Wednesday, December 5, 2012

New Set Of Fresh Air

Olaa...murnin uols..
updating in a new atmosphere..
from IJN to JKWPKL
although at 1st it seems a rocky road to start
hope things will get better from time to time..
miszz my dearest friends there..
but importantly is to adapt...adapt...

Thursday, November 29, 2012

a simple memo of the day

a simple quote

It's really HARD to say goodbye
but the TIME has come..
Bye2 IJN(especially clinical research dept.)...will miss you dearly:)

p/s:will update soon..k you guys

Friday, November 16, 2012

Just left a couple of days...

Olaa...its been quite a while..i havent leave my footsteps on this blog of mine..for sure ramai yg igt nad  takkan blog in this period of time kan?kan...hehe...well sorry for my numbness this days...although dah tender but still kejer...and my last day will be bygkan time akhir2 nila kjer pun berlambak2 bgaikan beribu2 lemon jatuh for "me"time mcm bru lps mkn...dah nak kner sambung wat kejer blik coz ader dateline..nanti dha start kejer baru tak thula mcmner conditionnyer..but im willing to learn and knew new things for my own career growth...for sure i will fall in love with my upcoming job ni insyallah:)there's lot of things yg nad nak share and wat did i did for this past tak berkesempatan sgt nak story mory...insyallah once nad ok and schadule pun dah stabil...for sure nad akakn active balik berblog..walaupun its just a simple story of me and my family..this blog for sure tak equipt if there's no story about Lil AA kan?well she's doing fine indeed(just smlm ajer tdo meragam wake up every 1hour...i guess due to the choc cream yg nad bg dier raser sket..sket sgt..sbb dier nak sgtkan)and this months she's already 7months uols...dah besar dah anak mama ni..berguling2 pun semakin kalo mengamuk nak susu atau nak berdukung..Lil AA dah pandai menyalahgunakan kepakaran gulingnyer dgn berguling keutara keselatan,kebarat dan bykla kwsn jajahan dier yg dier dh jajahi..kalo time dier mengamuk sakan..mak aiahhhhhhhhhhhh kalo rebel..jenuh nak bg calm..ikut perngai saperla ni kan..but sorry gambar takderlak for this post sbb tak sempat nak upload..sorry yerk..but will do for the other upcoming post insyallah..anyway guys...wish me luck for this new place..roughlly yg nad tahu my jobs description will be managing event for health education stuff..yeahhh no more stats for me kat stu ckp consider mcm "front facela" katerkan hahaha...glamour lak raser hehe..ok2ler...aper2 pun kner wat kjer bebtul and berdedikasi..tahts important.1st impression its the most important thing in doing anything..okler2...panjanglak kebebelan pd ptg ni..ok2 nak sambung kjer ni..nanti nad joyah2 lg k...k xoxo.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Selamat Mama..

Dear Mama
Lil AA nak wish kat mama..selamat melapor diri kat tempat kejer baru k harini
jgn nervous2...amani gan papa temankan tau
(takper mama tak start lagikan...just lapor diri ajer dulu)
lps tu kiter jln2 k mama....
amani and papa syg mama sesgt hehehehe

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Lil AA's yummy food:)

Olaa...hows everyone?huhu...simply bz this week...dgn settle kan byk bender for the "new job"huhu...kener lapor diri this Thursday...but anyway the love of preparing food for lil AA...sentiaser ader walaupun sebz maner pun diriku ini let me share wat usually ive make for it is for now...yg ive usually make is....jeng...jeng...
potato+chicken--steam and blend
last nitenyer meal..potato+broccoli+chicken--steam and blend
potato+broccoli--steam and blend
carrot+chicken+potato--steam and blend

si budak yg kuat mkn heheh...kadang tak sempat nak masak bru la bg biskut Heinz tu...Alhamdulilah she loves everything ive make for membuatkan mama dier bersemangat nak memasak..I've try to make apple juice for her..but she seems to dislike it...but she loves plain water...and puree yg ader ayam laju ajer dier mkn..kalo wat carrot+potato ajer..nangis taknak eat(amboiii demand yerk)...and sket2 dier dah pandai weaning...just like this pic below... 
pandai anak mama and papa mkn banana guner food muncher..good2 gurl:)
okla...a short post for a happy Tuesday:)

