Thursday, October 13, 2011

couples days away to KLVS

Huhu...murnin uols....harini terbgun lambat..5minit before 7am baru terjage ishk2 buruk perangai...tuler suker sgt ttp jam when it la bahananyer...luckily ive manage to sampai office just in time...but kesian Mr R terlambat sket hope dier sempat la smpai before his urgent meeting yup2...skang ni Mr R tu bz sesgt2...balik pun kdng lmbt dah huhu...but anyway im HAPPY as he usual comes back to KL...memandangkan isterinyer ni tgh preggy so extra care la yerk..hehe nanti tak semena2 emo ajer diriku ni heheh...(sorryla skang kuat BER'EMO'..heheh)...well hakikatnyer nak citer bender terciter bender lain lak...ok2 back to focus naddy....last week i was away for 2days since Thursday and Friday...sambung ke Sabtu to attend this KL Valve Summit at Hilton...mainly kalo summit mcmni dieorng citer psl new tools for op+tunjuk live cases and mcm2 a Researcher kener la tahu sedikit sebyk kalo tak pening time nila peluang dpt tgk yg expert2 surgeon ni wat live operating ader jugak yg terlelap gak2ler...when speaker dier tu mcm syok sendiri bercakapkan...time tuler best to collect goody begs kat booth2 pharmaseutical yg ader..heheh...cheh2...ive attend with 4 others of my aderla frend heheh....ok la dri sesi membebel panjang ni...jom layan pics...:)

the main lobby...ambik pic banner wajib yerk
this is like 1st time ive attend confference/meeting yang ader lunch symposium..sambil you eat ader kener mkn lunch dlm tray mcm kanak2 riang...mcmni..until 3days talk to mkn takleh feel ahhh...mmg tak kusyuk ahh dgr talk time ni hehehe(well this pic above is the dish that ive choose...thai cuisine)

meanwhile my collegue iza opt for western at the lunch symposium session

does it looks revealing or what ek???

here is one of the session that was held there

the LIVE case that was done directly in IJN and showed to us at the ive remember this case was done by a foreign Dr doing mitral valve repair

a pic of the human valve by 3D echo

(for sure u guys pening gan terms2 yg ader...sorry la yerk...all are medical terms...kalo uols nak tahu lbh lanjut try Mr Google la yerk heheh)

I guess on Friday that week...kiterong otw nak g sembahyang kat area main lobby hotel...perasan la ader pekerja2 hotel ni siap dgn bunga..and ader certain gurls siap dgn camera lg...we was like..aper yg dieorng tggu2 ni...then tanyerla kat mamat security ni.."saper tetamu vip yg nak dtg ni???"..mamat tu jwb "Westlife nak dtg"..we was like ala...tipu la tu kan...tgk2 aahhh mmg btul timing baik ahhh kiterong nak pg sembahyang dieorng pun me yg kaki mengambil gambar ni...tgkap la satu pic utk jdi kenangan...heheh...dptla tgk dkt2....

gambar shane yang ditangkap yerk...gambar2 members lain kurang penting sbb dierng tak sehensem shane hehehe...skang dah tak minat boyband when seeing them...teringat time zaman bujang2 dlu heheh...the good old days:)

After attending confference/summit ni la...diriku pun dmm and having this cold flu...skang flu ajer tinggal lg cpt2 la baik...huhu.....Yes!!!!!today is Thursday and tommorow is Friday(my day of paradise) heheh...and Saturday will be my dearest sissy' still thinking for a gift that it is suitable for she usual travels alot for her work...last week she just got back from Hellsinki...and i guess next month she will be headed to New Delhi as im not mistaken...she's really a career women....gud for you one of my options as a gift for her is flat pumps...want to get it from Payless this Saturday...but im still opt for some other she is a such a fashionista then me...heheh:)erm...still thinking....erm what should i get for her???erm....hope ive manage to have an idea within this week...insyallah

she loves sparkle is this would be nice for her??heheh

(courtesy:from Payless website)

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