Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Lil AA 5months Progress

Olaa..its Tuesday but it feels like Monday to me...as yesterday is a Malaysia Day...(so working pun mcm tak bersemangat ajer..huhuu)anyway its quite a bit outdated story (sbb skang maser nak update blog dah kurang...bz ajer memanjang..)but for me..a story about Lil AA is always a new and exciting story for me..hehe..so harini nak bebel psl aper yerk?erm...about Lil AA 5 months progressla...ok she turns 5months last 2weeks...which is on the 8thSept that falls on Saturday..so what we get for her?just  a simple family treat..which is lepaking and eating together and get her a new dress for a some event:)which will be told later...so whats interisting things that she manage to do...drumroll plz...
a)we find out at 4months ++ she already has her 2 upper and 2 down teeth started growing..(but luckily she did'nt fall sick...as certain kids do)
b)dier dah pandai mengiring and telankup sendiri(kadang2 ajer dier mls...nak buat)
c)she show signs interested to FOOD..tgn dah masuk pinggan org(about this topic...nanti i'll be doin a post about it)
d)dah kener ajar tdo sorang2 dlm cot...(sampai biler nak tdo celah kiterong...as for now its a learning period so she still copping about it)
e)dulu kalo kiter marah dier...she is like emotionless k..skang dah ader perasaan kalo org marah kat dier,buat acah2 gan dier..etc
f)ader sense geli when kiterong geletek dier 
g)able to sit straight,but malas nak pegang brg kadang ajer dier nak ikut moodnyer
h)makin bersemangat
i)skang suker menyembur...makk aikkk makin gugur la rambut mamanyer
ermm i guess itu ajer yg major things yg she did...nanti aper2 i'll update lg...when seeing her growing up..mama nyer emosila sbb lil gurl dier dah makin besar...and as her mama thought she still a lil gurl aper2 pun...time flies kener terima hakikat yg lil AA makin besar...ill be goin to misz every thing about her growth..ive hope that she'll be growing to be healthy and a good heart gurl...yup2 insyallah:)(ok stopp it nad before your cry and flooded the whole office heheh...)okla nanti nad bebel lagi k...so jom layan pic petit Lil AA

Lil AA playing with her Mr Lion
mama and lil AA having lunch together2
To all mothers out their which their daughter or sons having teething problem tryla ni uols..........:)
this works like magic uols......
especially for teething...lil AA loves it so much
it also soothes the stomach ache
(raser dier manis2 gitu)


aTy _faRed~ said...

Anak aty pon dah msk 5 bln...eerr..rini...:-)

SiMply NaD'Honey said...

aty_fared:yeker?heheh....happy 5months qaleef...wahhhh dier dh pndai aper dah aty??