Thursday, June 28, 2012

What a Surprise...

Murnin uols...HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me...hehe thanks for all the wishes u guys(through all those social medium)...ive reall appriciate it so times flies 28years old and im already a mother to a nearly 3month old daughter + a wife of Mr R for nearly 2years...can't explain how does it feel...but importantly is im BLESS and GLAD with what I have now in my life...hope that this feeling will remain until the last of my breath...aminnnnn...with  a nice surprise by Mr R...TQ hubby...really need a new gadget afterall...after my Samsung Jet seems to lagging and stuck all the the Samsung Galaxy S Advance (love Samsung) mission is finding a stylish pinky cover for it huhu...
my new gadget
Anyhow despite all the gifts...the best gift I have in life that matters the most 
which is......
Mr R


Lil AA
(for now...nanti insyallah tambah lagi ahli small family of us ni heheh)

p/s:happy working uols...cyayok2

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Miss My Munchkin Pie

Uwahhh...ive really misz my munchkin pie of my that ive usually call her "tembam membam" coz she will be getting chubbier everyday...makes me wanna eat her heheh..not trully eat k uols..i'll be naming Arissa Amani with a short initial starts from now which is AA..i guess now as mothers u will barely talk about ur lil bundle of joy rather then any topics that cross ur mind...coz topic psl anak kiter lbh best dr topic yg lil AA will be 3months this 8/7..cant wait...dah makin besar anak mama and papa ni...makin besar lagi panjang akal nyer she's already 5kg and 60cm in height...ddk atas peha mama nyer dah tak nampak mcm bb tp mcm org besar heheh...well now lil AA tak baper sehat sgt seems mcm dier ader fluid kat dlm her nose..doc kater bkn flu tp dssbkan lil AA  a bit gelojoh sket minum so dier terconsume susu lbh dri had dier yg sepatutnyer(and the fluids are susu basi that goes to her nose)mulutkan bersambung dgn dier tend utk hiccup and cpt tersedak..and mcm ader the peads give us a nasal spray utk clearkan her nose when she seems sesak nafas...when buat bender tu kat dier nangis2 dier...kadng2 tgh deep sleep leh nangis tiber2 maybe teringat yg hidung dier kener guner spray gan penyedut hidung tu...just like this murnin kener gak wat sekali lagi coz she seems and pa bkn saja2 wat ek lil nak bg AA mama ni cpt step kiterong everytime she DF/feeding melalui bottle burpkan dier walaupun dier nak bersihkan lidah dier yg nampak2 putih tu...coz the Doc peads kater tu aderlah kulat..and takut infection down her throat tu yg membuatkan dier nak thanks sesgt2 doc for the info...and baru jugak nad tahu yg pakai mittens kat tgn bb just for 28days ajer...and then biarkan tgn dier free willy supaya sense tgn dier skang AA dah tak pakai mittens(kiterong pakaikan mittens dier takut dier cakar2 muker..biaserla tak berani nak potong kuku dier pendek2 sgt..but now kenerla gagah gak potong) hope sgt lil AA cpt sehat as this week nak blik ke kg FIL di Melaka...baik cpt2 yerk AA:)

Her progress in her 2month ++
a)skang mempunyai suara yg sgt kuat and nak bercakap ajer..
b)suker berjalan(kalo ddk dlm carseat she knows mmg time berjalan)
c)she will smile everytime see's me in tudung mcm tahu ajer nak bwk dier kuar(kalo time mama kejer ajer...AA kadang2 kner tgk ajer k)
d)wakes up at mcm dah setting time dier dah...sleeps at 12am wakes up at 11am
e)when singing baby rhymes...dier pun join saying OOhhh OOHHh and also if she tends to cry pasang Disney Jr or baby rhymes senyap la dlm Ipad tu penuh dier nyer rhymes ajer..huhu
f)time DF..tgn dier kner gosok2 telinga dier sekali...and org akan tahu if AA nak susu..when dier gigit jari2 dier tu..
g)loves her travelling gear very much indeed...nanti2 nad write a review on carseats and stroller k
h)suker sgt dgr lagu KAROOT KOMEDIA X heheh..we call it her theme song heheh...

there lots to babble about tp nanti panjang sgtlak post ni hehe...miszz nyer lil AA hope to get back soon from work..okay happy working uols..but before that jom layan pic lil AA:)

lil AA tgh berangan rasernyer atau tgh melayan Karoot Komedia X

skang nampak penuh rocker ajer tu...kalo tak dlu nampak dier kecik ajer dlm rocker dier tu..hehe

our NIKE model hehe..thanks uncle idat for the tshirt..see lil AA suker pose papa dier ckp.."Kalo AA nak jadi model biar jadi model muslimah yerk"heheh
the latest pic of us together which was taken last week
mama and lil AA

Monday, June 25, 2012

The Temporary Office..

