Friday, October 19, 2012

The New Phase Of Life...

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I guess I've been abandon my blog quite awhile for now its a bit winding road for making quite a big decision regarding my future  and ive don a lot of thinking and smyng "istikharah' at last a decision has been made...huhuhu(sound serious is it for todays post...huhu)the decision is..i'll be leaving IJN for good(which has been the place for me to developed my career for approximately 4years bulan 3thun dpn genap 5years) for a better prospect in life with KKM Putrajaya...although i'll will be missing my friends,collegue and the people that i have been attach with while doing my job here...and to all the nice people who ive met along the years...hope the decision that ill make will give me and my family a gud benefits for our future pray for me i guess after this i'll be updating this blog at my new office or place insyallah...insyallah bulan 12 ni la start tempat see you guys with a brand new story then...tata

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