Wednesday, September 1, 2010

RaMadhaN SonGees GatheriNg

At last i do have the time to update our songees gathering(breaking fast together) at The Curve last Saturday...although just part of the songees group that able to attend Nazzy,Dayah with hubby+bb maisara,Cammy,Me and Mr R(yg lain tak dpt attend..huhu) still masih hip and best:)heheh...sambil dpt bermain dgn bb songee junior(yang 1st..2nd is on the way ) maisara:)..hopefully our raya gathering ni nanti jadila yerk..heheh...k..just a few photos were upload as im quite uploading photos in blog right enjoy yerk..k xoxo

cammy,nazzy and me..having our ice cream at Baskin Robbins...deliciousnyerrrrr

bb Maisara bersama2 aunty2 songees yg sentiaser vogue

bb Maisara with her lovely mummy

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