Wednesday, September 8, 2010

"Is EvErYtHinG NeW fOr This HaRi RaYa?"

MurNin everyOne...i guess some of us had already back home to our for me ive just celebrate my hari raya in KL...Shah Alam..and 3rd hari raya baru balik Kuala Pilah(tupun balik hari) alone+ bored at my desk as people aside me had when back to their respective hometown..but anyway im glad that this murnin my dearest surgeon Mr J who i work for..gave me and iza "duit raya"...heheh TQ...TQ...(dah besar2 pun still dpt duit raya ni lagi best ni)...hehehe and he invited also me and attend the Cardiotoracic Meeting in Melaka 10-12 Nov 2010:)hope im able to go yup2...best2...u really light up my day although my mood already turn to zero dah tadi...and guess what the new things i had for raya?a new raya pimple on my face...OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! still didnt know how to cover it up...raya just left 2 days left..helLo..mcmner nak vogue ni time rayer..ishk!!!!anyway hope it able to fade away on this couple of days...berusaha!!!berusaha!!!although im 26 but i do still feel haPpy and sumetimes it feels like being a kid again heheheh:)Okla ...again wishing u guys Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir Dan Batin...kalo ader terkasar bahaser dlm blog ni harap dimaafkan la yerk:) safely u guys


Squarecut Ring said...

Nad, dapatkan STD invitation kat fb? ^_^

SiMply NaD'Honey said...

aaahhhh...dpt2 yup2...heheh chomel sgt nad tak sempat hbs tgk clip tu tiber2 hang lak dier...yup2:)creative ahhhh korang...wat sendrikan???Mr R ckp kat Nad