Huhu...murnin wahhh i can't believe myself in updating this post in the wee hours hehehh...apparently im in the new/temporary office as the remaining office is in renovation(can't tell when it all be siap and everything)..well the place is quite nice..but it seems NO can't update ur blog while ur working(as eyes will be watching u..what ure doing) and unable to do BLOG surfing that i love...a big thanks to the dearest SUPERVISOR and ITS PROTEGE in giving me this such work corner of mine(tempat dierong nak best ajer,aku pun senior kot..ishk kroni2) really sucks...but i guess who cares that will not stop me in doing what i love to do...i'll still be updating it by menimizekan lagi window blog ku HAPPY WORKING for you guys out there..ceria selalu..:)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

PWTC Baby Fair 1-3June

Does anyone attend the PWTC BabyFair that was held early this month(angkat tgn heheh)??rasernyer2 aper yg korang think about the fair?ok ke tak? for me its considered the 1st baby fair yg i went after confinement...and i was so thrill sbb buat kat PWTC for sure mcm happeningkan sbb kwsn besarkan(thats what i thought)bayangkan..that day Mr R pun just got back from Mexico due to work..and dier pun also thrill sbb sampai ajer umah...he said "jom pg fair cari stroller Amani..ive still segar lagi ni walaupun baper jam nyer flight and transit lg"(it was kener rush pgla before Jumaat prayer kena balik..and tinggalkan Amani sbb she was sleeping+masih kecik)...see how bersemangat nyer the both of us nak pg fair ni...when we arrived was totally different from what we've expected...dahler ader 3 expo on the same week..and hall yang dieorng wat yg wing jauhnyer tu...hall 1 and 2..and before reaching the babynyer expo...kat dpn tu sebesarnyer2 expo deco bygkan jln bertapak jauhnyer...and one more thing is..booth dahler tak byk,and barang2nyer tak bape best...tak bykpun company yg join...ended up kiterong just pusing ajer and belikan carrier for lil Amani and some stuff for me:)
this is some of the things that we purchased sbb dier bg diskaun byk sejukla hati sket..warmer Autumz(for house and car) sebenarnyer yg utk umah dah ader tp cari yg utk car ajer tp ni ajer yg ader so rembat ajerla...autumz storage bottle,ice pack,a cute headband and infantino bb ptg tu jugak try and bwk Amani jln kat JJ wangsa maju hehe...
papa & Arissa Amani having a fun time together2

Ok story ni tak related dah dgn fair just nak share review about brg bb ni hehe...well after confinement ni bykler org khwin and takkan la nak tumpang bilik and nak BF anak everytime tryler cri beg warmer yang boleh buat susu thn for 4hours...1stly nad bought this...Pureen Warmer Beg(exactly mcm ni)try la pakai sbb nak pg jumper Doc kat Ampang Puteri utk check wound and buat Pap kenerla bwk Amani..tgk2 susu yg dibawa tak kekal panas pun dah sejuk terpaksa BF kan Amani kat BF room kat Ampang Puteri nasib baik misi kener mencari beg warmer lain...
the Pureen warmer beg

At last drop by kat Anakku di Festival City and we found this warmer beg yang looks stylish and in reasonable price..dier pun berfungsi utk keep warmkan susu yg baru dipam,botolsusu yg dah dipanaskan,and mknan bb yg sudah dipanaskan for about at last jumper jugak a good warmer beg utk bwk travel especially kalo nak bwk Amani jln last..hehhe HAPPY MODE:).

