Wednesday, October 20, 2010

~I LoVe ThEM DearLy~

Eventually as for today ive wanted to just post one entry heheh...but it seems im so thrill to do another entry dedicated my beloved so GLAD to have them in my for my wedding preps so far im usually in a state when ive become BLUR + or sumtimes i just cant MANAGE my time and schadule properly...ended up after exhausted at WORK, finally arrived home ive just watching TV or FACEBOOKINg as usual without doin any stuff from "my prep list" and later on i will start PANICKING and UNABLE to SLEEP as there's lot of things to do...although it just left 4months...but still time is running FAST eventually this parents help me alot..yesterday their the ones who settle everything with the jurunikah,and also took the forms that i need to fill in..and this murnin my mum just message me

mama: "along...mama dah confirmkan HIV test 3Nov 2pm kat Pusat Kesihatan Setapak
..kener booking"
me : "Ha???ma TIMER KASIH sgt2...along baru nak cek2 kat internet tempat maner nak
mama :"Owhhh...tak perlu dah mama dah tolong bookkan dah"
me :"ThanKs mama,nanti along ambik cuti kiter pegi samer2 k?"
mama : "Ok"

see...although a SIMPLE msg by HER but it really means alot to me...heheh,usually the B2B akan pg check sendiri and ambik borang semua...but ni..semua mama yang tolong watkan..and saya just pergi and tolong aper yg patut kan (my dad show his moral support)...TQ again mama & papa...LOVE U \(^_^)/ xoxoxo

My Update list:-
i)DoorGifts -for Ladies-dah made up our minds (just nak beli ajer)
for Men's-still thinking
for Childrens-dah tahu nak beli aper (nanti just beli ajer)
for MainTable(12pax)-kener survey dulu kat nilai3 kalo takder...roger2 akak yg
buat handmade craft tu.
ii)Theme-have decided (nak pg cari kain for all family members ajer)
iii)Nikah Outfit-dah send to my trustfull tailor,HIS outfit-siap dlm maser 2minggu ajer lg
iv)Others-still in progress (will be updated soon)

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