Thursday, December 9, 2010


At last my yesterday prob had been settled as ive email the moderator of the website to get rid of that piece of nonsense from their website(and i guess dieorng pun call suruh bender tu buang cpt2)...and importantly is ive email to that "GUY" about what he and his gf is up to...although they deny it for surela yesterday thay guy and the gf of email and sms to say aper2 pun...its really nasi sudah menjadi bubur...ive thought when he mention once nak kwn as usual like buddies mcm ok la...tiber2 tak thulak hakikatnyer ader intention jahat ke???anyway..his not to be considered as a frend pun anymore...better rid it out from my life...and sorry to u la gurl..ive known u from this kind of u know what my views on u be least im happy now...and im glad...Allah has showed me what the true colours of u guys...before its to late..:)Alhamdulilah baik think about my wedding preps lagi bagus...huhu...DUGAAN!!!
Things to settle today (thanks to my parents for their help my hands are u ma and pa) so here's the thing:-
i)Meet The Wedding Planner -to finalize everything ( my selection of songs still tak cukup lgi)i
i)Pergi Masjid jumper Imam-to hand the fill up forms
iii)The Handyman-will came in and do his midas touch to decorate the house heheheh:)
p/s:my quote for today ~BackStabbers operate out of insecurity,believing they have to have perfect order to eliminate any threat to their power~ Les Parrot

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