Friday, October 19, 2012

The New Phase Of Life...

source:mr google

I guess I've been abandon my blog quite awhile for now its a bit winding road for making quite a big decision regarding my future  and ive don a lot of thinking and smyng "istikharah' at last a decision has been made...huhuhu(sound serious is it for todays post...huhu)the decision is..i'll be leaving IJN for good(which has been the place for me to developed my career for approximately 4years bulan 3thun dpn genap 5years) for a better prospect in life with KKM Putrajaya...although i'll will be missing my friends,collegue and the people that i have been attach with while doing my job here...and to all the nice people who ive met along the years...hope the decision that ill make will give me and my family a gud benefits for our future pray for me i guess after this i'll be updating this blog at my new office or place insyallah...insyallah bulan 12 ni la start tempat see you guys with a brand new story then...tata

Thursday, October 11, 2012

How to decide+ teach ur children to sit in the stroller & carseat

what a splendid murnin to start ur day kan?heheh its thursday and esok Friday....yeahhh:)fuh...tadi terbehenti kejap nak update postni...coz ader isu pulak dgn dept rekod...huhu...nasib baik dah resolve's post ni patutnyer awl nad dah post tp...baru skang teringat nak tulis...and ader afriend of mine tanyer nad jugak tu yg teringat nak write about it...well FYI...there's really no a standard method how to teach ur daughter or ur son's to sit dlm carseat or stroller...but hope method yg nad guner selama ni may help...those out there yg ader prob how to teach them...anyway method nad senang i know myself..nad suker sgt stroller yg ader dipasaran and carseat yg mmg nad dah set up mind nad..mcmner pun I have to make Lil AA ddk inside it what me and Mr R did??
a)buat research about car seat and stroller yg suite desire kiter and the comfortable of the baby tu penting
b)nad bwk Lil AA utk try it on...tgk how well she sits on it..(heheh sejak kecik lg nad dah suruh Lil AA wat decision sendiri che wahhh....mcm aper ajer...suruh bg dier try and tgk which one best)
c)Lil AA at that time 2months dah start ddk dlm tu while travel..mmg nad tak ajar dier ddk pangku dgn nad..sbb merbahaya and mama dier yg tend utk tertdo  kalo drive mmg kner la ddk dlm carseat
d)meanwhile stroller lak..we teach her to sit and sleep in it time dier 3months ++..waktu tu dier dah besar sket,so everytime kalo berjln mall yg dkt2 ker,ajar gak dier ddk dlm tu...and she seems to like it ajer...
e)so everytime kalo kiter ltkkan dier dlm carseat atau stroller she will tend utk senyap and happy coz thats mean dier akan dibwk JALAN-JALAN.
f)simplekan? nad think everything need to starts early at her wee age..

As for nad..nad pilih carseat and stroller based on keringanan,space yg dier occupied dlm the back of the trunk,looks...mcm 3rd we opt for Mclaren Techno XT(black) and Car seat Maxi our choice...Quinny sgt cute and its a bit bulky,and dier sesuai time Lil AA kecik tp nanti dah besar kner beli stroller alang2 biar beli stroller yg boleh pakai until 4or 5years old..okla kan...and jugak senang utk travel outskirt(aper2 pun ni nad nyer view..tak bermaksud nak offend sesaper k..sorry kalo tersilap ckp)
Hope it helps....yerk...xoxo
ni lil AA kecik sgt lagi...balik kg
seeing the Doc
stroller lbh besar...nampk gayernyer
tido gayer bebas...bestnyer dier tdo...

p/s:nad patutnyer teach lil AA tdo sendiri dlm cot(awl2 kesian tgk sbb dier kecik la..and mama nad tak bg)..but nad have a prob dimana..sampai skang she doesn't want to sleep inside there..kadang2 ajer..mlm2 for sure nak tdo tgh2 kiterong..its ok nad akan gigih gak teach her to sleep on her own cot..cyayok2

