Thursday, September 23, 2010

~Updates In My ThinKinG BooK..WinK**WinK**~

Murnin everyone...its 8.25am and im already in the office since 7.30am...but still i feel sleepy and also today is my 2nd day of fasting (buat puasa tinggal 4 hari ajer lagi). Last nite i just did'nt know how...ive had that adrenaline+determination to settle some bits of my wedding preps..hehheh..the result is ive had done one of the task that i have jotted down earlier that have been mention in my previous post..that is "doin sketches for my DREAM PELAMIN" (tak dream maner pun...just me ajer exegerate as always)heheh thanks to mum and Mr R...for the ideas(plus bantuan buku2 pengantin yang dibeli)...heheh(cheh tak menahan sampai wat sketch...thats wat Mira said to me hehe)...ive already SKECTH it + SCAN and its just ready to be send be email or by hand to abg boy + kak fatin (who''ll be doing their midas touch on creating that pelamin for me)...ive decided to show him in Dec as my mum said it would be to early if I show it now...what do you guys think?is it to early?anyway a one cheque box had been checked with a big PINK marker...Ho0ray!!!!!!
p/s:ok uols focus to work now...heheh tomorrow is Friday (Mr R will be coming + attend raya openhouse at Mira's place)LUV IT:)


Pinky Angel said...

wow, hebatnya nad design pelamin sndri.. sure cantik.. ;)

SiMply NaD'Honey said...

akak L-na...takderla create maner2 sgt pun sketches berdasarkan gmbr2 pelamin yg ader dan gabungkan idea2nyer heheheh...hopefully cantikla akak:)tq akak