Friday, April 29, 2011

~JusT Left Couple Of HOURS~

Hye early birds....murnin:)Ive really do sense the smell of HAPPIness clouding everywhere I go..while in the car headed to my office...the radio played all oldies and hit love songs through out the year...heheh...and the topic for their statement is "Wedding"..also my collegue starting to humming happily with that wide smile on her face...and not to forget myself...who would smile while thinking about my wedding experience...and while texting Mr R after arriving at the office...he seems also to be in that good and romantic mood...and ive assume...his listening to same radio frequency as i am...but the most happy couple who are really happy to the beloved Prince William & his wife to be Kate for me for sure ive wont misz that nuptials on the tv today LIVE that will be shown at 5pm(9am UK) at CNN,NTV7,TLC and Echannel...hope to reach home early...:)really love to watch them together...and they would be a good King and Queen someday...Hope they do live happily ever after...congrats!!!!!!!:)

LOVE this pic of them:)

p/s:happy 4 days holiday u guys:)

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