Friday, September 17, 2010

~WhaT a LonG HoLidaY!~

IM BACK!!!!!!!!!...back to the old routine..ive should just take the day off as it is Friday..but i do have to come coz my study patient was in this murnin for his Visits 6:) although im EXHAUSTED after yesterday jln2 raya + having a bad sore throat and a minor cough it feels like my lungs just wanted to PoP OuT!!!!!(heheh exegerate ajer lbh...but it feels that way) i guess to take off early and go to the clinic...aper2 pun tgk pada workload la nampaknyer yerk...hopefully siap in time.....i JUST WANt TO GO HOME aNd Doszzzz OfF!!!!!!!Zzzzzzzzzz.....

p/s:Focus2 to workmode huhuhu...pic raya +citer2 raya akan diupload kemudian yerk:)

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