Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It turns out NORMAL:)

source:google ( a normal lumbar thoracic looks like)

Hye uols....today is considered my 1st day of working for this week...as yesterday me (who accompanied by my dearest hubby) to Hosp.Pantai Bangsar...for a checkup with the Orthopedic Specialist their..as I've had this back sprain for aweek or so...im pretty worried and ive already imagine the worst of it....but GLADLY to say my lumbar thoracic turns out to be NORMAL:)...the Dr just said that maybe I'v sprang my back...by sitting for along hours and maybe lifting things up in incorrectly position..fuh!!!!!what a RELIEF...the Dr just ask me to do some couple of Physio session...so see how important it is...to sit properly and doing things in a correct order...and lastly,ive went to meet my dearest Dato Venu...seeing his new working place kat hosp situ...happy ajer dier jumper collegue lamer...cheh2!!!!ok la HAPPY WORKING u guys:)

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yulie said...

phewww! nasib baik :)