Monday, October 8, 2012

Lil AA with Solid Food

gayer gediks...hehe
HAPPY 6 MONTH old..lil AA...wahhh dah besar dah anak mama and papa last week on Saturday was her 6months injection(nasib baik tak demam..gud2 gurl...leh bwk jln2 lps tu)...and see how she grown up..dah boleh pakai jeans mcm bdk besar dah huhu...her peads Dr mention to prefer ambik 2 additional injection which is Pneumococal and chicken we decided maybe maser AA dah 9months pg ambik injection Pneumococal and for ChickenPox ambik sekali dgn time dier takderla byk kali nak pg ulang alik ker Ampang Puteri..nasib baikler time jumper tu...Doc tanyer.."Dah start mkn dah?"and we said yes...although at the time AA dlm 5months lebih...(actually i gave her something to eat in her early 5months...sbb dier rengek2 mcm gayer lapar..and mlm tak tdo nyenyak...)nasib baik ciri2 utk start solid food pun dh ader..which is sit up straight,dah ader gigi yupp..atas bwh dh pun huhu,interested in food(tgn pun dah start masuk pinggan org)...bab pegang food sendiri dier tak baper sgt becoz ciri2 yg major tu dah ive started giving solid to AA awal..and hati nad pun lega when Doc Peads dier ckp "Its ok..4months pun you bagi dier mkn ok" Peads nad suggest to give her pureed food and juice(yg kiter wat sendiri bkn beli yg staright from the boxes tu k..huhu) 

baby-led weaning cookbook and my beloved AVENT steam blender
So this is mama AA's newest passion which is reading recipe books...and love her steam blender..which nad gigih mencari last weekend and akhirnyer dpt jugak..kat AEON keramat tu pun last piece(best ader offer 20%)...rezeki AA nak dpt mknan hasil tgn mamanyer(mlm tu jugak buatkan) nad start off with Potato+Carrot puree(at 1st she seems to like it,lps2 tu wat muker mcm taknak mkn tp akhirnyer hbs jugak on the blender?its just sgt+tak mkn byk space tu sgt penting..while AA 5months old..dlm sebulan tu nad bg dier biskut Heinz ajer..for a her taste bud..and nad ader jugak belikan dier yg puree dlm botol heinz tu,but she seems not interested to nad tak beli dh bnder2 tu(baiklah mama akan gigih membuat puree ok)...Dr pesan nak ajar anak mkn and tgk if she has elergies towards the food bg the same food for 3days..kalo nmpk ok..ok ler tu kner cek btul2 when dah start giving chicken,fish and other seafood...yup2...cuak gak nad dgr ni sbb AA ni berkulit sensitif..huhu
ini hasil puree pertama ..heheh

Nad at 1st igt nak ajar lil AA weaning terus but i guess maybe nad akan wat combination of 2 approach puree+weaning(finger foods)...sbb Lil AA dier tak baper kuat nak pegang food..and kadang2 pegang food bkn masuk mulut tp ntah maner2 dier awl2 ni nad bg dier puress sambil tu ajar jugak dier weaning sendiri...biar she explores..athough its gonna be messy...but its a learning phase for her...and the baby-led weaning cookbook sure helps a lot(based from the recipes yg nad tgk...semua ahli family leh mkn sekali yup2)semangat nak try this weekend la hehe.So baper weeks before...tu i guess 3weeks before me and Mr R...gigih cari proper chair for lil AA kat Babyland...and lets see aper yg dpt digrab huhuuh

this is the damage of spending...huhu takper2 for Lili AA..
yang kiterong spend is on the reclining feeding seat..sesuai utk dr age kecik until 4years old,tomee tipee food bowl,biscuit heinz and heinz puree,sebamed baby liquid cleanser and topi AA(topi dier ader yg dh kecik)

