Monday, May 23, 2011

Its thE 4th SonGee's WedDinG

the wedding card(front view)

Hye uols!!sorry for the delay post of the songee's member wedding that ive should post earlier last week...anyway as for today its Monday blues so here i am...updating this mindfull blog of mine...hehe as u can see there's abit of mild touch up here and there in my guessing to change the whole entire layout but it seems would need time to do right so...adjust sket2 pun ok hehe...asal kan berubah design blog ni...heheh sket2 lamer2 jadi bukit...ok focus to the main topic...14 May 2011...was the wedding of 2 hearts become 1...and its Elle's wedding at Kelab Shah Alam...her wedding is after Dayah,Shima and Me..hehe...after Elle it would be Nazzy's wedding lak hehe cant wait(then whose next???heheh) let the pics do all the talking k...but lastly wishing Elle and Syazwan congrats semoga kekal ke akhir hayat amin:)

the wedding card(inside view)
the gift from me and Mr R

the pelamin nice2...and also the food was yummy

pengantin perempuan yang sentiasa gediks heheh (kenal tak saper pakai baju melayu pink tu???)

me and fatin with her son (sebiji ruper fatin)

From left:Shima,Apid,Syazwan,Elle,Me,Cam and Nazzy

me with bakal bride bulan June hehehe

me at area guestbook section...nice2

the gift
p/s:im gaining 2 extra kg's...uwahhhhhhhhh...and watch NurKasih last Friday with Syaz and Mira heart u gurls...rated 3 over 5...ok la

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