Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"OmbaK Rindu" turns into a movie??'s everybody feeling today?as for me...erm quite ok...counting down until the day reaches Friday hehe...anyway as while im browsing to my favourite gossip page came upon across...that "Ombak Rindu" will be turn into a movie uols!!!for sure korang yg kaki novel...for sure read this piece kan??Ombak Rindu ni considered as one of my fav novel la...and hope sgt it turn out well on the BIG awl2 lg dah raser mcm tak best sgt sbb...watak utama Izzah dipegang oleh Maya Karin (mcm tak sesuai my thought watak Izzah would be like tinggi,lembut and my mind seems to think mcm Eja look alike la...hehe in my opinion la) and watak Mila pulak dipegang oleh Lisa Surihani...kan best kalo Lisa yg jadi watak for watak Hariz dipegang oleh Aaron ajer part yg nad setuju hehe...dier sesuai jadi watak Hariz...aper2 pun tak thu la nak tayang biler kan...anyway hope it would turn out BEST...walaupun tak sehebat mcm novelnyer tp aderla feeling yg boleh dicapture when tonton citer tu nanti having my finger cross for this heheh:) vid nikah highlight has been posted by our official watch k at... or u can see it at anyway enjoy you guys:)...thanks to the MyShot Team for doing a good job..thanks you guys

p/s:its already been 2months for me and Mr r :)

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