this is the clearer look of the seat..kat Babyland jual half price from the actual price..sgt happy:)
so kalo kiterong mkn kat meja..angkat ajer seats ni..and ltk kat kerusi siap dgn safety buckle which attach kat dier leh la join eating sekali..yg high chair nad suker gak tp AA kecik sgt we opt for this onela...leh pkai until dier 4thun..yup2
suker sgt dgn tomee tippe nyer bowl and spoon ni...ringan
and it change colour when its HOT!!!!!huhuuh

so smlm walaupun misi keluar hanya utk mencari Mr R dier kesian tgk anak dier ni asyik nak berdiri and everyone tak larat nak dukung utk dirikan dier ajer tu(and also kesiankan mummy yg tak larat sgt nak angkat lil AA) aperlagi...Lil AA dpt lg permainan terbaru..which is 2in1 bouncer and walker...brand sweet cherry...pemilihan colour and games diatas walker tu aderlah hasil choice Lil AA...(sbb papanyer bg dier try each and every bouncer tu)...sbb when dier try this 2in 1 bouncer and walker ni...tersengih2 sehingga ke telinga...when try yg lain instead of cri blender..AA pun dpt gadget terbaru @ permainan dier tu yg sgtla striking dsbbkan dier still kecik kiterong tak jdikan dier walker jadi la bouncer...atuk lil AA pun dh ckp..."lainkali jgn dhler beli brg permainan utk Amani lg..huhu"sbb dh pnuh umah mummy and atuknyer heheh...sorry ek...
si bdk kecik yg sgt gembira...huhu

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Lil AA 1st Big Event

yeahh...its recess last manage to update (lps2 ni tak thuler lg how..dpt update ker takkan)anyway today harini nak babble psl Lil AA's majlis akikah which took place last week on Saturday (29sept2012) at lil AA's mummy and atuk house (its my parents heheh)with the attendance our our relatives+neighbours and close friends of the family:)Alhamdulilah the event was smooth sailing for us..and takut gak kalo AA grumpy ker atau wat perangat etc2 and stuff but turn out to be just fine..AA tak grumpy langsung when masuk dlm buaian berandoi dier tu...just dier nangis2 when time gunting rambut dier tu..huhu..maybe dier raser terkejut kot dgr suara org bacer kuat2 and gunting rambut "awan nano" dier biler time berandoi...dier tdo nyenyak nyerla dlm buaian tu (heheh...happy mamanyer coz tak sia2 book the that buaian for her dimana themenyer is PINK +WHITE)anyway lets the picture do the talking la pulak...hehe..but before that wish thank you so much to those yg attend and make it a good event...ok jom layan picsy:) 
the making of the buaian hehe

tadaaa!!!end look(from wafricollections)

a clear look in the 2lil cute bears

this is the sticker that was DIY by me and Mr Razkell..ok tak??heheh

a clearer look...

those sticker is for the goody bags..dlmnyer ader muffin yg ive love:)

org merhabban dpt telur jugak..kotak telur ader mix of boxes yg ribbon nyer warna lite pink and  cream

baju for the Lovely Lace Baby and shoes pun :)

as for the family pakai blue:)

org yg marhabban

time ni AA dah start nangis huhu

AA dah start mater nak kuyu(time ni AA bau bunga rampai heheh)

bergambar gan mama

kambing panggang yg sedap..from BB Flaming(bandar baru bangi )..nice job u guys

menu...was selected by me and ambik dr pakcik HARA yg dah biaser buat dgn ofis nad:)thumbs up for the food

tettamu menjamu selera..buat dlm compound umah ajer..

thanks liza for coming plus ma and  pa liza akhirnyer dpt jumper bb ammar..lil AA gan boyfriend hehe

last but not la muker princess yg diraikan and pa loves you so much dear:)
p/s:hope minggu ni AA jgn demam yerk sbb nak kner inject for her 6months gud gurl k:)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Is It In My Wishlist???

