Tuesday, January 11, 2011

`1st WeDdIng PreseNt`

HehHheee...well harini rajin pulak update blog(buat 2 post)...although my wedding is about a month times...yg bestnyer dah dpt 1 early wedding present from a friend of my parents...TQ aunty sharidah and puspa (heheh...nak ucap TQ gak walaupun dierong tak bacer blog ni heheh)ive known them since time blaja kat matriks lg..so mcm dah knal lamer la...aper2 pun terharu sgt aunty2 berdua bg hadiah for me...sadly they couldnt come sbb dieorng stayed in Abu Dhabi ikut suami kejer saner...bcoz of that dieorng kirim and past the gift..through anak dieorng to forwarded it to my parents..so smlm ceria la sket mood emo ku sket hehehe....:)hadiahnyer cantik sgt2!!!!!

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