Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ive WisH....

EveryOne has its own hOpeS + DreaM for their splendid wedding..as for me im also one of them who wishes to be like this like that...but anyhow..we cant predict the future...so didnt know its gonna turn out to be...anyway ive hope everything goes smoothly+and as the way that ive expected although not 100% perfect but reaching 80% of what ive wanted for in my wedding that would be considered OK:)...as for now im not that really focusing in what i do at work...my mind would play games with me in thinking about my wedding preps, who will be my bridesmade(coz they are all that i adore and love my 10 besties i should called them or more ek?...if i choose A over B..nanti hard feeling la pulak...as one of them said...kalo nanti some of them wear specific baju and others tak for sure terasa lak...urgh!!!!!need new ideas for that so that everyone would be ok with it...and when is the appropriate time to do all the test (test2 kesihatan), biler nak siapkan all the DIY stuff...blah...blah...ermmmmmm........such along big pause...huhu...anyway whats left for this 4month preparation...ive hope it would turn out to be the "FAiryTale weDdIng of My Own" fill with love and happiness....amin

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