Dalam mind ader byk perkara yg dipikirkan(satu hal besar yg tak settle lagi)...harini leh pulak terbyg to purchase something...yg dlm wishlist...wishlist ker?is it kerperluan atau keinginan ni?when tak dpt terbyg saner terbyg cni...when bnder tu dah 50% dlm gengaman...pening pulak..nak ker?boleh ker buat ni?semua la berlegar dlm mindaku ni...huhu...and worried jugak from Mr R nyer view...dier akan wat  muker ker?atau reaksi yg mcm "jgn hangat2 tahi ayam sudah"tp skang semangat tgh berkobar2...myb its a start for me to find something new in me...yg im capable to do...manerla thukan...before 100% fully dpt...kener la convince Mr R btul2...hope he let me get it..kiter takleh tahu what we can do if kiter tak berani to take one step further kan uols???heheh...wahhh byk nyer bender happen in this 1 week time...kner wat proposal ni hehe...utk memenangi hati hubby ni...yup2..cyayok nad:)

p/s:ala...Dr ni bg aku kjer tambahan lagi uwahhhhhhh igt dah settle..berkobar2 nak wat proposal ni huhuu

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


source: mr google

olaa....its raining heavily outside...sbb tuler beku smcam dlm ofis ni huhu...cptla reda supaya blik nanti takler jam heheh...anyway life has been hectic...and sumtimes you just want to pressed that button that u won't able to think those stuff that make ur mind work hard 2x then the average brain work...i guess.. this month is really complicated for me as i need to make a big decision for my own sake...aper2 pun decision yg dibuat kner perlu timbang tara dlu diernyer pro and cons... sekali wat decision yg salah u cant able to turn back time..tiber2 kener wat decision yg besar ni...kadang2 it makes us feel blank..dont u guys think so?sorry  lil AA tak update byk sgt citer dier...sbb mamanyer tgh pening memikirkan sumthing yg perlu diconsider pro and cons so that i can a make up a wise decision...hope that dptler settle secepat yg mungkin..after tu bru la nad try and share what are those choices is about what... I guess for this time being sblum btul2 confirm...baik nad simpan dlu...kan..aper2 hope you guys wish me luck and pray for the best in the decision that I will that nanti leh la update citer lil AA byk2 lak...heheh...ok happy working everyone:) 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Lil AA 5months Progress

Olaa..its Tuesday but it feels like Monday to yesterday is a Malaysia Day...(so working pun mcm tak bersemangat ajer..huhuu)anyway its quite a bit outdated story (sbb skang maser nak update blog dah ajer memanjang..)but for me..a story about Lil AA is always a new and exciting story for harini nak bebel psl aper yerk?erm...about Lil AA 5 months progressla...ok she turns 5months last 2weeks...which is on the 8thSept that falls on what we get for her?just  a simple family treat..which is lepaking and eating together and get her a new dress for a some event:)which will be told whats interisting things that she manage to do...drumroll plz...
a)we find out at 4months ++ she already has her 2 upper and 2 down teeth started growing..(but luckily she did'nt fall certain kids do)
b)dier dah pandai mengiring and telankup sendiri(kadang2 ajer dier mls...nak buat)
c)she show signs interested to FOOD..tgn dah masuk pinggan org(about this topic...nanti i'll be doin a post about it)
d)dah kener ajar tdo sorang2 dlm cot...(sampai biler nak tdo celah for now its a learning period so she still copping about it)
e)dulu kalo kiter marah dier...she is like emotionless k..skang dah ader perasaan kalo org marah kat dier,buat acah2 gan dier..etc
f)ader sense geli when kiterong geletek dier 
g)able to sit straight,but malas nak pegang brg kadang ajer dier nak ikut moodnyer
h)makin bersemangat
i)skang suker menyembur...makk aikkk makin gugur la rambut mamanyer
ermm i guess itu ajer yg major things yg she did...nanti aper2 i'll update lg...when seeing her growing up..mama nyer emosila sbb lil gurl dier dah makin besar...and as her mama thought she still a lil gurl aper2 pun...time flies kener terima hakikat yg lil AA makin besar...ill be goin to misz every thing about her growth..ive hope that she'll be growing to be healthy and a good heart gurl...yup2 insyallah:)(ok stopp it nad before your cry and flooded the whole office heheh...)okla nanti nad bebel lagi jom layan pic petit Lil AA

