Thursday, May 19, 2011

It's My LittlE Bro's Graduation:)

HipHip!!!! Thursday(19/05/2011) at 7.30am..Sidang Ke-9 at UITM Shah Alam...marks the day of my little bro's receiving his CAT scroll...congrats idat:)how time's flies his a grown up boy for now his doing his ACCA and just left about 2 semester only...maybe he'll be pursuing his last semester in UK and work there for a couple of years...that was his planned...(hope he'll achive it)...kalo jadi time tu graduate dier nanti fly saner la..maknenyer kner plan budget from now...hehe...2014 tak lamer lg pun kan:)heheh dah that time maner tahu dah jadi mummy lak diriku ni hehe...insyallah amin:) what my bro said "tu cerita ke tak perlu pikir lagi" hehe really love that quote by him...betul2...anyway just want to said that along and abang long @ Mr R..wish idat all the best in your future undertaking and hope you become a very succesfull person in life but do remember ur family and always pray to Allah....lastly,Fast Five is worth to watch i'll rate a perfect 5 for it..cant wait for the next flick...hehe:)k xoxo

p/s:sorry idat along cant make it today,coz im tide up with my work and tak dpt cuti..nanti i'll make it up to u k:)

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