Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My AnnUal LeaVe haS FINISH!!!

Hye uols!!!huhu...ive guess its been a week ive didnt update anything here at my precious blog enjoying my 2 days holiday from Monday until Tuesday (so im working today..huhu) sp what i did??let me see...1stly i would like to congrats my dearest frend Liyana @ Mmo, Mardina, and Boroy...(whom they are my schoolmates in SAMURA) for their wedding which falls on 26th Dec 2010..ive just able to attend Liyana's wedding and had to passed Deena's and Boroy's Boroy's reception in JB.Meanwhile for Deena's ive had some emergency situation to attend to..huhu sorry yerk...anyway wishing u guys all the best + and lived happily ever after:)..and thanks to Kmar for accompany me ....heheh tq dear:)
a pic of the pelamin...the bride tak sempat tangkap heheh..tggu tgk FB la
As on Christmas..Mr R was here in KL giving me a helping hand to settle our wedding stuff glad its DONE...just the little2 tidbits...that needed to be as we headed to Wangsa Walk...we've make our stop to see the cute baby of Iza' Iris Alisya...heheh..she's so adorable...ended up we've spend about an HOUR their..just seeing her SLEEPING and chit chatting iza and her hubby...(wahhh!!!ni petanda aper ni???)so enjoy the 2 pics ya.....
shes sleeping soundly

she's really thirsty..heheh

So after and Mr R had our lunch at OCTOPUS Sushi & Thai Restaurant...ive like eating that day ive ordered Donburi Tempura...yupp2...i guess so thats the name for it for Mr R he ordered Fried rice with basil..and both of us have Green Tea:)

So updates on wedding preps:-
i)Pengapit Attire-DONE
iii)New Carpet-DONE
iv)Wedding Planner for Pelamin-Meet Next week
vi)Gifts -Main Table,Men's and Kid's-Pending


K.I.N.A said...

la..nad pun pegi..samura eh..kwn kina pun samura..maybe junior kamu..

SiMply NaD'Honey said...

kina pun pg ek???wat time???nad awal gakler pg dlm kul 12 lbh..kalo tak mesti jumper....owhh yerk?nad batch 18:)