Lil AA playing with her Mr Lion
mama and lil AA having lunch together2
To all mothers out their which their daughter or sons having teething problem tryla ni uols..........:)
this works like magic uols......
especially for teething...lil AA loves it so much
it also soothes the stomach ache
(raser dier manis2 gitu)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Her New Drawer..bestnyer dierrr

At last...analysis yg menjadi pertikaian for nearly a month akhirnyer dah submit huhu...for the doctor's to present at Barcelona nanti...bayangkan smpai demam2 la nak dibuatnyer last me and my collegue dah settlekan task yg diberi hrni leh la restkan mind by doing what???update my dearest blog...huhu..terpaksa update citer2 yg dah lapuk sketla(i guess citer 2minggu lps heheh)...sorry uols...well Lil AA is 5 months uols last 8th Sept haritu...and she's grown up baju2 dier yg bb dlu baju kalo dier pkai dah nampak gayer "HUCK" ok...nasib baikla seluar still nmpk pkai cntik lg...although aderla ketat saner me and mr r pun kalo jln2 ajer beli la bju baru for lil AA...sedar tak sedar....baju dier dah tak muat nak letak kat dlm kotak chomel yg we bought kat IKEA yg ive pernah post dlu both of us decided to get her a new wardrobe and wider space to put in her clothes+her toys and also her grooming stuff...(kesian papa dier..ruangan baju dier jugakler yg takder share gan mama..huhu..sbb takleh tumpang dah dlm drawer Lil AA)her stuff are a LOT...mengalahkan mamanyer it was our day to IKEA to get her a new drawer...jom2 layan pics...
Lil AA nampak mcm syok sgt tgk ramai org...and sbnarnyer dier teruja dgn meatballs kat dpn tu...huhu...tgn dier dah start manjalar..amboi2
mlm tu papa nyer gigih jugak pasang drawer baru tu..sbb mamanyer yg asyik nagging him cpt pasang...cptla pasang heheh...sabar ek Mr R,,huhu
wah2...dah nak siap dah hbtnyer my Mr Handyman ni hehe...gigih bacer manual for me..tolong jugak sket2+camwhoring as well
at last the FINAL pic...cantik tak??heheh we opt for 4drawers cupboard and has handle plus it comes in white or red in colour ..but we choose white to match with the other stuff in the happy Lil AA has her own drawer now..bestnyerrrrrrrrrrrrrr dierrrrrrrrrrrrr

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Our Raya Story 2012

Hows raya everyone? im guessing its a splendid it is for me and the rest of our we welcome a new member which is LIL AA in the family (mexican waves uols...hehe) raya celebration extra overjoy then the rest of the years la...hehe sbb ader bdk kecik...bcoz before this semua nyer dah besar2...and takder suara bb atau bdk kecik dlm umah but this year round lain la...collection duit raya Lil AA alhamdulilah...tak sangka ek...bdk2 kecik pun byk dri bdk2 besar hehe....dah terbalik code dah..dlu2 time kiter bdk2 besar yg dpt dah lucky Lil AA:)nasib baik la cik kak kiter tu tak byk ragam la..walaupun tdo sekejap2 ajer and kner gomol2 dgn cousins,wan atuk's and semuala...yerla sbb dier yg pling kecik for all intention on her la kener bersabar la yerk Lil AA...tahun ni celebrate kat tmpt nad...which is in KL and Kuala Pilah...after raya ke3 baru headed back to Melaka (kiterong ni rotate...tahun lps dah raya Melaka dlu hehe..)although its a tired week but its worth it:)k la jom ajerla layan pics..heheh dah tak tahu nak tulis aper dah...hehehe...k jom layan uols....

Lil AA waking up fresh with her baju kurung
the family photo
mr and mrs razkell(Lil AA tgh sleep)
Lil AA gan mama
Lil AA gan papa..time ni dah tired sgt

group photo uolsss

Us (akhirnyer dpt gak pic bertiga yang OK)
2nd day raya
the Kuala Pilah clan hehehe
Lil AA with her Melaka cute:)