the main hall (my curtain will be differ from the one's at the i will repaint my bedroom..hopefully jdila mcm what i have imagine it would be..huhu)
iii)doorgift lelaki and kids-still pending (nak survey dlu huhu)
p/s:cepatla settle doorgift ni so leh focus nak repaint room+susun atur furniture+ and still waiting for abg boy's feedback on my concept pelamin (cptla huhuhu) quote love for today..."To the WORLD you might be ONE PERSON,but to ONE PERSON you might be the WORLD"

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


HIV test indicator (source:google)

Fuhhh!!!!!about an HOUR nak buat HIV test ni (for B2B mmg wajib yerk) dpt result NEGATIVE (indicator ke-3 yerk)heheh Alhamdulilah(Mr R will be doin at his hometown) one thing has this Friday kene g shopping for GIFTS ajer lg yup2...hope settle la...dah pening pikir2 nak beli aper.

My love quote for today huhuu~Biochemically, love is just like eating large amounts of chocolate.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My DeaR FreNd CuTe JacKy

Im guessing Jacky will be startled seeing her pics in my recent post heheh(sorry la yerk jac..hehe nak gak story entry khas for u...cheh2)huhUhu...practically this week would be a sad moment for one of my closest frend at work who I used to discuss anything(lovelife,stress at work,our lame boss i could say) and also goin out for meals(as we love trying out new places every Friday after work(if we had the time) heheh...its our favourite) but seems wouldnt HAPPENed anymore as she's goin to leave to a new workplace that really offers her good!!!!!!it sucks to see...people leaving(skang tinggal sket ajer kwn2 yg btul2 rapat)it makes me to leave as well...anyhow im waiting for that GOOD offer still waiting...HUhuhuhu...she''ll be goin this Thursday see...cptkan!!! get to know on Friday and the next thing is leaving on Thursday..cpt btul..anyhow although i practically miss her...ill wish her ALL THE bEST (and mcmner pun kener gak hangout sebulan sekali...hehehe thats our deal rite?)hehehe....MISZZZ YA DEAR FREND....XOXO:)

p/s:anyhow need to focus on my wedding preps too..jgn sedih2 k nad...huhuhu