Avent warmer beg(feeding on the go)which worth about RM88...sgt berbaloi2 and sgt stylista kpd mama and papa bwk heheh

Wahh...harini rajin pulak menaip story yg panjang time recess and after recess yerk...ramai jugak yg bertanyer about my perihal BERPANTANG...erm well for me...time confinement baru2 ni nad mmg pantang betul2 so that i can lose those 11kg of baby fat yg nad gain for those 9months...and alhamdulilah sebelum 30days nad dpt turun 11kg skang ni proses nak turun kpd berat ideal ajer lg..dlm baper kg...insyallah nad akan strive hard after Amani 6months..sbb skang takleh nak diet sgt sbb BF kan Amani...but anyway happy sbb dpt slim down back to normal:)okla panjang lak entry kali layan ajerla yerk hehe...k tata...see you guys in next post:)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My BreastFeeding Challenges

Hye ive miss to update in this mini world of my online diary heheh...considered that way i guess..mind my hecticness tak menyempat2 nak update aper2...anyway im back hehe(cheh terasa mcm org glamourlak...yeker glam???)anyway to all the simplynadhoney readers..hope u guys in pink of health+ceria2 this post patutnyer dah dipostkan earlier this week tgk2 dah type panjang2 tak dpt nak post pulak...tak ker emo,so kener retype balik dgn ayat yg baru tp ttp guner pic yg samer...heheh...well today nak citer about my breastfeeding(BF) challenges...aperpun2 nad syukur sgt Amani when 1st time bg Cik B dier pandai awal2 tu colustrum dpt jugak nad bg kat Amani maslhnyer is after that when production susu takder and sket...mmg tersgt la risau...sbb tu amani asyik2 nak suck ajer Cik B(maybe dier tak kenyang kot)so after dah blik umah pun keadaan still the same...susu kuar sket ajer tak sampai 1oz pun yg kuar walaupun after berurut time pantang(selepas urut tu aderla sket..then hri2 berikutnyer kosong/sket sgt)sampai there's one day Amani lapar sgt sbb both Cik B mmg takder susu..ended up bg dier minum air kosong..byk jugak dier minum..disebabkan tu perut dier terus kembung...kesian tgk Amani coz she was so hungry tp mama dier takleh nak provide susu utk dier...and bcoz of my stress+emo...nad sampai salahkan pump yg nad guner...nad guner Medela Freestyle..sampai nad think kalo guner Manual Pump maybe susu kuar byk...Mr R pun ckp kat nad.."if u tukar pump pun tak semestinyer susu byk...skang u sabar ajer and teruskan pump" hehe kener lak sound gan Mr R..sbb nad dah emo2 suruh tukar pump lain...alhamdulilah after mndpt info2 dri blog mummy's(best sgt tgk dieorng byk susu time pantang but not me),friends yg support BF and Mr Google..nad eatla makanan yg boleh menambahkan stock susu nad..mcm mkn lobak putih,minum horlicks,doing "Power Pumping" which is pump both of your Cik B about 10minits then stop for 10minits and pump balik 10minit continue the routine until 1hour..buat dlm baper hari  dan pada waktu yg samer..cth if u guys wat Power Pumping harini pukul 10am so the next day pun buat PP  kul10am(insyallah ader hasilnyer nanti) and ambik supplemen Shaklee 3M (for BF)+drink alot of water..hasilnyer susu nad semakin hari..makin bertambah...the moral of the story is BE PATIENT!!! susu tu ader just nad kener wat study and consume aper yg boleh menambahkan susu+direct feed kat BB+pump sekerap mungkin every 2hours(samapi skang kat ofis pun pump 3kali sehari..takleh la every 2hours nanti kejer tak terbuat pulak hehe)so skang nad HAPPY sgt coz can make ARISSA AMANI happy with joy dgn susu yg ader...nad hope all mothers2be..and mothers2 yg tgh strive utk tambahkan susu bykkan bersabar,berusaha and berdoa supaya supply susu kiter cukup utk bb kiter..hope aper yg nad bg ni boleh la membantu..uols sedikit sebyk yerk...

my new best friend for now...hope penghasilan susu makin bykler day by day

stock yg sempat dibuat while time pantang..walaupun tak baper byk at least ader for lil amani:)

hasil pump of the day while time pantang...alhamdulilah syukur...

Skang kalo nad pump alhamdulilah dptler dlm 15oz..atau 13oz..for a day kat ofis(3kali pump) my friend said susu kiter akan bertambah after berpantang mengikut pada kadar bb kiter minum and as for now Amani sekali minum 3oz....mari kiter tgk ketembaman dier heheh....
lil Arissa Amani yg semakin tembam membam

Monday, June 11, 2012

Im BACK!!!!!!!!

Today marks the day...
huhu...miszz this blog...