Thursday, October 11, 2012

How to decide+ teach ur children to sit in the stroller & carseat

what a splendid murnin to start ur day kan?heheh its thursday and esok Friday....yeahhh:)fuh...tadi terbehenti kejap nak update postni...coz ader isu pulak dgn dept rekod...huhu...nasib baik dah resolve's post ni patutnyer awl nad dah post tp...baru skang teringat nak tulis...and ader afriend of mine tanyer nad jugak tu yg teringat nak write about it...well FYI...there's really no a standard method how to teach ur daughter or ur son's to sit dlm carseat or stroller...but hope method yg nad guner selama ni may help...those out there yg ader prob how to teach them...anyway method nad senang i know myself..nad suker sgt stroller yg ader dipasaran and carseat yg mmg nad dah set up mind nad..mcmner pun I have to make Lil AA ddk inside it what me and Mr R did??
a)buat research about car seat and stroller yg suite desire kiter and the comfortable of the baby tu penting
b)nad bwk Lil AA utk try it on...tgk how well she sits on it..(heheh sejak kecik lg nad dah suruh Lil AA wat decision sendiri che wahhh....mcm aper ajer...suruh bg dier try and tgk which one best)
c)Lil AA at that time 2months dah start ddk dlm tu while travel..mmg nad tak ajar dier ddk pangku dgn nad..sbb merbahaya and mama dier yg tend utk tertdo  kalo drive mmg kner la ddk dlm carseat
d)meanwhile stroller lak..we teach her to sit and sleep in it time dier 3months ++..waktu tu dier dah besar sket,so everytime kalo berjln mall yg dkt2 ker,ajar gak dier ddk dlm tu...and she seems to like it ajer...
e)so everytime kalo kiter ltkkan dier dlm carseat atau stroller she will tend utk senyap and happy coz thats mean dier akan dibwk JALAN-JALAN.
f)simplekan? nad think everything need to starts early at her wee age..

As for nad..nad pilih carseat and stroller based on keringanan,space yg dier occupied dlm the back of the trunk,looks...mcm 3rd we opt for Mclaren Techno XT(black) and Car seat Maxi our choice...Quinny sgt cute and its a bit bulky,and dier sesuai time Lil AA kecik tp nanti dah besar kner beli stroller alang2 biar beli stroller yg boleh pakai until 4or 5years old..okla kan...and jugak senang utk travel outskirt(aper2 pun ni nad nyer view..tak bermaksud nak offend sesaper k..sorry kalo tersilap ckp)
Hope it helps....yerk...xoxo
ni lil AA kecik sgt lagi...balik kg
seeing the Doc
stroller lbh besar...nampk gayernyer
tido gayer bebas...bestnyer dier tdo...

p/s:nad patutnyer teach lil AA tdo sendiri dlm cot(awl2 kesian tgk sbb dier kecik la..and mama nad tak bg)..but nad have a prob dimana..sampai skang she doesn't want to sleep inside there..kadang2 ajer..mlm2 for sure nak tdo tgh2 kiterong..its ok nad akan gigih gak teach her to sleep on her own cot..cyayok2


Juliet said...

Mcm mana kalau kita mmg ajar dia dr kecik duk dlm car seat tp dia nanges? Takkan nak biarkan je? :-/

As for me, kalau dah ajar, tp dia nangis.. u have no choice. Kena jugak pangku dia :) Anyway, baby likes when people holding her kan? ;)

My 2 cents.

SiMply NaD'Honey said...

Juliet:kalo mcm tu..knerla beb..pangkukan...kdng2ader bb yg nak and ader yg taknak...atleast kiter try our best kan?but yup2..mmg baby suker kener pangku especially mama dier sbb dier akan raser safe:)

aTy _faRed~ said...

Car far ms memuler tu ade prob gak lelamer ok dah biler aty tau camane nk handle die..:-) sekrg ngah pikir nk tukar stroller lebih kecik..lebih ringan dan lebih snng aty nak hangkut..huhu

SiMply NaD'Honey said...

aty_fared:heheh insyallah...aty leh ajarnyer...just need time yuup2...cyayok:)