Monday, January 3, 2011

Starting Of Monday Jan 2011

Murnin...Selamat Pagi...Bounjour...heheh...i hope everyone is in a pink of health and really looking forward to start the brand new year,month and day...with a great BIG smile...and a pleasent attitude (no more Monday blues uols) hehehe...well as for today ive notice some of my collegues is still in their holiday mood as some of them will be taking leave until the 5/1/ send their children to its the 1st sem...starts like its really important for the one's who sent their kids in standard 1 or kindergarten (kesian tgk bdk2 kecik nangis...nak balik umah taknak pg school...heheh) to make their kids feel HAPPY and see how their up too in school( baikkan parents skang...tggu anak2 kat tepi pintu heheh..hehheh parents nad pun baik nad yg taknak dieorng tggu..heheh sbb raser dah besar).Let me see,my workload for today...erm...quite a lot but still can manage to update a bit at my dearest its 8.15am...lets get to work u guys...xoxo:)

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