Monday, November 8, 2010

'What A ShoRt HOlidaY it is..."

Its working day today...huhu...back again to my Monday blues(nasib baik 2 hari ajer kjer..from Wed-Fri meeting di Melaka heheh)..heheh...well i guess is not that late to wish HapPy DiwaLi to all my indian friends and boss...anyway wat i did on Friday??
Tadaa!!!!!!! went to Nilai 3 la...heheh on Friday after Friday prayer yerk...what we have got from there:-
i)Doorgift utk wanita-500 pieces (HappY!!!!just nak cari idea utk packaging ajer lg...and skang dah start print DIY gift tag..yang direka oleh me and Mr R..heheh)
ii)Tempah langsir for my room + for all the windows at the main hall (my curtain will be differ from the one's at the i will repaint my bedroom..hopefully jdila mcm what i have imagine it would be..huhu)
iii)doorgift lelaki and kids-still pending (nak survey dlu huhu)
p/s:cepatla settle doorgift ni so leh focus nak repaint room+susun atur furniture+ and still waiting for abg boy's feedback on my concept pelamin (cptla huhuhu) quote love for today..."To the WORLD you might be ONE PERSON,but to ONE PERSON you might be the WORLD"

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