Wednesday, September 22, 2010

H0oRaY...Mr RazKelL\(^_^)/

Before ive start things tremendously HAPPY as for now im really dedicated in updating my blog..from the itsy bitsy story to the big bigger biggest story i would post about...heheh cyayok nad!!!hope that this enthusiasm in updating post will last for a while(cross my fingers for it)...before ive get back that LAZY + JuSt BlogwaLkiNg Syndrome..i might call i love to blogwalking to B2b blogs and also updating mine..Ho0raY!!!!!!Okay back to the things i want to jot down about...this Sunday (26/09/2010) will be Mr R's Graduation day at UTM Skudai..Ho0ray!!!!(mExican wave uols..cpt2 for Mr R) after long years(3 ke 2 tahun ek?luper lak ishk) of struggling doin PJJ(Saturday and Sunday classes)at last his free with joy and with the precious scroll in his hand.Unfotunately..i cannot come...(Bo0000..booOo to myself) as his convo will be in the afternoon session...and also that day my cousin is getting engage..and my dad has to be the spokeperson (kalo tak mmg plan nak pg with my parents)sad nyerrr....sob**sob**, aper2 pun Mr R said that he didn't encourage me to come also as ill be working the next day and it will be along drive from KL to SKudai (but as for me it still the moment that i should not miss)..and dier ckp he will take lots of pics and send to me..thats nice of u dear...although its early to wish him..but i would like to wish Mr R Congrats for his Convocation:)...xoxo

p/s:its time to go back home yeahHhh..

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