Tuesday, September 21, 2010

"My B2B Mode is SeT To Its HigHesT LeveL"

yeaHHH!!!!ive can upload pics from my office again(through blogspot i meant)....yeahHHh!!!!!!!hope it stays like this heheh...Im pretty GLAD as my B2B mode is back on again...although before this mcm dah start malas2 dah(huhuhu..leh tak malas2...sbb dah byk pikir) anyway...whats the best thing to do is not to PANIC and STAY CALM..follow ur list...and be precisely in what i should do...Cyayok Nad!!!As my plan for now:-
1) Slot the designs for my baju nikah + send it to the tailor (yg ive always bg..dier buat sedap dipakai) = Early next month
2) Design and do some sketches on my dream pelamin + some of the things that uve requested from the boutique yg bertanggungjwb = Starts now (bagi pada Abg boy selewatnyer2 pertegahan Oct)
3)Door Gifts ( from kids -adults) = Oct and Nov
4)His RinG and my bracelet = Dec
5)Update bende2 yang kener last touch up

Hope things will be smooth sailing for me(plzz nadhoney do follow the timeline)..heheh...k semangat2..back to work..xoxo
p/s:after this post sket pic raya lah heheh...bestlak tgk post2 kwn2 psl hal raya dieorng nak gak join heheheh:)

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