Monday, May 16, 2011

BabblinG on MoNdaY Murnin

I've really miss this moment of Us:)

Murnin uols!!!before ive forget "HaPpY TeachErs Day" to my MIL,all the teachers who teach me..since kindergaten,ISKL,NIST,SMKTM,SAMURA and to the lecturers at KYPM Bangi 2001-2002 and lastly to FST lecturer Bio (gen) UKM 2003-2005...Thank You for everything that u have taught me and gladly what I have become now...heheh...Tq...Tq...hehe...well today there's nothing to babble about...maybe the next post i'll be updating on a another Songee's wedding..which took place last week...and tommorow yeaHhh Wesak day...which means another day off uols!!! mlm ni dpt tgk Fast And Furious 5..late nite movie with Mr Hubby:) and the next day is hanging out with the gurls..wahHhh full schadule hope u guys have a pleasent day ek..just like me:)

p/s:previously blogspot has some probs i guess and it seems the comment from my SIL is gone..sorry ek kak yulie...comment akak disappeared lak..sorry


yulies said...

ha a.. blogspot go haywire kan aritu.. no problem sis :)
i feel glad u tak apa2 je..

SiMply NaD'Honey said...

kak yulie:aaahhh...blogspot haritu berprob lak huhu...thanks turns out im ok:)really glad to hear what the doctor's had said...betul2 relief