Monday, January 24, 2011

3rd IJN ResearcH Day..But the 1st For Me:)

Fuhhh at last the 3rd IJN Research Day is done at last on Friday (21/1/2011)...after long months of preparing it and doing adhoc analysis(mcm nak pecah kepala ni...)everyone was busy with masing2 nyer task,although its a one day nyer event tp nak prepare bender ni take months of planning huhu....tentative from 8.30am-4.30pm ader oral session and poster moderated presentation...time mlmnyer ader dinner at Shangrila KL to announce the winners(saper menang dpt hadiah DUIT heheh) enjoy the pic la yerk...pretty exhausted sampai harini pun now...back to B2B mode..huhu...STRESSnye!!!!!!!!!!!
time oral presentation session 1 by allied health

oral presentation 2 by clinicians

the dinner (pic from were ive sitted)

the centrepiece..heheh leh dpt idea gak ni heheh:)

the menu

1st dish (the 2nd dish wash potato soup+turkey)

2nd dish we can choose between salmon or lamb...ive choose salmon
2nd dish

last dish,ice cream with coconut based

p/s:ive guess next year i should try out the research paper for allied health maner tahu menangkan heheh:)this year collaboration dgn Clinician ajer...takder confident lagi hehe...cyayok2 naddy...wait next year heheh:)

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