Monday, December 28, 2009

~ThE LoVaBle IrIs BaTriSya~

*the cute adoring iris batrisya*

Its just feel like yesterday...that i saw this little bb gurl...and ive announce her coming to this world with a big heart which has that beautifful korean eyes as like the father always long for a cute bb that has a features of korean actress...and she has that pinkish lips...that mesmerize everyone that saw her...but Allah loves her more...she just past away after 4days of her birth...she was born on the 22/12/2009 at exactly 12.42am...and past away on Saturday(26/12/2009) at 11pm.This is the baby that ive announce earlier on my recent post...ive just known her name yesterday murnin...when my frend iza aka the mother...forward the msg of her death...and her name was IRIS BATRISYA...what i wonderfull and gracefull name for a little gurl...that came to this world for just a short i received the msg yesterday murnin around..7.30am..iwas asleep..when ive read it..i was in tears..ive told my mum about it and she also cry hearing the news...although were a collegue but we shared many stuff together..stories,work,and tips..and its just me and her who handle the Cardiotoracic theres that bond of freindship..although shes a 2 years older then me...and i guess why did i cry that hard..hearing Iris had gone..its that the memories of her..coz i was there everyday seeing iza with her big bellyfor this 9months..i was there when she knows shes pregnant,i was there when the bb starts kciking in her tummy(i also feel it kick)..heheh...,the months when she feel her stomach pain,she cant eat,and etc.when she was not that well..and there was me..seeing wat she's gone through...but im glad that me and Jac..had the chance to see the Hosp.Perubatan Naluri...she looks ok...and healthy....but sumtimes there would be sumthing like muak or susu that she drank...were coming out from her nose...but the Dr's doesnt said anything..and the nurses also said its normal...and i and the other officemate when to visit Iza at her mum's house...she tell us that the daughter of hers..had and infection in her stomach due to the colon or in other words usus dah pecah and it turns black and this makes the bb's tummy big and green..and that wat cause the infection...the Dr has to cut the colon afraid the disease will spread(so and operation was done)...and realise its just about a small portion of the colon left...and the Dr already said...that maybe they will make a hole at her tummy and she will be using a special bag at her tummy for the rest of her life...but before undergoing the procedure of putting the bag for the next day...the cute little bb past away...she died at General the Perubatan Naluri has not that special equipment(where sent by ambulance) was unbearable when she told us the story..and how strong she is to tell it again and again when people visit her..she said that she cant watch the tv as there is lots of advertisement of cute babies...she cant just see it...i was in verge of tears again when she told me that...when its time to go back too the office...everyone giving comfort to her and hug...when it was my turn i hug her and i cried ive tried not to cry in front of her...but i just couldnt help it...she also cried about it in front of me...when ive wanted to wlak away her father said to me"Nad hrtu tgk bb tu ader lgi skang dah takder dah bb tu..."and ive said "bersabar...insyallah ader rezeki lain tu pakcik"...ive cried untill in the car...although the bb is not mine...but it has touch my heart so much...and im glad that ive had kiss her goodbye when ive visited her..and i just dont realise it would be the 1st and the wish to Iza and her strong..its unbearable for u guys i know..and its ur 1st newborn bb...but everything happened for a reason...and as her father of iza had said.."myb dier taknak parents dier susah jager dier sakit...jdi dier pergi dlu dan akan berjumpa nanti di syurga kelak" a frend i'll pray for her... and also Iris semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat...amin(she'll be remembered forever)....(T_T)


etHEL said...

Sad sad.... She's gone to a better place...

SiMply NaD'Honey said...

yup...semoga rohnyer dicucuri rahmat....aminnnnnnnn