Thursday, October 4, 2012

Lil AA 1st Big Event

yeahh...its recess last manage to update (lps2 ni tak thuler lg how..dpt update ker takkan)anyway today harini nak babble psl Lil AA's majlis akikah which took place last week on Saturday (29sept2012) at lil AA's mummy and atuk house (its my parents heheh)with the attendance our our relatives+neighbours and close friends of the family:)Alhamdulilah the event was smooth sailing for us..and takut gak kalo AA grumpy ker atau wat perangat etc2 and stuff but turn out to be just fine..AA tak grumpy langsung when masuk dlm buaian berandoi dier tu...just dier nangis2 when time gunting rambut dier tu..huhu..maybe dier raser terkejut kot dgr suara org bacer kuat2 and gunting rambut "awan nano" dier biler time berandoi...dier tdo nyenyak nyerla dlm buaian tu (heheh...happy mamanyer coz tak sia2 book the that buaian for her dimana themenyer is PINK +WHITE)anyway lets the picture do the talking la pulak...hehe..but before that wish thank you so much to those yg attend and make it a good event...ok jom layan picsy:) 
the making of the buaian hehe

tadaaa!!!end look(from wafricollections)

a clear look in the 2lil cute bears

this is the sticker that was DIY by me and Mr Razkell..ok tak??heheh

a clearer look...

those sticker is for the goody bags..dlmnyer ader muffin yg ive love:)

org merhabban dpt telur jugak..kotak telur ader mix of boxes yg ribbon nyer warna lite pink and  cream

baju for the Lovely Lace Baby and shoes pun :)

as for the family pakai blue:)

org yg marhabban

time ni AA dah start nangis huhu

AA dah start mater nak kuyu(time ni AA bau bunga rampai heheh)

bergambar gan mama

kambing panggang yg sedap..from BB Flaming(bandar baru bangi )..nice job u guys

menu...was selected by me and ambik dr pakcik HARA yg dah biaser buat dgn ofis nad:)thumbs up for the food

tettamu menjamu selera..buat dlm compound umah ajer..

thanks liza for coming plus ma and  pa liza akhirnyer dpt jumper bb ammar..lil AA gan boyfriend hehe

last but not la muker princess yg diraikan and pa loves you so much dear:)
p/s:hope minggu ni AA jgn demam yerk sbb nak kner inject for her 6months gud gurl k:)


Pinky Angel said...

comelnye baby nad!

SiMply NaD'Honey said...

pinky angel:hehehe thanks kak Lna...nanti amani leh main gan anak2 akak:)

aTy _faRed~ said...

waaahhh...cantik nyer majlis...:)

SiMply NaD'Honey said...

aty_fared:hehehe thanks dear...:)