Friday, October 8, 2010

"MoOd RaJin"

Olaaa...u guys...yeah!!!its Friday and ader Jamuan Raya di IJN(byk btul menu starts at 4pm lasted till 8pm)as for me ill be just staying for about an hour only...for sure mkn puas dah tu hehehe....jom2 meh saya kongsi aper yg ader yerk nanti...bbq lamb,satay,rendang,roti jala,kuih muih,rojak and etc...i likeeeeee...heheh naik la a few kg's i lunch ni mkn sket2 ajerla yerk...ok last nite my mood in doin DIY stuff dtg siapla beberapa corsaj for my family and sepupu sepapat ku...heheh...mlm ni sambung lg....(see the pics below)
BEFORE (heheh ive got myself a "PINKY" cutting board yeah!!!)

AFTER (needed a last touch up)
As ive I promise here ive share you Mr R's konvo pics...heheh ( that ive grab from him silently heheh...sorry yerk Mr R)Hooray!!!!!!!! at last...CONGRATS again Mr R:)
wahhh saper ni????byk nyer bunga...dari saper ek???

Mr R with his scroll...

Ok!!as it's just left 4 months for me to countdown until the final i guess to put some love qoutes on every post that ive updated after this so heheh...(sharing the happiness)..ok la .....XOXO
"Love doesnt make the world go around,love is what makes the ride worthwhile" ~Elizabeth Browning

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