Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My DeaR FreNd CuTe JacKy

Im guessing Jacky will be startled seeing her pics in my recent post heheh(sorry la yerk jac..hehe nak gak story entry khas for u...cheh2)huhUhu...practically this week would be a sad moment for me..as one of my closest frend at work who I used to discuss anything(lovelife,stress at work,our lame boss i could say) and also goin out for meals(as we love trying out new places every Friday after work(if we had the time) heheh...its our favourite) but now...it seems wouldnt HAPPENed anymore as she's goin to leave to a new workplace that really offers her good!!!!!!it sucks to see...people leaving(skang tinggal sket ajer kwn2 yg btul2 rapat)it makes me to leave as well...anyhow im waiting for that GOOD offer still waiting...HUhuhuhu...she''ll be goin this Thursday see...cptkan!!! get to know on Friday and the next thing is leaving on Thursday..cpt btul..anyhow although i practically miss her...ill wish her ALL THE bEST (and mcmner pun kener gak hangout sebulan sekali...hehehe thats our deal rite?)hehehe....MISZZZ YA DEAR FREND....XOXO:)

p/s:anyhow need to focus on my wedding preps too..jgn sedih2 k nad...huhuhu


wegiggles said...

Nad!!!!!! I'm so touched. Didn't expect you to do a post just for me. I really appreciate it... Yea me feel extremely sad bcos losing such a wonderful friend like you. Yes I hereby promise you that we will go out makan2 every month without fail. You lar better make time for me... U kan busy lady... Hehehehehehe

SiMply NaD'Honey said...

hehehe...for sure ill make the time for us to go mkn2...heheh...so next week ull be not here anymore...really sad la...heheh ive just did this post at work heheh:)at that time iwas like practically not in the mood to work...anyhow...i hope for the best to u my frend:)