Monday, November 22, 2010

ReceNt UpdaTe..In My ListIng

my the office:)
HaPpY rising up in the GLAD things goes smoothly as plan...and the planning of my time seems quite fine (although the money flow seems to be..overflow a bit..heheh) let me see...what i have been updated:-
i)Gift tag(DIY)-have done printing left (281 small tags to print + 3 or 4 gelung ribbon diperlukan lagi)
ii)DooRgIft main table-still survey
iii)Doorgift for Kids- still pending...idea der still tak survey
iv)Bunga Pahar-settle
v)Solemnization outfit-siap within this week...have drop by and see last week tailor to suruh tgk jap hehe..the outfit turns out to be drop dead gorgeous(for me la heheh)..cant wait to see...overall:)
vi)the rest is for next month to settle...:)
p/s:urgh!!!!!!!!got to drop 3 more kg's cyayok naddy:)u can do it...back to the old diet routine heheh...k sambung kejer balik k

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