Friday, January 29, 2010

~I'm LoNgiNg FoR a CheEzzy ScRumpTous CAKE!!~

Friday is back really makes me glad...cant wait to get back home and finding ideas for my DIY hantaran heheh...ok nak citer aper hari ni ek???yup2 the thing that makes me drool everytime ive heard it or walk infront any confectionary..heheh...for surela "ChEeSe CaKe" any kind of cheese cake makes my mouth watery...well yesterday me and my mum stopping by at the nearest "Secret Recipe" at our neighbourhood,nak tahula nak order biler?what kind of cake that they suggest that usually purchased for hantaran and me masuk ajer kedai this is what i ask...."Adik saya nak tahu cake cheese apa yerk yg sesuai utk hantaran???"heheh...then one of the worker who entertain ask and also provide us with the pamplet of the choices cake that can be choose...and gan penuh confident he said " well akak..cake cheese dapat bertahan 1jam ajer...and kiterong tak suggest akak ambik cheesecake utk jadikan hantaran,selalunyer org ambik cake chocholate moist ni tp buttercake (sambil tunjuk gambar cake tersebut pd driku and mum)."at that time i was like WHAT!!!!!!!!!!! cant purchase that SCRUMPTOUS Oreo cheesecake or Raspberry cheesecake???Owhh no...there goes away my longing for that cheezzyyy delicious cake to gave for my dearest Mr R and Mr R before this decided to gave cheesecake as we both love it so much...our 1st choice would be definitely..Chocholate Indulgence but dier cepat cair...coz its moose feeling...then we dicided to take cheese cake instead coz we love it too..but now how???musnah dah impian ku...what can i do so that driku leh gak dpt cheesecake ni i've discuss with Mr R...he said.."takperla syg..sayer akan try dlu how does it taste like cake choc ni kat secret recipe..kalo sedap..u truskan la ambik..and yg the cheesecake u wanted sgt2 tu...nanti ive discuss gan my sis..sbb dier akan order kat KL...aper2 nanti abg bgthu syg k?jgn sedih2"....pandai betul Mr R pujuk and pampered me...hehehe.. I LIKE!!!...dier tahu if i want it theres no any other options unless kalo bender tu mmg takder...baru la tgk tu other cake hantaran ni will be sponsored by my cutey sis and her best frend Fifi...thanks korang!!!!,memandangkan dieorng ni willingly utk survey and orderkan then ayat2 yg ptut ditulis diatas cake ambik idea dierong la as they are yg paying it heheh...TQ sekali lagi...

so i'll be ordering the cake 3 days before the event heheh...and hopefully that day im able to have the right decision in what cake that ive want to purchased heheh...moga2 every thing goes smoothly....ishkk2 tgk gambar2 di atas ni makes my stomach growling lak...heheh feels like nak mkn cake ajer...heheh...nope2 takleh2 tahan2...that day is more excessive fat at my tummy..heheh...:)takutnyer....baju tak muat for last fitting ni heheheh.....


.sTraWberRycH0c. said...

cheese cake?
nak jugakk!!

SiMply NaD'Honey said... it also ek???leh ajer nak...jom2 lets eat hehehe:)