Thursday, January 27, 2011

~HeaRt of FloWerS~

HaPpY Thursday murnin uols...huhu as for today it lefts me with 4weeks and tak bz sgt so...what i did is to find out about the kind of flowers that i would like to use for my hand bouquet masa solemnization+reception (im guessing of doing striking colours heheh just like in this pic..heheh mcm chomel kan??)some brides like flowers yg look sweet + nice...but for me im guessing to do warna2 yg jgn garang sgt la...heheh so hoping yg harini dah dpt certain ideas sbb senang nanti my aunty sue tolong watkan (heheh she's my aunty yg have the midas touch heheh...pandai buat kerjatgn ni)...have some certain flowers in mind...tapi tgkla mcmner kalo dah campur tolak idea yg ader awal bulan bulan 2..planning to meet the florist to book flowers for hand bouquet+flower arrangement utk bilik pengantin:)baru teringat time engage dlu...ive used baby breath+crysanthemum (pinkish white) thanks to Syaz and Farah for doin it for me time tu....
Planning for this week:-
i)paper bag for Mr R's family
ii)lolipop for kids
iii)main table +VIP gifts
iv)bunga manggar

p/s:ive notice that im a bit secretive in telling about my wedding stuff from A-Z heheh(not that detail)...anyway insyallah after majlis bru buat post yg panjang to reveal all the vendors and what i did for DIY hehe...nanti tak surprise lak heheh...sorry yerk:)wish me luck u guys.
"At the touch of LOVE everyone becomes a POET" ~Plato


CikSyafa said...

dah tak lama lagi dah!hehe..chaiyokk hingga ke saat akhir ^__^

SiMply NaD'Honey said...

thanks dear hehehe...tuler nad tgh nervous sgt2 ni hehehe:)

Shahbaz Ahmad said...

Everyone loves to receive flowers. Give loved ones the gift that will last forever and not wilt away in a matter of weeks.

SiMply NaD'Honey said...

thank you shahbaz:)